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Where is the fuel filter on my 2005 Nissian Pathfinder?
What kind of oil do I use to add in the car? 10W 30 or 10W 50?
when replacing brake pads do i need to do any lubrication of the calipers before re-installing it? If so how do i lubricate these calipers and with what?
it looks as though the console has a crack in it on either side of the shift. but when you touch it it feesl as though its melted.
I have a problem starting the car; the EGI fuse kept clicking constantly draining the battery very fast. I removed one of the fuse (10A) under the dash and the EGI stopped clicking but the engine still won't start. ...
just started today engine oil light lit up Dist:3750 Now:3860 what does this mean? E-mail
is the front crank seal behind the front cover
1998 Nissan Maxima 134,400 Miles My Nissan Maxima is a good car, but I am having several problems with it that needs to be fixed. I have a starting problem, which I think might be the starter. The car starts fine s...
I cannot get the key out of the ignition, my wipers won't work, auto seat-belt doesn't work, no tail lights, or brake light, no clock on dashboard works...where do I start???
my brake lights stay on even I turn my engine off
my electric trunk release quit working and my key will not work on the trunk.
I have a gas smell inside the cabin.
I have a 1998 Nissan Maxima and the front brake pads and rotors are wearing way too fast. For the past two years, I've had to replace the rotors each time I replaced the brake pads. In as little as 3 - 4 months, I'v...
My engine seems to have a louder. Sound when running and when I shut off engine it takes a second after key is turned that rumbling stops.Also ther is a noise unde front of car that rattles when going over small bumps...
does a 2006 nissan altima need the timing chain changed or replaced at 100.000 miles.
We replaced the power steering pressure hose because we thought it was leaking (it was just a loose hose from the reservoir all along). Anyway, the power steering pump has been growling since. How do we make it stop?
how do i service brake calipers
constant leak around the bushing on power steering shaft, im using alot of fluid. How do I change the bushing?
constant leak around the bushing on power steering shaft, im using alot of fluid. How do I change the bushing?
about a month ago my car started to sputter when you started. if i reved the engine it would go away/ now it's not going away.i put sea foam in the gas tank, changed spark plugs,distributer and cap, also changed oil a...
cap, rotor wires, plugs
have code 325 and 301, 325 is knock sensor, 301 is misfire on #l plug, what can cause this problen,car runs but is mising on #l plug but has fire.
took my exterra to the dealer because tires in front wore down unevenly dealer said tires were defective still having same problem but now car steering shakes out of control whenever it runs over anything like a bump ...
Started vehicle two days ago. Now key will not turn ignition. Tried two different keys. neither work
alright so how do you fix a cigarette lighter???
where are the spark plugs located on a1990 300zx?
Hi guys. I have a quick question. When i keep my car on and drive it (without AC on). and whenever i stop somewhere for 2-7 mins in Neutral Gear, i see the engine temp guage slighty going up.. just a liiiitttlllee...
how will i desarm the gear comparment so i could change the light bulb
What coolant do I charge my 1990 pathfinder with?
I just put a new timing belt ,thermostat, and water pump in but none of my belts r turning only the timing is turning but the car run rough and when I start the car i can hear the timing belt turning