It has a recall on it and I live three hours away from the nearest shop.

I went to Autozone and they checked the collant but said it was full.

my ac only blows hot air. It is full of freeon (ever how you spell that). Is there a easy fix that I can DIY?

I've replaced recently the catalytic converter, spark plugs, coil #2, and did a fuel injection. No one can seem to find the problems. Any help would be great.

the wire that was damaged was replaced as well - happened on 8/11 - paid $474 for damaged wire - same day service engineer soon light came on - took back - now being told 1400-1500 for repair - can't understand how and why this happend and wasn't caught with first repair?

this happen like a year ago,and ever sence still the same,what could be.

I replaced the spark plugs and coils and my 2004 nissan altima 2.5 wont start, battery seems fine, it started before i replaced them, any ideas?

when put in park it makes a funny clicking noise and i have to put the ER brake on because park wont engauge, when put in other driving gears it will not go. I have not had any problems prior to this. i do have a diagnostic machine and i can read some of the codes. but im thinking it maybe be the linkage and not sure if that shows if i put my machine on it or not.


Check engine soon light is on. I just had oil change and in 3 days, it needed 1/2 quart of oil. Never had this problem before.


It rattles when i turn it on and if i put it in drive it sound like a a chain or something thats loose then it goes away? plus when i go over 80 the car trembles could it be the allignment? when the car trembles it makes alot of interior noise oh and its leaking oil!!! any ideas?

Everytime I drive and turn on the A/C

The steering wheel slightly turns to the left when I let go of the wheel on the higway..could it be a wheel ailment or a front end ailment

pull plugs found some with fuel on them and didnt it backfiring very bad. attempt to open the throttle and then it dies. this happen everytime since engine was clean. what can possibly be to issue

it is not the camshaft

light is on tells me to replace fuel filter

Car will not start. Got P1128 code. ??? Please help! Thanks!

Is their a sensor I have to reset. The cable to the accelerator is still working, cant accelerate thru the cruise control etheir. no warning lights are on the dashboard. everthing seems normoal but it whont accelerate on any of the gears.

I've changed the pads a couple of times already('08 Altima 110K) car shakes when braking(at high speed)I think the rotors might be warped. Do they come right off(as I've heard) or are they secured with a screw/bolt?

check fluid all is good where is the tcm i believe that what it call how to tell witch it is under the kick panel

Rough idle , jerking and hard start with SES after replacing the two items.

censors were changed and mechanics have run the gas out and replaced. Its been in the shop every week for 3 weeks whats the problem?

I anted to know how much will it cost to replace the struts

turn over. my car is 1yr old. what might this be, also my air takes a while to cool down once turned on. so my question is are their any reasent recalls for my year make and model?

Compressor was checked it is working. My a/c will work then stop, then work then stop. When you turn on the A/C it blows out hot air.

check engine light came on and codes were showing P0725 and P0725 pd. have no clue what the pd means but thats what the code readers shows. ended up deleting the codes and driving at least 100 miles or more. not exactly sure on the milage from time i erased the codes but has been driven at least 50 or 60 miles at the very least. service engine light did not come back on but it makes a noise sounds like slapping metal to me but not 100%. could be a bad bushing or motor mount. will check tomarrow. also the idle will change quite frequently without touching the gas, not more than 200 rpms.

Codes 181,183,and 420 are showing up on diagnostic test.

none of the power windows passenger side windows work! what can be the problem?

check engine light flashes, shaking comes and goes, light goes on and off, entire care rumbles/shakes.