the criuse control will kick out an the set lite on the criuse control keeps blinking an the criuse wount work till the next day after its set over knight.

how do i know if i need a water pump for my car

This is the second time Ive had this problem,its overheating i put coolant in it and it leaked all out once i parked,last time i had this problem we replaced the thermostat and everything has been fine since i fixed it but now its doin it again,and that was about a year ago....please someone help me.

I had an accident about a month ago and had my radiator, condensor and a motor mount put on my car. It ran hot a little hot after the accident but they said it was due to the radiator being burst. After getting the car out of the shop when I cranked the car it had a jerk so I thought it was a result of the motor mount not being on correct. So I returned it to the shop and was told that my cadiallac convertor was clogged so in the event of them repairing the convertor, they perceded to tell me that the convertor clogging caused a heating in the combustion chamber, my sparkplugs got wet and blowed a head gasket. My head were warped. After resurfacing the heads, set the timing chainback in time, putting on the gaskets, putting on the oil pan and assmebling everything, they stated that all the valves are not functioning at performance level. Only two of the cylinders are are 110. The car is cranking freely, without poping but the other two rings are not kicking out in the cylinder. How can this be fixed. Can I save my engine and will my car ever perform at normal standards again.What is going on, Is this normal, and what can be causing all of this!!!!!!!! PLEASE HELP

I have a 2002 Nissan Altima SE 3.5L and while leaving the house one day as I began to accelerate the motor lost power then wouldn't rev over 2500rpm, even in park. I replaced the throttle body but the problem is still there. It's now throwing multiple other codes; P1564, P0102, P1102, P0506, P0507, and P0113. Any ideas? Thank you

I was told to replace engine computer If I buy used one it is needs to be reprogram ? I have smart keys it is need reprogram to?


My vehicle has been having rough or brief "no start" conditions the last few weeks. There are times when it will start up right away normally, other times when it will hesitate then start then there are times when it would have a rough start. For example it would shake as if you were sitting in a truck, including when I accelerate but it would go away shortly after taking off to drive. I typically have the problem if I have already driven the vehicle for the day, then when I try to start it up later that same day it doesn't start. Now if it sits for the remainder of the day, the next day it will start.

What is the size of the exhaust pipe for the 1994 Nissan Altima?

I am selling car, just want to do cheap clutch job - - what do you recommend?

how to replace blower moter

I'm trying to change the rear 3 plugs but cant seem to get the upper intake off. I removed the front bolts and most, or all, of the accessories atached to it. s there a secret hidden bolt or something i'm missing. The upper intake just wont come off.

does the engine come out of the bottom of the car when replacing motor?

car starts, let foot off excelerater it kills. also has black smoke

Hi there. Dealer has indicated that the car needs a "Clutch Assembly" How do I get an estimate for installing the assembly rather than an estimate for replacement of the clutch itself?

I have a leased Nissan Altima and the there is a crack on driver side tail light. What will be best and most economical way to buy the tail light cover. Any suggestions. Actual replacement does not look difficult, just want to minimum to replace the light assembly when I have the car for few more months only

my car will start then die u can start back its fine then it will die and takes forever to start back just turns ove i replaced battery and cables what else cld it be

My heater only get hot if I'm driving over 40mph,,took it to dealer,,they said the hose needed bleeding or bubble in the hose something lik that,,,got it fixed heater worked maybe 2 months,,,took it back now they say its the water pump making the heater not work, how do you check water level for the pump? Cos I never see water leaking from my car,,I think they are taking advantage of me,,,,thanks for your help

water is coming inside passenger side everytime it rains what should I do?

Hello All ! I recently had my car repaired at a local dealer for Mass Air Flow Sensor and Engine/Coolant Temp Sensor. As part of this process, does anybody know if my ECM was suppose to be reprogrammed ?

how long to replace water pump

The miles range info area flashes blank line and gives no reading. Why?

we changed the mass air flow sensor, and engine coolant temp sensor. also changed fuel pump. Now my car has a millon codes. does this have something to do with the ECM not being reprogrammed

when i stop at a stop sign, the rpms come down slowly and not far enough in my opion. i have also a 1997 nissan altama and this one works ok. i have lubed the linkage and checked the linkage and all seems to be ok.

We ordered a new gas cap, but the service guy said it wasn't the gas cap. He said it was the evaporator control valve. What is that and how much is it?


after driving a few miles all the brakes lockup, the dose not have abs already changed the brake booster, front calipers, master cylinder and booster hose, still the car locksup also changed brake switch


i need to know what is wrong with this car wont go into any gear

Do you to have alignment after replacing CV axles.