When my car is stopped at a light or when I first shut it off it makes these clunking noises, almost like expanding pipes, but it did not do that for the first 20,000 miles. They replaced the heat shield and it still makes the noise. Any ideas?

need price on replacing valve cover gaskets

Ok I replaced the Radiator with new one and flush tranny fluid for second time,added 50-50 green Rad fluid. Drove home, waited til veh cools, go out and check, Still seeing RED fluid within the Radiator, What could be causing this now ?

tengo prlblemas con el abs

Need a 50,000 mile check up and 4 new tires. Where in LA should I get this done. The same place? Or, seperate places.
(Least amount of $$)
Thank you,

is there a fuse to change?

where is the fuse

My car quit running and was towed to a shop they say it's the timing belt. What is the estimated cost of a normal repair job for a timing belt?

I purchased power steering fluid to seal the leak but unsure if i should use it--if the hose is leaking.

How much to replace a ball joint on right side only?

he engine light says service the engine soon when the engine oil has been changed

I was sitting at the mailbox and the Xterra just shut off. When I try to start it, it does nothing, but the dash lights and overhead lights come on and the radio won't come on. After trying to start it and turning the key back to off position, the tachometer and speedometer start bouncing up and down. I'm thinking battery or alternator, leaning more towards alternator. Any idea"s?

i bought a full throttle performance chip from ebay/ and it comes with 2 wires that you splice to the maf/iat sensor... which 2 do i splice to?? does anyone know????

I recently had the valve cover gasket replaced on my 2000 Nissan and the 3 days later the head gasket blew. While they changed the valve cover gasket, they also resealed the intake manifold. Could changing the valve cover gasket have anything to do with the head gasket failing?

Pathfinder would stall and not restart, but then would start and run fine. It was random both in stalling and when it would start. Used dry gas, changed fuel filter, had fuel pump checked and reads +50 psi, also pulled fuel line from rail and no problem getting fuel, cleaned MAF with MAF cleaner, new distributor installed, spark is blue at cap and spark plug. Knock sensor code was only code showing. Engine turns over but won't start now. Tried starter fluid in snorkel, engine still won't start. Any suggestions?

I just bought the car used 6 days ago and already it has started to shake, the brake in the back window has stopped working and Im afraid to get it on the interstate.

i bought a full throttle performance module and need to know on what wire colors i splice to... my car has a 5 wire integrated maf/iat sensor and my performance chip has 2 wires that splice to it. i just need to know the wire colors to splice to.

I hear a thumping noise in the right front of my Sentra
whenever I drive over an uneven surface. Could this be due to broken coil springs? And, if so, how often does this happen? I do not drive my car in any type of ruff terrain.

I shift into D, it requires high rpm's to engage into 2nd gear. If I put shifter in 2 position, it engages into 2nd gear from 1st just fine. But it will not engage into 3rd gear at all. If I shift up to D position to engage higher gear, it actually downshifts it. The fluid is clean. I don't know about the filter because I just got the car. I checked out the governor and it appears to be fine. Fluid level is ok. All electrical connections on the tranny are good.

Will the aftermarket Maf sensors that can be found online for about 100.00 work as a replacement for the original part that Nissan is still charging 500 dollars for. The problem with these two codes is driving crazy! At this point changed every part except the MAF. Thanks for the great information! Wish my repair place would have looked at this. The MAF would be the last step.

car produces heat when rpms are up but ot when idleing. there bare no diagnostic codes. new thermostats have been put in.

Room temperature air instead of cold air is blowing when I turn on the air conditioner. The air conditioner light lights-up as it should.

engine knocks when i gas it and the idle keeps jumping but when i gas it it accelerates good

I have a 96 Nissan 200SX 2.0L an it will start an run for a min an wont start any more!! I checked an have good fuel pressure but dont have any spark!!! Put 2 used distributors in it and they would not start it at all!!!

my break lights are not working. How do you fix them?

How much to replace ball joints? What symptoms would I notice if I needed them? I hear a small noise when I turn the wheel; sounds like it is coming from the steering wheel.

I have a 96 PU and it runs rich at idle and will drive ok but when gets to 3000 rpm will start blowing black smoke and fall on it's face. When idling and give it gas you can see a little smoke and can tell how rich it's burning. Plugs were all black when I changed them.

Can't find any info on the Web for maintenance procedures for Wheel Bearing Hub Assembly Removal and Replacement. I used to be able to find anything on the Net but nowadays all I get is people wanting money and never the basic information I'm looking for. R&R 96 Nissan Sentra front hub assembly with diagram.

Whenever the climate control setting is on the FOOT icon ONLY, there is a burning rubber odor. Other heat settings work properly. I am warm except for the feet area on the floor. Problem began late December 2010 after drive from South Dakota to Indiana. Car was inspected mid-December 2010 in preparation for trip, and no problems noted. Thus, I have not used the FOOT setting. Why is the problem only with the FOOT setting, and what could be wrong? Thank you.

I replaced the battery with a new one and now the power door locks, windows, fan and air conditioning don't work. It runs great except for that. I did have the alternator replaced two years ago .. It does make a clicking sound now but otherwise seems to work fine.