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I have had the clutch cable replaced in my car 3 times in the last year. The adjustment wheel by the block always breaks first folliwed by the pin on the cable at the back of the clutch pedal. I would suspect it was ...
I inspected the CV Joint boot torn and makes clicking sound when turning.
The car won't turn on unless I put power from the battery to the starter solenoid.
When I pull up to a stop light sometimes the car wants to cut off and today when I pulled in my driveway it really did cut off. Not sure what the issue could be.
nissan 200sx has water leak on passenger side when it rains
My car battery died, I charged it up, but then i noticed why, it was because my car's tail lights had stayed on for hours, so why would they stay on even when the switch is turned off?
my clutch just started slipping a little hard would it be to change it?
I have a 97 Nissan 200SX and the windshield wipers don't work. I took it to someone, and they tried putting in a new motor, and it still didn't work. He said that the wires have been cut and put back together, melted ...
got car had to push clutch past floor to get it to start. starter safty switch isnt hooked up so thats out. tightened clutch didnt help, dashlights work dont think its electrical but fuse or relay switch ?
I have a 95 nissan 200SX 1.6 automatic and it idles kinda rough and if i give it too much gas it flutters like i hit the rev limiter but if i easy into it it does fine. i took off the distributor cap and cleaned in up...
does not throw any codes, just started getting worse and worse.
Where is the daytime control unit located?
how do i replace the rubber boot on the outboard cv joint
i clear the p1105 code with my obd2 tool and it gos away but then when i shut the car off and turn it back on its there agian i replaced the knock sensor/02sensor and still no luck help please
oil on spark plugs why?
I have a 96 Nissan 200SX 2.0L an it will start an run for a min an wont start any more!! I checked an have good fuel pressure but dont have any spark!!! Put 2 used distributors in it and they would not start it at all!!!
my car was running fine, filled up at gas station, then it died when I pulled out in the street about 3min later. it cranks but will not is now making a rumbling sound towards back when I try to start it. it ...
I may buy a 95 200sx, i was told all it needs is a timing chain because the car won't start.If it is the timing chain does that mean the valves have bent? i have had to replace valves on another car i owned because of...
changed oil n put a wix filter on still rattles
The other day I got in my 96 nissan 200sx & went to start er up & the clutch went all the way to the floor & stuck there. I had the car towed to my local garage & was informed that the clutch linkage was broken. 1st q...
something metal is rolling around inside my steering wheel cover, sometimes it will make the horn go off, the blinkers not work, the engine not start , the steering wheel will be upside down,it is like it is haunted....
need info on bleeding a clutch
Got the car, proceeded to kill it lol. New clutch, threw away the MAF on accident. Kept dying as a result, then clips for throw-out bearing fell off. Had to use starter to get it home. Murdered tht one. Fix the clips,...
when i started my car it didnt turn my lights all came on but i didnt hear the motor start just silence not even like the ignition trying too start the car
how do you remove the lighter socket for replacement?
how do i remove existing passenger key lock?
I need the A/C line for my SE-R. I had a friend of mine who is a mechanic call around for it and it's back ordered with no date. I thought I found the part online but it says it's for the 1.6L. Will this fit my car to...