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i want to change front break rottars and break pads
Was told by a mechanic that since my 2005 nissan altima has over 150,000 miles that servicing the automatic transmission would cause it to start messing up or even go out on me. Is this true? bought the car used not s...
ive replaced the radiator twice. and just figured out that the fan isnt comming on to cool the radiator. when connected directly to the battery the fan works. but was wondering if its a sensor problem and if so where ...
put new pump on run fine set up 2 months now want start can use either will start
ok, Let me try this again, I have looked through the Repair manual and The owners Manual and can not find a diagram of the interior fuse box for my car. The fuses are right above the hood open handle. I need to know w...
My Nissan Altima is missing the Interior fuse box diagram. Where would I be able to get a free copy of one or download one on-line?
Fuel pump is not working. Checked the fuse and it is good. Tested the voltage at the fuel pump relay and no voltage. What should be checked next? My manual doesn't explain what to do next.
i drove my car down to southcarolina over the weekenend when i got off the highway the car begin to jerk and send off somke and i smelled gas strongly does anyone have an idea of whats wrong
What is the cost of my Nissan Altima car Cabin Micro filter to be replaced with the Nissan part Cabin Filter including part & labor?
How much would a good repair shop charge to replace a distributor for a 1996 Nissan Altima?
My car will start sometimes seems to act like its running out of gas, coil is sending fire,good feul pressure up to fuel rail I changed distributor cap, no change(looked like it was cracked) I saw that these cars had ...
With a cold engine first thing in the morning, I put the car in drive and it doesn't move, what's the problem?
How bad is it if there is anything wrong with Crankshaft position sensor circuit?
how would i know if my starter is going bad & can i replace it myself
where is the mass air flow sensor at?
estimated cost of labor for replacement of a/c idler pulley for 2001 nissan altima?
Where is the crankshaft,& camshaft sensors located on engine.Iwould like to replace myself.
the code said po725 where is this engine speed signal circuit? Is it near the crankshaft position sensor ?
this problems has been happen the last few weeks bad
Had car in for annual inspection. Passed with flying colors. Then the motor started dying on the way home. It's fine now but check engine light is on. No noises or any obvious problem. This cream puff has only 13...
My brakes wont work when it gets hot out... however when its cooler they work fine.. we have changed the front brake pads 2xs in 1 yr.. it is a 5 spd. when they act up.. and i press the brakes to the floor.. the back ...
My car will sputter and act like it can't get air after the car has been closed up and the interior gets hot. Most of the time I can keep it from doing this by opening the windows but sometimes that doesn't work. I...
I am planning to remove and replace the starter. I haven't seen the car yet and only need to know if any major components need to be removed to access and remove the starter. Thank you, Len
i can't find where exactly the vehicle speed sensor at. can any body please help me on this? thanks
My car is only 5 yrs old and I have replaced my back brakes and wonder if I have to do the front also or if I can stretch it out can u please advise what I should be looking for Thanks
Recently the car began to not turn over when brake is pushed and start button pushed. The brake resists when pushed and no starting. It takes 10 - 20 atempts before it startsturns over. It just cycles to AC and ON....
2.5l engine driving down road or idling . car will just die,i can pull over and it will crank right back up. had codes checked has po335 &po725 what do i need to do to fix this problem and where is the locations of th...