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when replacing brake pads do i need to do any lubrication of the calipers before re-installing it? If so how do i lubricate these calipers and with what?
it looks as though the console has a crack in it on either side of the shift. but when you touch it it feesl as though its melted.
My engine seems to have a louder. Sound when running and when I shut off engine it takes a second after key is turned that rumbling stops.Also ther is a noise unde front of car that rattles when going over small bumps...
does a 2006 nissan altima need the timing chain changed or replaced at 100.000 miles.
how do i service brake calipers
about a month ago my car started to sputter when you started. if i reved the engine it would go away/ now it's not going away.i put sea foam in the gas tank, changed spark plugs,distributer and cap, also changed oil a...
cap, rotor wires, plugs
have code 325 and 301, 325 is knock sensor, 301 is misfire on #l plug, what can cause this problen,car runs but is mising on #l plug but has fire.
Hi guys. I have a quick question. When i keep my car on and drive it (without AC on). and whenever i stop somewhere for 2-7 mins in Neutral Gear, i see the engine temp guage slighty going up.. just a liiiitttlllee...
The Engine starts but the gears will not shift into drive im guessing its the Transmission. How much would it cost to fix.
breaks sink.
What does the p1126 engine code mean on a 2001 nissan altima?
my car is woobling in the rear, it goes from side to side, can that be a wheel bearing
when I press on gas pedal the car slowly moves and then it will just jump with power,
no spark discunected the alarm and still nothing
2002 nissan Altima Ac does not work.
the sunroof is leaking with rain in is closed could the drains be cloged and how do you unclog them
changing antifrezze,i want to drainblock.
How much should cost to replace a head gasket?
The transmission will not reverse
how do you change a valve cover gasket on 1999 nissan altima
engine cranks but won't start after an engine cleaning. suspect maybe a fuel pump relay?? or, condensation. HELP!
after replasing a new thermostat ans a new radiater cooling system work normal but the ingene came on. do you have fix,for that problem.
clutch pedal went to floor when shifting gears
Where is the fuel filter located.
When I start my car, turn off my car, and press the accelerator I hear a noise that sounds like a digital camara taking a picture that sounds like its coming from under the hood. Is this a normal noise for these cars?
Hi guys. Ill explain my problem once again. If i turn the AC on for about 5-10 mins, I hear water dropping sound ... like TICK TICK TICK . Sounds like water is dropping on a plastic sheet or something. It sounds li...