how do i time a 1990 nissan truck with a 4cyl engine ?


engine runs ruff after its warmed wont idle butt can raise rpms and it smooth out can't idle it

A roaring sound that gets louder vehicle accelerates. sounds like it is coming from the differential. also it get louder as car decelerates.

when i am traveling in my 1995 hardbody nissan somestimes when i hit a bump my dome light comes on. i have learned that i pull on the door handle hard enough that the light goes off. however i cannot hold it long. i have to let go to dive.

roaring sound coming from the rear end of vehicle begins around 35MPH, gets louder as speed accelerates up to about 70 mph. gets louder again as car is slowing down. Is there fluid in the differential unit & if so, how do you accesses it.

when driving at 20mph or faster,there is a thumping in the front end we had both front axels replaced and it is still making a noise. could one of them be bad and what other reasons could there be for this?

heater blower went out need to replace can i get to it from under the dash ect...

Why does the ABS light stay on after engine has started?

How do I get the the front Rotors off>

Are lift kits avaiable for the 01 XTERAS?

The right rear window only goes down half way. The left goeas down all the way. How do I get the right rear to fully go down?

i have hard start all the time i changed the cam and crank sensors now the dtc code is showing knock sensor doe you think it could be the knock sensor

Brake and battery light come on when driving just started today had it checked out cant find nothing everything looks good it comes on for about 5 min than goes away has anybody had this problem and had it fixed thk

RE: 2006 Nissan, Murano: p.s. The thumping noise, previously reported, sounds like a rock bouncing around under the left side of the car. The fuel gauge stays on empty most of the time, but occasionally works.

is the drive belt the same thing as a serpentine belt and how much does it cost to replace one?

Need to have the water pump, timing belt, thermostat replaced

my check engine light is on and i got the code checked and it came up as P1445 WHAT DO I REPLACE TO FIX THIS CODE

Replacement of my brake lines. How much would that be?

I want to use Sea Foam on my engine and have no diagram to show where to add to vacuum hose.

I change the master cylinder of my car myself. I need take aout the wheels of my car by take out the air of the system?

what does this code mean P1441

what size bolts for the pre catalytic converter


My 2007 Nissan Altima 2.5 hesitates when driving. The RPMS flutter between 2 and 3 thousand RPMS. could this be the Throttle Position Sensor?

engin run's rough when i stop in red light. Otherwides is normal

I have gotten a tune up and I changed a fuel injector. I also changed the cam position sensor then I got a oil change and engine flush. My 1996 Nissan Maxima shakes while in drive and when im in park. Then the engine light blinks and it shuts off sometimes. What can be the problem.

As the new owner i'm not aquainted with what's going on with
this particular vehicle yet. So, wanting to avoid breaking the timing belt. I should take what steps to check it?
I should prolly just have it replaced? That way I know huh?
Can I get an upgrade? Would like to start upgrading everything I replace. What's the hot ticket for upgraded/racing parts? Who's who? Maybe that's a bad idea.Looking for direction.

My odometer turns over very slowly not reflecting actual miles traveled.

can you tell me bolt sizes for the calipers and the caliper bridge 1998 nissan altima

when apply brakes a noise from the front wheels, sounds like metal scrubbing,occurs when braking, it started Feb 12,2011, 5pm,so it like just started 24 hrs ago, no mechanical check yet. I think i could put new pads on myself, it's the rotors i'm concerned with, how can i tell if they need turning without taking to a shop?

Have already verified that this is the part that needs to be replaced. Is this a dealer only item or can anyone give me an idea where else I may be able to purchase. I've not had much luck finding it anywhere.