engin run's rough when i stop in red light. Otherwides is normal

I have gotten a tune up and I changed a fuel injector. I also changed the cam position sensor then I got a oil change and engine flush. My 1996 Nissan Maxima shakes while in drive and when im in park. Then the engine light blinks and it shuts off sometimes. What can be the problem.

As the new owner i'm not aquainted with what's going on with
this particular vehicle yet. So, wanting to avoid breaking the timing belt. I should take what steps to check it?
I should prolly just have it replaced? That way I know huh?
Can I get an upgrade? Would like to start upgrading everything I replace. What's the hot ticket for upgraded/racing parts? Who's who? Maybe that's a bad idea.Looking for direction.

My odometer turns over very slowly not reflecting actual miles traveled.

can you tell me bolt sizes for the calipers and the caliper bridge 1998 nissan altima

when apply brakes a noise from the front wheels, sounds like metal scrubbing,occurs when braking, it started Feb 12,2011, 5pm,so it like just started 24 hrs ago, no mechanical check yet. I think i could put new pads on myself, it's the rotors i'm concerned with, how can i tell if they need turning without taking to a shop?

Have already verified that this is the part that needs to be replaced. Is this a dealer only item or can anyone give me an idea where else I may be able to purchase. I've not had much luck finding it anywhere.

#4 cylindar misfire could it be fuil vacuume regelater or fuil injector.

I can't figure out why my low headlight won't turn on, but my high beams do. What could cause this?

Everything in the car is working with the exception of the signal lights.

I just bought a 98 pathfinder. The instruments including the gas, speed, rpm, and even temp will work one minute but not the next. Sometimes some of them will work, but not others. Can I confirm that replacing the cluster will fix this problem or might it be something else?


What could be the problem on my van if the check engine light comes on? It had happened twice in three weeks. The light went off quickly though.

power window often gets stuck,staying stuck

Took my car for an oil change at the dealer today. Everytime they find several things wrong that cost a fortune. Today one of the things was a SAM sensor leaking that they said would make my car just go dead. They said it has been doing this for awhile, even though they didnt catch it at the last oil change 12 weeks ago. 171 dollars to fix but they were too busy to show it to me so I said no. I have not noticed anything wrong when driving.

At first I was having trouble with the Service Engine light coming on. I began having more an more trouble with filling up the tank. It would want to shut off after putting 1/2 gallon in. I had it checked and was told it showed a problem with the emmissions (EVAP purge control valve). The service light was cleared and then, yesterday the car just quit running while I was driving. The Engine Control Fuse had blown. I found out that the ;urge valve is one of the four things the fuse controls. Is it possible for that to have caused the fuse to blow. I don't want to spend $100+ without verifying that this is my problem. Any ideas?

Where's the best place to get good repairs and affordable prices? I have a hard time believing it costs over $1000 to change out a waterpump and replace a timing belt... please help

happened 3 weeks ago while, diagnostic analyser reads air intake temp.is 380degrees f

an a arm bushing went in my front end. do i have to replace the whole arm or can i just replace the bushing?

Lose horse power

Problem went on for a few weeks took it to aamco to get it
diagnosted and was told I need to replace the PCM.

I need a Power Train Module/Engine Control Module Computer replacement.I would like to kno the cost of it, also the cost of reprogaming it.

are there any tricks or is removing the front rotors on a 2005 Nissan Pathfinder straight forward once the break calibers are removed ?

Hi, last year my front AC was fine but rear AC will come on only after 5-10 minutes of driving; This year however, the rear AC never came on and the front AC was working on and off - it blows cold for a few minutes and then blows hot air. I thought it needed refill, but it took one can R134a and only worked for 10 minutes. So I tried to fill more but it won't take. I had it checked in a shop and was told the A/C compressor is fine but they don't know why it's not blowing cold. Any help please? Thanks. As a single female, everytme I take my car to a shop for one thing, always come out with a long "needed done now" list. And the best part is, within the same day, my "list" changes from shop to shop. So I am in hope to learn more before I go.
Thanks again!

how much should I expect to pay to have this item repaired. I was given a quote of two thousand!

ive been noycing that lovely ticking sound of the timing chain on its way out. is there a possibility it can just be a tensioner so i can save alot of money? also i noticed my oil pressure light coming on and off is that caused by this problem?

I was told that I needed to replace the valve covers along with the gasket because the valve covers could be warped. Is this a common practice or is the dealer just up selling?
Vehicle has 245,000 miles.

accidentally drove in 2nd gear high speed. engine cracked. 110k miles on car.is it worth replacing the engine and how much would it cost? could there be damage to other major systems, like the transmission?

every tine u fill up gas it spits out gas after 5 secs. is it dangerous if this goes on because of combustion or too much pressure inside gas tank. what repair can be done, is there a recall on this problem

intermittently, my nissan makes an awful sqealing noise, sound like belts, not sure. what or how to fix and if its costly? thx

My instrument panel/dashboard lights just stopping working, i cannot see in my manual which fuse calls for this any ideas which one they called it? is it under the hood or inside my car by the left front side compartment?