My check engine light has turned on a few times (I have cleared it myself in between) and is giving me 2 codes - P0335 and P0725. I have looked up these codes for my car and found some information saying that it could be the Crankshaft position sensor, or the Camshaft position sensor. I don't want to change the wrong part and I'm wondering how hard it would be to change the right part on my own or how much it should cost for a mechanic to do it for me. I was also wondering how bad it would be to run the car with this problem for a length of time without fixing it. Thanks for any information on this problem.

How long should your brakes last once they have been replaced?

is it time to change the timing chain at 150,000 thousand miles?

The valve cover gaskets are just starting to leak. Service shop says they can tighten --- what is the possibility this will create more of a problem then if we just go ahead and have them replaced?

i have to use screwdriver 'unlock shift'

Vehicle sometimes feels like it takes too long to stop, I put the rear wheels in the air, using a floor jack. Put the vehicle in drive, and spun the rear wheels, when I would depress the brake pedal the rear wheels would keep spinning,and the anti-lock light is on. Is this normal? already tried replacing both wheel cylinders for drum brakes, and shoes are also new. Can anyone help me with this issue? any suggestions?

My car is idling bad when at a complete stop and stop light. I have changed the oil, spark plugs and wires, valve cover gasket, and distributor cap. The check engine light comes on and goes off at times.

I was advised by Nissan dealer that upstream O2 sensor must be replaced--price quoted was outrageous. Local Pep Boys offered to do it much cheaper but did not have special socket wrench needed to do it. Can anyone advise me of a mechanic shop that can do this for me at a reasonable price? Thanks, Joan

it wont hold antifreeze and i replaced the waterpump already

My radiator fan dies not come on even at 30mins after the engine has been ignited the car does not overheat but am a little bit scared, meanwhile, anytime i turn on the A.C, the two fans come up.

Radio, clock, vanity lights-do not work. Checked all fuses and fuse links. can anyone tell me what this can be? Thank you

Trouble Pulling Fuel Pump From 2000 Pathfinder

During long 8 hour freeway drive, "Service Engine Soon" light flashed when I passed or exceeded 2.5k RPM. As long as I did not exceed that RPM, or go up hills, the light remained off. Is this "trani" related or "cat" emmissions related? Both front cats replaced Dec. 2010. I also replaced plugs with the "Pulstar" capacitor plugs. Are my cats going to burn up?

I drive my car, turn it off and I have to let it sit for 5mns or so so it can turn on, New Battery, charging light in NOT on, everything normal except it doesnt even crank. I did notice that at all times the crank is a slow one althouth the car does start. Anyone have this issue and how did you fix it?

Can the catalytic converter cause white smoke to come out the exhaust also.

The panel light flickers daily.The dash light setting is at it's max, otherwise the radio panel will go blank.

Intake manifold has a hole in it a new one cost is $700.00 dollars, what is the cost for labor to get car running

the car will not come out of park unless i use the release button .

Can someone give me a ballpark figure about the 90,000 mile service on my 2004 nissan xterra. I've gotten numbers from $250.00 to $500.00 and don't want to just take the dealers word for it. When I bought the car six months ago they said everything was fine, now (after bringing it in for a factory recall) the original dealer said they didn't replace the drive belts before selling it even though 90,000 miles was coming up in less than six months.

Just recently I bough my Nissan Quest (1996), runs excellent, but I noticed that every time i turned on the fan I can smell gas...my kids start complaining but i can't figure out how to solve the problem...Is there anyone out there can help me?

my van used to work fine untill this morning but I noticed that some days before it was kind of having some trouble starting what can it be?

changed fuel pump and plugs and still wont turn over running fine the day before

The lights on the instrument panel wont come on. I check the bulbs and they are good and it does have power. Could it have something to do with the computer?

Im looking at buying a used pathfinder and want to know what to expect in repairs down the road

My truck has passed with flying colors on everything by the CO, it is about twice the limit for CO. The vacumm hose and O2 sensors have been replaced, to very little effect. The truck runs great, the tail pipe is clean, and there are no diagnostic codes in the computer.

finally got the Frontier to pass smog. Pulled the plugs and cleaned the piston tops, flushed all the fuel lines. After this it finally had the CO come down to acceptable levels.

check engine light on

how do you change a fuel pump on 94 300zx.

my 1999 nissan maxima idle about 900 rpm when in park can it be adjusted to a lower speed and how

replaced distributor and rotor...car wont pass emissions and oil is leaking everywhere now. when it starts it idles very rough..(.missing?)check engine light never comes on and new rotor didnt come with new o ring saleman said i didnt need it..

If the weather is warm the car overheats after 30-50 miles at highways speed. Has been checked over by Nissan Hybrid certified shop twice. Found nothing wrong. Reported that it is not throwing any codes.