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Checked the clutch reservoir it was empty, top it off and the clutch pedal still stuck to floor after i stepped on it, car hasnt been used for over a month. There was a problem before this ( the temperature gauges kee...
it had been sitting and i started it with out thinking now i am having a hard time starting . it i replaced the fly wheel starter and fuel filter .. i also neeed to know if there is a certain way the drive line goes o...
Wheels have been balanced and aligned, but while driving straight around 40-55MPH there is a shimmy. Above or below it isn't noticeable. Doesn't do it while turning. Friend pointed me in the direction of the rear...
The Dashboard lights went off on my 1986 300zx. I have power to the dimmer switch. (Not sure if the switch is good). My tail and brake lights work, all of the other lights work too. (headlights, glove box, overhead,m...
Every time i try and start the car it doesn't remain idle. Car fades up from 800rpm to about 1000rpm its slight but noticeable. Im wondering if its the connectors/wires that hookup to the MAF.
now it's only cranking but not turning over,we checked the plugs and there's no spark
find out clearance illumi fuse keep blow up when turn on switch. Removed clearance light, dimmer relay, high beam relay, back light, license light but still do samething. need help!
car died while I was driving down the road now I can't get it to turn over replace the PTU sensor and put a new battery inchecked most other common problems , like sparkplugs but I'm at a loss of what to try next
i have fire to the plugs and i am getting fuel to the rail, but the car wont start. it will run with starter fluid.
was told it could be crankshaft sensor or distributor. it has an obd 1 and can't find a mechanic with an obd1 unless i take it to a dealer. any advise or suggestions will be greatly appreciated
Car set for quite sometime changed fuel pump, sending unit, filter, cleaned tank.
I can tell I'm getting it because the idle goes up to 1200rpm instead of 900. Then it won't start.
wiring smoked after putting + cable on after charging battery----all fuses checked out good by me------shop spent 1.5 hours to find and replace a fusible link(which i had mentioned, when t brought it in) ? ? ? bob
also strong feul odors and what seems like fuel vapors from exhaust
things that are ok,fuel,voltage,compression.trigger or pulse
at first it had a gas leak so we replaced the injectors and seals it got a spark plug and a boot kit it also got a intake gasket. when i went to bring it home from the shop it poured out sometihng white out of the ail...
i have an 86 300zx that wont idle. ive checked the timing, not it. it also sputters and wants to die when im at a lite. smells hot but the temp is ok