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My OBD 2 reads pending after 240 miles to re-activate sensors all are ok. Cat still reads pending. Can my oxygen sensor be passing but are almost gone or dirty? There are no diagnostic code or engine light.
Pulled radio and got to plastic thingy and all parts work but wont switch between defrost and any other setting cant get to where cable attaches to flap(?) that changes it from defrost to floor etc.
My car usually stalls out while turing up or down hill.
I've replaced the sensor,had it reset & the check engine light came back on & the obm still stays there's a speed sensor malf. I was told that the cruise control had stopped working while in use one day and thats when...
had to take the belt off to replace my drive belt and can't get it back on
location of expansion plugs (freeze plugs)on my 1996 nissan 200sx
we have cecked the starter alt. and battery.on the fuse box under the hood on the passager side clicks .you can feel the clucth fuse when you try to start it
I have had the clutch cable replaced in my car 3 times in the last year. The adjustment wheel by the block always breaks first folliwed by the pin on the cable at the back of the clutch pedal. I would suspect it was ...
The car won't turn on unless I put power from the battery to the starter solenoid.
nissan 200sx has water leak on passenger side when it rains
got car had to push clutch past floor to get it to start. starter safty switch isnt hooked up so thats out. tightened clutch didnt help, dashlights work dont think its electrical but fuse or relay switch ?
Where is the daytime control unit located?
I have a 96 Nissan 200SX 2.0L an it will start an run for a min an wont start any more!! I checked an have good fuel pressure but dont have any spark!!! Put 2 used distributors in it and they would not start it at all!!!
I may buy a 95 200sx, i was told all it needs is a timing chain because the car won't start.If it is the timing chain does that mean the valves have bent? i have had to replace valves on another car i owned because of...
Got the car, proceeded to kill it lol. New clutch, threw away the MAF on accident. Kept dying as a result, then clips for throw-out bearing fell off. Had to use starter to get it home. Murdered tht one. Fix the clips,...
how do you remove the lighter socket for replacement?
why would the fuel back up the fill tube on a 1998 nissan 200sx?