have hard start problem when cold in morning. once it catches,it runs fine.when warm no problem starting.it is a 1989 nx se 1.8de motor

My Altima has just shut off while idling about a half dozen times. Twice, while driving, it "hiccupped" like it wasn't getting any gas. The second time, the Service Engine Soon light came on. Any ideas?

what is wrong when light that tells you your fuel is low doesnt come on anymore is it a fuse

My 2005 nissan quest won't start. It has gas and battery& fuses are good. It sounds like it wants to start but it won't. Any ideas?

truns over good but won't start and no spark coming from ingtion coilahd it checked and is good what else can i look for

Hi..i just want to know the meannig of( CKP-SEN/circuit) it appears on my scanner..and thank you.

car will turn off unexpectingly and is hard to restart

when i turn the Ignition its stalling to start up. all lights and electricity is working fine. it seems like it wants to start but isnt starting. Please help!

Do i have to remove the spindle nut to remove rotor?


aceleration up and down

How do I change the Alternator on this car?

My car hesitates and stops

my clutch just started slipping a little bit.how hard would it be to change it?

engine misfires a computer scan revelead the following codes PO120-P1705

The starter is working. The fan and pulleys are turning. The engine won't turn over. Took the distributor cap of and tried the switch, it didn't spin when we turned the key. Is it possible that there is something disconnected in the crankshaft?

Air conditioning hose high pressure hose is leaking and needs to be replaced. I have been quoted $500 for diagnosis, replace hose, evacuate and recharge A/C.

Actually, my car is a 1989 Nissan Sentra. The water pump is about 3 inches from the wheel well wall, hence not much room. So, what's the best way to remove and replace it? Am I going to be forced to lift the engine? Is it best just to take it to the shop at a cost of around $500?

cant find the fuses under the dash by the steering column

I had front brake pads replaced and was wondering if Ipaid too much

I recently had a rough idle so I changed my cap rotter and spark plugs. I also took out the mass air sensor to clean it. Now my truck won't engage into reverse and when in neutral it lunges forward like its in drive. When i shift into reverse it sounds like it engages but when I push the gas nothing happens. I changed my tranny fluid and filter but still nothing. What could be the problem?

my check engine light is continiouly on an checke the emission code is po100 and po110 were is location

i have a datsun b210 and i need the vacuum schematics for it. any ideas where to get them?

My 2003 nissan runs rough.I think it has a bad valve.Puts in. new plug

When at a stop light/sign the car feels like it wants to turn off i put it in nuetral and then it idols fine,when not in nuetral sometimes it turns off. it has turn off while driving on the freeway a few times.

is it natural that the idle fluctuates when you turn the steering to the right or left? What might be the cause of the fluctuation<

1) Is it natural that the idle fluctuates when you turn the steering to the right or left? ('92 nissan eccs twincam engine)
2) why is it that the engine fluctuates till it dies when you change gear?

where to adjust/locate idle of 92 sentra
1.6 twin cam dohc engine?

I drove her earlier today no problems got home came back a few hours later and she won't start. everything turns on, lights radio ect but not even a click from the engine. seems like there is no effort at all to begin the ignition process.

was told gas is leaking into the engine failed inspection could be throttle body no one has the part?could it be aqnother part? that needs to be fixed or feplaced.

I just had over $1100 worth of work done on my 2007 Pathfinder regarding this issue. I am at 66k miles and they told me that if it had been caught earlier, they could have taken care of it at no cost. My problem is, i took my vehicle in at 50823 miles because it was acting weird. If i was at a high speed and i would let my foot off the gas it would sound as if the engine was still reved up for a couple seconds. It kind of seemed like it was taking a couple of seconds for the gears to kick in, if that makes any sense... There was also a high pitched sound the car would make when i would turn it on that would be loud at first but would quiet down but would get loud again once i stepped on the gas. I asked Nissan about that and they told me that it did not have anything to do with the current problem. At the time they told me the noise was normal. I am getting ready to call the corporate office and wanted to see if anyone could tell me if you think this is what the problem was at 58k miles. Thanks for your help