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Hi so my light just turned on and stays on. I just had the O2 sensor 2 weeks ago im just over 75,460Miles
lights are on, while in drive, the car seems to idle. What could be wrong?
The speedometer stopped working altogether so we replaced the VSS (Vehicle Speed Sensor). Now the speedometer readings never hit the real speed, and the speed it shows is constantly fluctuating up and down. What shoul...
To lay down the situation • battery is good • starter is good • Nuetral safety switch is good They've all been tested and they work fine The problem has to be from the key switch to the starter, right?
I got it change two days ago and the car has been running more sluggishly ever since. They are trying to sell me a fuel system cleaning service. I am suspicious.
I parked the truck at 1am. Returned at 7am to find that there was a fire in the steering column. How could that happen?
Skips from park to drive. Shifts hard, almost seems to hesitate from 1st to second.
i have cleaned out radiator to see if it had any blockage but doesn't and everything else on the radiator is fine water pump is fine i have replaced thermostat with a new one ,its ok for about half an hour sometimes b...
Car was throwing code p0303 which said consisted of cylinder 3 I changed the spark plug for that cylinder still did it. Then I took the coil off of cylinder 2 and swapped it with cylinder 3 hoping it might throw the c...
I just replaced my fuel pump and now the gas gage is not working I was told that its all connected and that when i got the fuel pump replaced that the sensor is with it. my mechanic said I might have to pay for the se...
Drove over 2000 miles when I first got it and worked fine. Let it sit up about a month through December. Started driving again and heat only worked when at high speed or overfilled reservoir. Then started overheating ...
Is there something major going on. I just got new tires put on the front an the car was working good until then. I drove from the tire place an went to the post office an then the car starting having problem cranking.
dont know how to remove tail lite assembly
how to remove the tail lense to replace the bulb break lite
So I checked the battery and alternator.and they both checked out good.
it was just a il oil and i needs to know what will happen and i have water leaking from my water pump b4 i did it so therefore the oil leakout
My truck has began making a low whining noise that coincides with acceleration. It's not a loud whine, but you can definitely hear it. I have checked the steering, I do not believe it's the power steering pump. I trie...
My vapor canister is rotten and needs to be replace also additional part that are connected to the vapor canister