I was told that I needed to replace the valve covers along with the gasket because the valve covers could be warped. Is this a common practice or is the dealer just up selling?
Vehicle has 245,000 miles.

accidentally drove in 2nd gear high speed. engine cracked. 110k miles on car.is it worth replacing the engine and how much would it cost? could there be damage to other major systems, like the transmission?

every tine u fill up gas it spits out gas after 5 secs. is it dangerous if this goes on because of combustion or too much pressure inside gas tank. what repair can be done, is there a recall on this problem

intermittently, my nissan makes an awful sqealing noise, sound like belts, not sure. what or how to fix and if its costly? thx

My instrument panel/dashboard lights just stopping working, i cannot see in my manual which fuse calls for this any ideas which one they called it? is it under the hood or inside my car by the left front side compartment?

I have a 1996 nissan pathfinder and failed smog due to check engine light. code P1401 EGR Temperature sensor, Bought one... don't know if I need to clean the valve and how to get a diagram or some info on what to do...

This problem just started on Saturday as well.

Problem just started on Saturday, February 5, 2011

Is there a front/rear brake shoe on 89 nissan D21 pickup? After replacing shoes (both sides) the right side shoes will not go flush to stationary pin. Hit one side and other side moves away. Seems like shoes are rotating around the separator/emergency brake lever. Whats up?

Please provide step by step instructions, degree of difficulty, and special tools needed.

My 93 GXE needs sunroof work. I'd like to do it my self,but there's little information that I can find. Any help with parts sources or diagrams or repair procedures would be appreciated. Thanks, Michael

my 1991 nissan maxima is leaking water from some and dont know were i have a new water pump ,new redar my thermostat is good and da water is leaking from da left side in da back at the bottom of the engine the car lets off steam from under the hood but it doesnt over heat.

Approximately how much would it be to replace all belts including timing belt (labor and parts)?

my car vibtate when in revers and drive.I notice that i have aan exhaust leak.is this the cause of the vibation.if not .what is the promblem.

My front windshield defroster vents do not blow out any air when I turn it on. But my vents blow air fine whenever I have the heat/A/C on and blowing at me AND works fine when I use the rear defrost. What could the problem be? I was told maybe a fuse or relay...but when I tried to located the fuse for the front windshield defroster/defogger, I couldn't find one.

i have 1995 nissan hardbody truck with 226,000 miles. the check engine light is on and is giving codes 23 & 45. i know what the codes are. 23 is a idel switch. code 45 says the fuel injector is leaking. but this model has a carburator. i need know how to repair it.

What is estimated price for water pump and timing belt replacement on 2003 Nissan V6 Frontier?

what is the cost to replace a drive belt on my 2006 altima


I have no rough, bumpy, noisy ride; went in for oil change; how does dealer know lower front/right control arms are broken if bushings are sealed & that front struts are leaking? Dealer wants $789 lower left/right control arms w/alignment; $704 for fr/struts.

My altima has been working fine up until today ... I tried starting my car but its stalling. Put it in drive gave it gas but it didn't move .. so I put in park then back to drive. It pulled off but no matter far the peddle was down it wouldn't go pass 30mph . The battery/sevice engine light were both on. Then after about 5 miles it picked up speed and was back to normal. Could anyone please help me out with this problem? Thank You!

Check engine light comes on, goes off too. Codes indicate may need replacing. No loss of engine power. What costs should I expect to repair, if needed. 2WD 5spd.

When the car is driven at a speed of 40 or more it sounds as though it is at a high idle. The rpm stay at a little over 2 during this time. What could be the problem?

Schriever Auto Parts changed a timing belt in my quest and there was water gushing from what was thought to be the water pump. I changed the water pump and the problem persisted... Their was never a leak befor the quest went to this supposedly auto shop. what should i do to fix this problem??

back two exhaust studs broke,tryed easy out and that broke,now what do i do?

My quest died as I was backing out of my drive,will not start but does turn over,my first thought was timing belt broke,and is my engine an interferance motor or no?my e-mail is pam_gilliam37814@yahoo.com

My alternator to my Nissan Sentra I had replaced as I was not getting a full charge on the Battery. The Alternator was from a junk yard. Now after about 6 months the same problem has occured. My check engine light has always been a major problem. Could that have burned out the Alternators Voltage regulator?

my car was running fine, filled up at gas station, then it died when I pulled out in the street about 3min later. it cranks but will not start.it is now making a rumbling sound towards back when I try to start it. it is a 5spd. And I cannot siphon the gas out of it either.

How do I unplug the front left turn light assembley so I can replase the assembley?

recommend engine oil for 1994 nissan sentra