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blown head gasket
Air cond comp will not kick on.
My check soon engine light came on and diagnostics says i need to replace my vehicle or engine speed sensor, I bought the part but I don't know where it's location is.
Fan only works on highest speed. Any suggestions as to what needs to be replaced?
my car dies coming to a stop, or turning or going down a hill. i have taken it to a shop, and seems no one can tell me what is wrong with it. i have had tune up , and the car has been taken pretty good care of.
When I put my car in first gear it jumps out and grinds, sometimes it holds but when I stop it pops out.All other gears work well
my 1995 nissan altima will crank ver bt will not start. i have changed the cap rotor coil and spark plug wires and thecr stillwill not start. i have no i d not know what else i can do can anyone help me.
My drivers side seat will lean forward but it won't lean back. What might the problem be and how much might it cost
Recently in the last week I have had issues with my car randomly starting. I had a diagnostic check of the alternator, starter, and battery checked and all were in working order with the exception of the significant d...
will I have to drop gas tank to replace fuel pump?
i need to know the location a the fuel pump relay switch on my altima
i have a problem with brakes i need some help how u pump the brakes system i can figure out how to do that ?
I have an odd, repeating noise that I can't seem to locate other than toward the rear of the engine. When running, a quick stab of the throlle results in 4 repeating, high pitched electric motor sounding noises, "zzt...
dies and wont start unless you move the carb linkage shop told me that i have a burnt valve also
problem started yesterday,noticed the fan would ran longer than usual after engine turned off. I never really noticed it before. AC seemed be working fine except today after sitting out in direct heat for about 3hrs....
all eletrical working motor will not turn over what is problem
will not turn motor over lights evrytthing working
My transmission is missing and received estimate that it needs to be replaced. No check engine light is on nor problems with diagnostic testing. Is this normal and what can I expect next. Mileage is at 157,000.
The Vehicle Had All Coil Packs Replaced About 2 Weeks Ago After Showing Cylinder 3 Misfire... Also Changed All Spark Plugs...It Ran Great For About A Week! It Is Now Idling Very Roughly And Jerking At Times While Up T...
car stalled while driving several times,; repair shop says code read crank sensor prob. replaced sensor, car clear on codes but wont start. Checked and replaced plugs; spark on all plugs; assuming fuel prob? how do ...
I turn my car on and it doesnt go into reverse. The other gears work and the car rolls back when i put it into neutral so it isnt the emergency brake. I put one quart of transmission fluid in because it had none. Why ...
I have a 2006 Altima 4 cyl, w/68,000 mi. suddenly the instrument clustor does not work, only 2 bulbs light up and the high beams only come on ? all the fuses are fine. I can not figure this out, is it a realy or a f...
Does anybody know how to replace the power steering pump on a 1999 altima?
The car ran hot and 3 mechanics have diagnosed a cracked engine head. The engine is a 16 valve, twin cam, 4 cylinder.
Hello: My name is Tim Halter 614-905-2151 live in Columbus Ohio, I have a 1998 Nissan Altima 4 door sedan, 169,000 miles on the ole girl. Vin 1NDL01DXWC246688, 4 cyl 2.4 L. It is Sage in Color. I have a front end...
Just start about three days, after driving car and park puddles of oil dripping under car. Oil seals may need replacing.
the car has been starting and running fine. I arrived home and 30 minutes later went to start car. All I get is clicking noice. radio does work. When I looked at battery, the posts are covered in white powder. gunnari...
my car is stalling alot now over a period of a year I've taken it to shops but they never fix it It runs okay for a while then starts stalling again now it is really bad