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a little over a year ago my service engine light came on and since the van was shifting hard I took it to amco for a diagnostic. the codes that came up were torque converter and engine knock sensor.I ended up buying a used transmission and things seemed ok but only for 3months. the van shifts hard once again and now it never shifts into any gear above 2nd. So my question is- should the focus be on the sensors at this point or did I just end up with another possibly bad transmission. The mechanic that installed the replacement tranny never did any of the "process of elimination" testing on the sensors that were listed in the diag codes. He just went straight for the transmission itself. Is it possible that the problem could be a sensor?

all front dispense hoses have been check, My problem is where the water comes out, I'm pretty sure they are completely clogged, what else can I do?

my rear running lights are not working in my van, yet brake,and turn lights work in rear.. as well as front. there are no fuses for just rear running lamps.. i just installed some lic plate lights two days ago that are led could that be problem

when I am accelerating or mantaining a speed the truck does not shake or vibrate, but when I either downshift to slow down and use my brakes the truck vibrates

It gets very hot very fast under the drivers seat from the floor up

dont have any turn signals,tail lights,dashboard lights, it runs good for a couple of days then just dies and cant run a dynostic because there is no power to the plug(changed the altinator,battery,ignition switch,light switch ect.)PLEASE HELP

1996 Nissan Maxima ever since I put a new battery in my car the radio and the clock do not work. Checked all fuses all are fine. What could it be?

after driving a few miles all the brakes lockup, the dose not have abs already changed the brake booster, front calipers, master cylinder and booster hose, still the car locksup also changed brake switch

i bout the car from a guy that had it for three years and says he didnt know there was an alarm on it now the car wont start and its stuck at my office

I recently had a rough idle so I changed my cap rotter and spark plugs. I also took out the mass air sensor to clean it. Now my truck won't engage into reverse and when in neutral it lunges forward like its in drive. When i shift into reverse it sounds like it engages but when I push the gas nothing happens. I changed my tranny fluid and filter but still nothing. What could be the problem?

I'm looking for instructions on how to replace front wheel bearing on 2000 Nissan Xterra. Already did the job but something wasn't installed correctly. Wheel bearing is all set but getting a humming noise on the right. Was told the hubs aren't locking and it wants to go into 4WD

What should it cost to replace an oil pan


I've got a 07 Murano SL and since a couple week i've got this annoying issue where by switching from 18 to 19 degrees (celsius) the temperature is either very very cold or very very hot. In other terms, it is impossible to get warm air as of right now. I'm pretty sure it's only a calibration issue or something like that. Please help


Water is leaking on the rear window and getting inside at the passenger seat side wet. Is seal bad or is the channel drain possible have trash in it?

Just need a estimated total cost for a rear brake job

I had a collision involving the front of my vehicle. Since I've gotten it back from the body shop the AC doesn't seem to work as good as before. I took it back to the bodyshop and they put more refrigerent in it. It seemed to work better for a day or so, but now it only works properly when you are moving and not so good when you stop. They checked it for leaks and it didnt have any. someone else told me that it could be that they put too much refrigerent in it. It does have the climate control system which concerns me about how much its gonna cost to fix.

Hey mechanic community, I need some input with a driveability problem I am experiencing w/my '97 nissan pathfinder. When I am on the highway at 55-60 mph,o/d engaged,everything seemingly normal,out of left field I feel the rear of the vehicle "jump" from the right to the left,no discernable noise,but this "jump" causes an opposite movement left to right,and if I dont take immediate action I am faced with serious loss of control due to the rear end going one side to the other and back which without action on my part would continue hopping side to side with the distance of the hop increasing until loss of control without a chance of correction leading to collision with another motorist of median. I can generally take action and remedy before loss of control but my daughter or wife may not be able to do so. Appreciate your help

What are the procedures for changing front wheel bearings?

my torque converter seems to make excessive noise and suddenly went quiet for a couple miles for the first time since i bought the vehicle 1000 miles ago?

i have a 93 nissan pickup 2.4 just got it. the fuel pump was shot so i put that in and filter. also put a regulator in. i did plugs, wires, cap and rotor because they were all old. but it dont want to idol n has no power. i unpluged the maf sensor and it was fine. so i bought one of those put it on and left the battery disconected for 20 mins and still same problem.

Rattling noise in engine area not a constant sound while idelingkh

where is the electronic flasher that I'm attempting to locate to replace?

Had alignment and tires rotated, balanced and proper tire pressure and after the tire rotation my armada pulls to the left

oil drips down onto exaust monifold on left side of motor even after valve cover gasgets are replaced on both sides

When I try to first start the car it will turn over but wont start but when I hit the gas pedal it starts right up but it starts fine after the first only does this on the very first start

Code P0505, replaced distributor, per nissian shop, now have codes P0122 and P050, have alredy repalced TPS

no problem. The car currently has 205,000 miles.

The starter motor needs to be replaced.
please help me to find a good replacement

Starter motor needs to be replaced,this is a diesel pick up