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How do you remove the part with the rubber bushings from the transverse link?
I have a 2005 Nissan Sentra Spec-V (2.5L 4cyl Engine & 6-Speed Manual Trans.). My question is regarding the Remote Key Fob/Alarm/Keyless Entry. It's completely stock, & I want to keep it that way. I haven't had a pro...
what does it cost to replace all motor mounts on a 2005 nissan murano
this is a first time problem.if it is a fuse,which fuse would it be?
Noise in front-end when going over bump, also steering wheel moves from side to side when you hit a bump on the highway. Please advise... Don H.
how do i get the cover off of the front side marker to replace the bulb?
i already put new o2sensors,maf,tune up, and fuel pump and air filter
My transmission is missing and received estimate that it needs to be replaced. No check engine light is on nor problems with diagnostic testing. Is this normal and what can I expect next. Mileage is at 157,000.
The check engine light just came on a day ago. Usually when this happens, it's the gas cap that is loose and all it take is tightening and it being driven a few miles and it goes out. Now, however, the light has bee...
I left my lights on the other day and this killed my battery. I was able to get it jumped, but ever since it happened my door locks won't work by pressing the keyfob and I have to manually lock each door by key or get...
I have noticed that there is a recall on the 05 titan fuel pump. I have an 07 and currently I will have to change out my fuel pump for the second time. Is there some type of warranty for a fuel pump considering this...
my blinkers stopped working and i cant seem to find where the old flasher is so i can replace it any ideas?
hello i have a 1991 nissan maxima se. the rear exhaust manifold by the windshield is broke. making noise and smelling gas fumes. i want to have exhaust manifold replace. question do they have to take the engine out or...
I received this code and they told me it is the canister purge valve. Where is that located? Is it easy to replace and does anyone know the part number? Thanks
Can you replace a 97 pathfinder rear end with a 94 pathfinders rear end
The Vehicle Had All Coil Packs Replaced About 2 Weeks Ago After Showing Cylinder 3 Misfire... Also Changed All Spark Plugs...It Ran Great For About A Week! It Is Now Idling Very Roughly And Jerking At Times While Up T...
griding noise coming from the distributor. replaced it 3 times.could it be the camshaft barrings
I see all the possibilities with this code but adding in that I couldn't fill the tank yesterday would lead me to think it would be the fuel tank filler neck. Do you think I am correct in this assumption?
when I turn the key it starts right up sometimes and it seems when its hot out or raining it takes longer and the lights on the dash blink. Did a diagnostic and it said knock sensor and open/ short circuit condition. ...
I'm thinking about buying a 2005 nissan pathfinder with 64K miles. It recently had a new transmission and radiator installed due to the rather common issue with these. My question is could it fail again? Thanks
Need suggestion, I have changed the light bulbs and fuses and brake lights still don't work, blinkers work, what else can it be?
My car sounds like a motorcycle! I want to know if this is the muffler and if it is something easy enough for a non-mechanical person to replace since I dont really have the money to fix it.
Crank and test spark fire won't start. I don't know whether the problem is the fuel pump. Plse advice. Thanks,
car stalled while driving several times,; repair shop says code read crank sensor prob. replaced sensor, car clear on codes but wont start. Checked and replaced plugs; spark on all plugs; assuming fuel prob? how do ...
General maintance: replace timing belt and accessory belts
How much should it cost to: Replace low side hose in air conditioning system and fill with freon
for the last couple of days, when i would put into gear, it would rev up and seem to not want to get going. this would happen in any gear. today, i was driving and it would hardly move just was really revving up but n...
can't find fuse box is 1997 nissan pickup. please help me.