the heater blower operates intermittently, it still defrosts and heats but at a low force. I sometimes can open & slam the dashboard door and the blower operates at full force but not for long period. Is it the motor, resistor or something else that needs replacement?

The front panel display where it tells time and Radio info is blacked out, not working.
This just happened, the dealer advised us in order to fix this problem the whole unit has to be replaced. It would take several weeks and it would cost about $500.00. We just want to know if this is a fair price?

The center console coffee cup holder cover will not click/snap/lock into closed position. It slides open and closed but will not lock shut into the closed position..it just keeps sliding back down to open position. it seems like it is just a bit out of alignment or maybe if there is a latch, it is off? ...it did lock closed previously..just not now. How much to repair? I have received ball-park figures from dealers ranging from $20-$1000.00 dollars or more. Does that seem 'RIGHT' to anyone?

My car has 114,000 miles and runs great. Should I just wait for the power steering pump to go out and do everything at once?

My check engine light has turned on a few times (I have cleared it myself in between) and is giving me 2 codes - P0335 and P0725. I have looked up these codes for my car and found some information saying that it could be the Crankshaft position sensor, or the Camshaft position sensor. I don't want to change the wrong part and I'm wondering how hard it would be to change the right part on my own or how much it should cost for a mechanic to do it for me. I was also wondering how bad it would be to run the car with this problem for a length of time without fixing it. Thanks for any information on this problem.

My car is idling bad when at a complete stop and stop light. I have changed the oil, spark plugs and wires, valve cover gasket, and distributor cap. The check engine light comes on and goes off at times.

My radiator fan dies not come on even at 30mins after the engine has been ignited the car does not overheat but am a little bit scared, meanwhile, anytime i turn on the A.C, the two fans come up.

The panel light flickers daily.The dash light setting is at it's max, otherwise the radio panel will go blank.

the car will not come out of park unless i use the release button .

changed fuel pump and plugs and still wont turn over running fine the day before

replaced distributor and rotor...car wont pass emissions and oil is leaking everywhere now. when it starts it idles very rough..(.missing?)check engine light never comes on and new rotor didnt come with new o ring saleman said i didnt need it..


engine runs ruff after its warmed wont idle butt can raise rpms and it smooth out can't idle it

A roaring sound that gets louder vehicle accelerates. sounds like it is coming from the differential. also it get louder as car decelerates.

roaring sound coming from the rear end of vehicle begins around 35MPH, gets louder as speed accelerates up to about 70 mph. gets louder again as car is slowing down. Is there fluid in the differential unit & if so, how do you accesses it.

Brake and battery light come on when driving just started today had it checked out cant find nothing everything looks good it comes on for about 5 min than goes away has anybody had this problem and had it fixed thk

Replacement of my brake lines. How much would that be?

what does this code mean P1441

what size bolts for the pre catalytic converter


My 2007 Nissan Altima 2.5 hesitates when driving. The RPMS flutter between 2 and 3 thousand RPMS. could this be the Throttle Position Sensor?

engin run's rough when i stop in red light. Otherwides is normal

can you tell me bolt sizes for the calipers and the caliper bridge 1998 nissan altima

#4 cylindar misfire could it be fuil vacuume regelater or fuil injector.

I can't figure out why my low headlight won't turn on, but my high beams do. What could cause this?

how much should I expect to pay to have this item repaired. I was given a quote of two thousand!

accidentally drove in 2nd gear high speed. engine cracked. 110k miles on car.is it worth replacing the engine and how much would it cost? could there be damage to other major systems, like the transmission?

every tine u fill up gas it spits out gas after 5 secs. is it dangerous if this goes on because of combustion or too much pressure inside gas tank. what repair can be done, is there a recall on this problem

intermittently, my nissan makes an awful sqealing noise, sound like belts, not sure. what or how to fix and if its costly? thx

My instrument panel/dashboard lights just stopping working, i cannot see in my manual which fuse calls for this any ideas which one they called it? is it under the hood or inside my car by the left front side compartment?