My a/c in my van blows out little air when I go on long trips.It starts off cold and blowing good then it gets warm and only alittle air blows out.

additonal service add on is not working

should the gas cap be vented or not vented

how do i remove my rotors

The break lights are not goin on in the back of the car. I checked the fuse and is good. I need help in replacing the break light switch.

my van is over heating so i figured it was my thermostat so i changed it but it still over heats. is it the water pump and if so what steps do i take to remove the old one and replace it with a new one?

I have a 2011 Sentra SE L with less than 500 mi and whenever I start to drive after the car has sat for a while I hear a rattling/rumbling sound coming from possibly the right rear wheel well or muffler area. Any ideas what is causing this?

when ignition is turned and car is running the oil guage needle goes up as far as it can go and stays there while engine is running.

it was raining the person in front of me stopped short and my car skid and rear end some one it wasnt hit to hard and the person i rear ended did not have a scratch but my hood bent up my grill came off and my fan is pushed in it didnt go through the radiator though

My car was half full with regular unleaded gas on Wednesday. I filled it up on Friday with premium unlead gas. On Saturday my check engine light came on. I took it to Autozone and the code was P0420. Could having both regular and premium gas together cause this problem?

I have a Nissan Murano 2004 with 107 thousand miles. Dealer told me engine and transmission mounts are gone.Is this a common issue with the Nissan.I thought foreign cars went forever.This is a major mechanical breakdown what is the cost to have something like this repaired? Im shocked didnt see this comming with a nissan.

my engine light stays on and coolan guage stays on c

I have a 2002 Xterra supercharged 3.3lt. V6. we have no engine lights coming on , no oil lights coming on nothing!! We just had the right exhaust manifold replaced as it had a crack in it. But the reason for talking it there was for the ticking or nocking that we were hearing. We were told that the computer diagnostic check did not spit out any codes what so ever, and that they do not know where to start to look or even what might have caused this to happen. Nissan dealership said we should just scrap this one and buy another, are you kidding me? If anyone has any suggestions it is now at the 3rd mechanic -I will never go back to Nissan especially since they can't even fix their own vehicles. Ours has 157000 kms .

changed left head light now bright on dash instrments panel stay on, even with low beam.

The car will get up to 40 mph then will slow back down to 25 mph. Changed out wires, plugs, distribiture, cleand fuel injectors.

My daughter ran her van out of oil, I went toget it off the road, had to put 5 quarts of oil in the motor, it cranked right up but after 3 minutes the oil light comes on and the engine starts knocking @@, what shouod i do ??

occasionally, the air conditioning will start blowing hot air instead of cold air. why is this? Had a/c charged but situation did not change. Blows air fine, just not cold all the time.

Problem just all of a sudden started

can new seals be put in or do i need to replaces all and how do u do that

i replaced the spark plugs boots and coil packs. the pcv valve crank and camshaft sensors. it turns over and tries to crank but wont.

my dashboard lights and parking lights do not work. what is the problem? i looked in the fuse box and there is nothing that indicates any of these lights. how much is this going to be to get fixed and how long does it take? please help!!!

I wish I had paid attention when I took it out. I don't know which way the air flows. The medal side is flat with holes in it, the other side has the reaised cloth filter. When I place it in it's place it fit both ways. Please let me know asap

car runs but when you hit the gas to speed up it stalls out and shuts off

What is the estimated cost to have the timing belt replaced on a 2006 Nissa Xterra, V6 in Northeast Florida?

After freezing temperatures in February, 3 of my car windows will not longer go down when I press the buttons. There is also no sound to indicate that the power has been engaged. The driver's side window still works.

Hear noise when driving sounds like something lose maybe manifold, or something related to muffler system or converter like it is in the middle

I have a leak somewhere in my exhaust system. Where can I find a complete exhaust system parts list? I want to buy the parts myself and pay only for labor.

My 1992 2wd 4 cylinder pickup wnt turn over. I've had the battery checked and alternator as well, need to find the location of the starter any help?

We replaced spark plugs and wires, still hear ticking in engine upon acceleration.

On the 2005 Nissan Altima how do you tell if it is a twoside or one side repair when it comes to a catalytic converter