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i was told my throttle body needs to be replaced because the car is not breathing correctly is this expensive and what is the throttle body used for
My check soon engine light came on and diagnostics says i need to replace my vehicle or engine speed sensor, I bought the part but I don't know where it's location is.
My front end begins vibrating around 40 to 60 mph. I have had the tires replaced, a front end alignment, and balancing twice. What is causing this problem?
Fan only works on highest speed. Any suggestions as to what needs to be replaced?
my car dies coming to a stop, or turning or going down a hill. i have taken it to a shop, and seems no one can tell me what is wrong with it. i have had tune up , and the car has been taken pretty good care of.
no check engine light
2007 xterra , seeing spot of what looks like oil under differential, how can I check the level of lubricant in the differential case?
When I put my car in first gear it jumps out and grinds, sometimes it holds but when I stop it pops out.All other gears work well
My car rattles when it is going between 35 and 65 miles, I think my fuel pump needs to be replaced
my 1995 nissan altima will crank ver bt will not start. i have changed the cap rotor coil and spark plug wires and thecr stillwill not start. i have no i d not know what else i can do can anyone help me.
it needs head gasket, didnt but used car yet from dealer. im about to, but i need to know how much money
It is rear wheel drive and I have replaced the front wheel inner and outer bearings, and the rack and pinion assembly also had the front end aligned and tires balanced twice. I still get a very bad shaking at the stee...
My drivers side seat will lean forward but it won't lean back. What might the problem be and how much might it cost
I'm going to be changing the spark plugs pretty soon and I want to install Bosch IR Fusion plugs as replacements. Is that a good choice or should I stick with OE spark plugs?
when i drive it makes a knock noise or a clunck only when i stop and go and turns
Ive had this problem in my car for about awhile now. Took it to the shop. Got my transmission rebuilted and my valve body as well. The repair facility also took the car tot the dealership for a re-learn procedure, dro...
Recently in the last week I have had issues with my car randomly starting. I had a diagnostic check of the alternator, starter, and battery checked and all were in working order with the exception of the significant d...
I have had the car for about a year. I have fluids/oil checked on schedule. My car started having troubles a couple months ago. It died overnight. It jumped then died a few days later. Triple A told me to replace the ...
will I have to drop gas tank to replace fuel pump?
i need to know the location a the fuel pump relay switch on my altima
my car is currently giving me 14 miles to the gal and i dont know why
i have a problem with brakes i need some help how u pump the brakes system i can figure out how to do that ?
how to replace window washer bottle.
My A/C doesn't work on my 91. The on switch does illuminate on the controls but the compressor doesn't engage. According to the last owner it was charged but had no affect. I'm suspecting electrical issues and need to...
need pictures or a video on how to change the water pump, please a complete detail on taking everytthing of that needs to be taken out.
my check engine light is continiously on and when i get it checked the emissions code is po304 cyoinder 4 misfire detected. why is this?
about 4 months ago my check engine light came on. had it checked and was told it was either the fuel level sensor of pump. had it checked at pepboys a monthe ago and was told the fuel flap was open and it was very exp...
the airbag light just started flashing on my car, how can i turn it off or is there something wrong with the airbags??
My 96 pathfinder has started swaying side to side going around curves on rough roads. Why?