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My car has been make sound from the bottom when I drive, back up, turn the steering wheel
I've checked the gas cap many times and tightened it but the light won't turn off.
front and back
If the IAC stays shut will the motor not start?.. But I had a MaF code changed maf. Then IAC code came on. Vehicle will not start any ideas???
My car has a blown head gasket, bad thermostat, bad radiator and it over heats. It's drivable but only short distances. like 30 mins. Im a college student with no money. What should I do?
I was driving my 2003 Nissan Altima and the roads were wet due to rain. I came off an exit ramp and pressed on brakes to slow down because there was a red light. My car started to skid and it veered left and right. I ...
Wanted an itemized estimate of specific parts and labor broken down please to remove & replace Tie Rod End- One Side, Inner. Thank you
it will not stay crunk ,we cleaned the maf sensor and it is worse now
Shop recently replaced my plugs, had to take intake manifold off to do so; Since then, car has been running worse and worse; Check engine indicates misfire in cyl 1, took cover off intake, could see coolant on top of ...
When I turn the key the starter does not engage. But all other electric works.
it only makes nose when I start it and when I drive it stays for about 5 mins and it goes away
I can hear the motor turning so I know I have the 12vdc to the motor and the switch is good so I replaced the regulator and I got the same symptoms. Before I go buy a motor I wanted to check and see if there was anyth...
Was coasting down hill in neutral put cluch in heard loud noise clutch went to floor was able to pull it back up.Couldn't put into ANY gears while its runing. Starts fine but no gears.Started it in gear it started but...
I already have changed the oxygen sensor installed new spark plugs and found some vacuum tubing that needed to be changed. Gas cap appears to seal tight. Where do I go from here?
My car Got rear ended. I need to change the rear bumper. how much approx for the estimate of everything, including repairs costs. Thanks
some have said they have 3 some said 2 some said you had to replace the whole drive shaft.someone vibrates bad when you let off the gas and before you change gears.
When i hit the motor it starts ticking faster. And when i put it in reverse it doesnt go backwards
My Nissan 03'cranks but won't start .I have replace both cam And coolant sensors and still no change please I need advice
My car is running good, I did two services from different places, but light is still on. Suggest me what I have to do
I hit a curb on the passenger side front after that I smelled rubber burning and my Car started sounding funny and drove different I was doing 40 mph and my RPGs was between 6 and 7. On the manifold on right side I se...