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I need the A/C line for my SE-R. I had a friend of mine who is a mechanic call around for it and it's back ordered with no date. I thought I found the part online but it says it's for the 1.6L. Will this fit my car to...
the windshield wipers was on when some one pulled back on them, now they wont move but i can still hear the windshield wiper motors working how do i fix this?
First time it broke. Have a belt that is close to 44 inches. Don't see what you'd loosen in order to put belt on and tighten.
I was driving my 200sx and while doing this my transmission would not allow me to shift into any other gear but 1st, im looking for the tranny fluid dipstick and the fill area, is there one? or am i just plain out bli...
My horn is starting to randomly blow and I would like to pull the fuse on it until I can get it fixed. Where is this located?
why would the fuel back up the fill tube on a 1998 nissan 200sx?
We got a 1995 nissan 200sx and it ran fine. Then one day we were at a Wal-Mart and we came out and it wouldnt even try to start. But we pushed started it and it ran fine. We thought it was the starter. But its not. No...
where are the spark plugs located?
cruise control does not engage
The car will not start when cranking. I checked the fuel pump and when it receives power it runs, changed the distributor, checked relays and fuses and they are OK. Why wont the fuel pump activate when cranking and is...
where to put transmission fluid
ac compressor froze up have a smaller belt to bypass but not sure what to lossen to get new belt on the tension pully is solid not spring loaded on my car
head gasket replacement
replaced sensor cleared code, camshaft position a bank 1 circut malfuntion. car will not start still, fuses are good, fuel preasure good. no other codes. starts for a sec. with sterting fluid.
replacede the crankshaft location sensor but car will not start, add gas to plugs and it just sputters. is the mass airflow sensor the problem?
My car turns over but doesn't start. I know it's not the fuel pump and i have checked the fuses under the bonnet. But is there more fuses to check or is a diferent problem like the distributor?
I have a 1987 Nissan 200sx (V6) and cannot locate the oxygen sensor.. Please help...
put a new clutch in and now the car wont turn over at all. we cked the clutch saftey switch and the grounds. this car just wont crank. we have power but we are completly stumped. any ideas
Sound came from the cylinder head at one side only in the right side
Had a diagnostic test done one on my car. readings were as follows P0100 and P1320. Replaced mass air flow sensor. My check engine light is still on. What other possible issues could be causing the check engine light ...
Would a faulty mass air flow sensor cause the car not to be able to start?
where is the crank shaft angle sensor located on a 1998 200sx?
My 98 200sx died out on me after I was sitting at a stop light. The light turned green and I started accelerating around the corner going right when I let off the gas a little then when I started t o accelerate again ...