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Need Help! I replace the fuel pump. How do i reset the fuel pump? Where is the fuel pump relay switch located at?
Service Engine lite come on. Auto Zone put their little machine on it and gave me the code PO745. They said check trans. fluid 1st, that may be the problem. Fluid level ok. They said it needs to go to trans. repair sh...
At first the A/C comp. was clicking on and off so I replaced what I would call a low pressure cut off switch, Napa called it a switch interruptor. After charging the system, I still had the same problem, The A/C comp....
changed out crank sersor,now it wont start
changed out crank sersor,
Thermostat fluxuate, goes up high then settles back down. top coolant hose leaks & soft. AC blows warm/hot and cold every 2-5 mins, lower bearing under the AC belt shuts on & off when this happens.
When driving at speed of 40 plus on the drivers side I hear a whistling sound. sound not audible when window is closed
Today, 6/26/10 I started my 1994 nissan altima, and drove about half a mile when I noticed my brake warning light was on. Hand brake was off. Then I saw that the battery chrging light was on too. At first I had no p...
gas flooding number 3 and 4 cyclinder 1 and 2 are working right it is a 4 cyclinder 1998 altima gxe all the time wont run but on 2 cyclinder
The check engine light came and the code p303 I change oil ,spark plugs.The light went off but the car is starting rough .Not a clue what it could be.
Hi, I have Nissan Altima GXE 1999 (140 K Mileage). When I start the car in the morning or after a long rest (3-4 hours), car engine shakes wildly for some 20-30 seconds before coming to normal. Now check engine lig...
I have a standard 99 Nissan Altima and recently when Im at a stop and shift gears it seems slow to move and RPM's high when shifting up to 4 or 5 RPMS on their own even when I press very little on gas. There are no ch...
how do you know where your fuel filter is located and how do youm know if yours filter or pump
there is a small box located right above the oil pan. Is this the oil pump? I need to know what it is, therefore I need to know what an oil pump looks like.
What is the easiest way to change the belt
where is the brake light switch and how to change it.
I have Nissan Altima 2.5SL. Car AC is not working from last week and started blowing hot air.Repair shop did A/c maintanance check and saying Compressor damaged need to replace it. I got an estimate for 1000$ (Compres...
i have had one injector changed i know its not plugs or wires misses on one cylinder
Driving today and couldn't put car in Park or reverse. Cannot get keys out of the ignition and my brake lights are not working. Is this related? What could be wrong. Checked all fuses I could reach.
how do you know if you need front struts
Do you have to replace all the motor mounts if only 1 is bad?
Where is the crankshaft position sensor located and how much time would I expect to spend replacing it?
We bought a car from a lady and she had just took it to Nissan and had all the recalls done on it and we got it home and it would not start. we then had it towed to our local machanic and the diagnostics said it was t...
My cruise control button just popped off on. I hadn't even been using it and it just fell off. I can't get it to click back on.Is there something I can do to fix it myself or am I going to have to pay big bucks to get...
broke the lever tha controls lights and turn signal off steering column - need to repair otherwise cannot drive at night due to no headlights?
Their is coolant leaking from what I suspect where the water pump is located. I cannot locate the exact leak. What would be the next option?
When I went for a routine engine oil change at 30,000 miles, the mechanic said that I have to replace my serpentine belt. Please can you advise: 1. How can I confirm that the mechanic is speaking the truth. 2. What ...
blown head gasket