I have replaced two purge valves on this car cleared the code four times but it still continues to pop up. I've even taken it to Nissan them selfs an they have cleared it twice now but it's back what do i do?

this is a 3.3,6cyl.,4 wheel drive model. the oil dip stick has a tip on it approx. one and a half inches long which allows to read the oil level. the tip has detached and i assume is in the oil pan. can i drive the car in this condition and when i drain the oil and if the tip can't be found what else can i do? i really don't want to drop the oil pan as this would be a major job for me on this car.

We bought this car two days ago off of craigslist. We went to get it smogged that same day and it turns out the guy we bought it from had disconnected the battery (probably to make the "check engine" light turn off). When we got the monitor to activate the day after, we got code PO172. I think there was another code but I don't remember the number. I think it said "catalyst" somewhere but I'm not completely sure about that.

My husband took the car to a mechanic today and was charged $65 for them just to find th problem in the first place. They called us back and said that one catalytic converter was missing (the back one) and that another one was messed up and had to be replaced (the front one). I know nothing about cars as you can tell. Mechanic said it was going to cost us $1700 because we can only get them from nissan directly.

Is this too much money to pay? I have a feeling it is.

I was wondering if I could just go to a muffler shop and get them welded on...?

Or can i just get the parts online?

I have no clue any and all advice is appreciated.

p.s. the car doesn't make any weird noises and runs well.

...I just found out I can't buy catalytic converters online because I live in California... GREAT!!!!

Looking to solve driver side window problem. All other windows working, so i thought the motor was bad, but i need to check the driver side power switch first, i removed from door but i need a schematic to check some ohms/power to a pin? Anybody know what pins to check? Thkx
2005 nissan titan crew le 5.6

how do you change the fuel filter on 2006 4 cylinder frontier and where is it located.

mi car turn off in middle of the street when i see the batery cables a little cable plugin to positive batery cable is hot and broke. why is this happenig ? the car dont start i buy a new batery works for two days now dont turn on ......sorry my english no good

This only happens in cold weather and only when I first back out or move forward after it has been sitting for a while. After I start driving, it is ok. It also makes a whining noise when it is being difficult to turn.

the door light is stuck on. i think this causes me not to be able to lock the doors. when i lock them they unlock on their own right away.

at first it had a gas leak so we replaced the injectors and seals it got a spark plug and a boot kit it also got a intake gasket. when i went to bring it home from the shop it poured out sometihng white out of the ail pipe but then suddenly went away. now it idles rough between 1500 to 3000 rpm bouncing bck and forth constantly making as its lugging out the engine. anyone know why??? or what could be wrong?

I recently p urchased a 2004 nissan titan se, but everytime now when i turn the AC switch on to control the airflow before starting it starts making this loud clicking sound from inside the dashboard then stops . Sometimes when i turn the truck off it starts again for a couple of seconds . some of my friends said there might something be stuck in the fan . Could someone help me diagnose the problem there are no check engine lights on.

I've had my 2011 Altima for about 3 months, and almost the entire time I've had it, it makes a loud tapping/ticking sound from the engine when the engine is cold. The noise is worse when I accelerate. Once the car warms up, I don't hear it as loudly. The dealer said all 2.5's make that noise, but I can imagine why an engine would make that kind of noise if nothing was wrong. Any suggestions?

While driving on freeway it wouldn't go pass 40mph then it went to 20mph & just shut completely off & now it will not start & it started smoking

Location of automatic transmission fluid dipstick?

is it common to need new air flow valves at 38000 miles? cost $900

I cant always get the automatic trans in drive, and it clunks when i turn sometimes. Also, it is making a whining noise.

i need help to locate the senor so i can replace the part if needed.

At first they said bent in fan and bumper but now said measured and frame shorter and all needs replacing...Vehicle low miles and in great shape. If pull out frame they say won't be safe to drive? Something about holes in frame that makes it crumble in a crash? Can someone explain this to me?

My car usually started up first time always. One day, it took 3 times before the engine caught, but it finally did. The next time I tried to start it, it wouldn't catch. I had to have it towed, and they eventually told me I needed a new distributor cap and plugs. How much should it have cost me?

My nissan shakes when I brake on the freeway. Now it's making thid deep grinding noise like something is about to break regardless if I'm driving on the freeway or not. what could that be?

We have changed the Throttle Position Sensor and the Idle Air Control Valve, and the car still goes dead when you put it in drive. There is no diagnostic code. What could it be?

It recently turned cold and not my 2010 Titan will not run past 2000 RPMS. It started sluggishly but after warming up it seemed fine. Anytime you reved it up it would die past 2000 RPMS and while driving it would not go past 2000 RPMS at all almost like there was a governor on it.

Just had my mechanic clean the egr valve and throttle body of my 1992 nissan pickup and it now idles high. What is causing the high idling?

The car has to warm up for a few minutes before taking off, but it will not shift into drive at first. If it's been warming up, it may jerk into gear, but sometimes you have to shift all the way to 2 or 1 to make it change. Do I need to add transmission fluid, or is the tranny ready to quit on me?

sometimes when i start the engine, it makes noise for a few seconds. what is the problem?

i am having problems with my check engine light coming on i replaced the air filter reset the light and it just came back on i need help to locate the sensor i took it a buddy to check the code for the problem it was P0110 can anybody help thank you

I recently changed my battery. Twoo weeks later I'm having to use a screwdriver to put the vehicle in gear. Also, dashboard lights are on.

Both the power vent windows quit working at the same time. I have checked the master switch and it is working OK. Is there a fuse and or a electrical plug that would cause this problem?

started 2 nights ago. i was turning off main road onto side road, almost didn't make the curve. having trouble turning steering to left and right. what's wrong and what is appx. cost to fix?

started having trouble turning the steering wheel 2 nights ago. turning to the left or right is extremely difficult, but it is still drivable. what is wrong and what is appx cost to fix?

cost of oil pump replacement