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I don't recall receiving a letter in the mail on this. Can this be done at Best service in Cloquet, Mn. 55720
Fan does not work. Indictor lights not working or any of the controller functions. Fuses good. Swapped relays good.
How does a rebuilt or used engine cost for a 1998 Nissan Altima?
Some passive crank sensors output sin wave magnitude is much higher then oe products, does this cause any problem ?
Ever few seconds it will beep, its coming from under the the hood at fuze box.
near the front on the drivers side.
My car has given me a code P0301 (#1 cylinder misfire) I took it to the dealer and they tested (swapped out)the spark plug and coil - ok. They could not find a problem and the code was gone. This misfire is only an oc...
Added Lucas heavy duty repair at onset of notice. No help. It sputters and almost shuts off at stops and in park. Rattling is louder with acceleration at any gear. Is quiet between 40 and 50 mph. HELP
The first time check engine light went up i took the car to a machanic, and he said i have to change the cylinder number 3. I changed and after two weeks the check engine light up again, i took it back to him, he chan...
It started the first time took it around the corner turned it off now it turns over but want crank could u tell me whats wrong?
I've had my 2013 Nissan Altima since August. It seemed to be driving fine until 2 weeks ago. It lurched forward, jumped and shuddered when letting off the brake, then 10 minutes later I came to a stop and it felt as i...
Left front rim flattened, wheel bearing damaged, upper control arm bent, tire shredded, rear tire damaged. All replaced, balance and alignment done. Road force variation checked on all tires with measurements ranging ...
Brake system, hybrid system warning lights and ck engine light came on. At dealership diagnosis is P0300 recommended total replacement of cylinder head. Car has 83,504 mi. Cost $5700. Towed to another shop, their ...
every once in a while when I start the car it make a hard rattle then goes away after it is started. It idles smooth and no noise while it's running only when I start it.
It was leaking antifreeze out of a sensor and the mechanic fixed it, but now it won't start and he says that I got the motor to hot even though the temperature gauge never went over normal.
During the freezing rain it seemed like wheels were frozen. Car would not move although passenger side front wheel spun. When it got warm, car still would drive in reverse. Thought brakes were locked but mechanic said...
power windows roll down when the car is off, the car has no codes the dealer tell me that need to reprogram the fob/key but still doing it I also but a new key
Backfires and wont move in drive or reverse.seems to choke out and dies.Very rough idleing then motor stops