My ABS light comes on and off, the speedomeder quits working. Does the control unit have to be replaced or could it be a ground wire?

How do you replace bulb in tail light

all the time it wont stay started

The check engige light bulb behind the dash is out and my vehicle failed emissions because of that. How do I replace it?

how much avr. to replace a automatic trans seal(axle side)

I am changing my timing chain, tensioner, guides and sprocket. the crankshaft mark on the new sprocket is 180 degrees from the keyway. The old sprocket mark is aprox 160 degrees from the keyway. What rule due I follow, Keep the shaft key marks at 12:00 or match the chain marks to the sproket mark which would put the crankshaft key mark 20 degrees to the left of 12:00?

I bought brakes for a 1996 nissan maxima not realizing the car was a 1997 nissan maxima will the brake fit the 1997 nissan maxima?


well I changed everything from starter,distributor cap and wires and plugs!! I changed alternator and battery , crank sensor and i even changed the absolute manifold pressure sensor took out the mass air flow sensor and cleaned it with the spray cleaner!! also had the fuel pump tested and checked for pressure it was fine!! havent checked the throttle position sensor yet!! So please help me and tell me what else could it be???

Just had new tires put on my car, was told that they couldn't do an alignment because I had a bad lower ball joint, My husband bought the part and put it in. Now when I accelerate my car jerks. He also replaced both front axles last year that he got from a junk yard, he seems to think that maybe they are bad now again. Any suggestions

How can I finder a diagram and instruction to replace the timing belt of my nissan pathfinder?

I had my car in for a routine oil change today and just after I drove away my check engine light started flashing at me and then as I began to break it started to chug/shake. It stopped when I was fully stopped but did it again as I started to accelerate again and it smelled like burning. I pulled over and the dealership came to tow it back. I am wondering what it could be because I don't want to get hosed!

My cigarette lighter in my 2002 Pathfinder stopped working so i checked under steering wheel (behind change tray) and replaced the fuse. I followed the diagram on back of the change tray so i'm sure i replaced the correct fuse. After doing this, the cigarette lighter still doesn't work... is there another fuse that needs to be replaced? Any other ideas as to what's wrong? Many thanks for any ideas!

TPMS warning light is on even though I checked tire pressures, did balance, and rotation.

I have about 120,000 miles on the car, but have never had a problem before. I was driving from CA to OR today, and after about 4 hours of driving, the last 45 minutes in mountains, the car died. First I felt a little jump, then the check engine light came on and I could no longer accelerate. Then the oil light and other lights came on too. I pulled over and turned it off. I tried to start it about 15 seconds later. and it would not turn over. I tried to start it again about 5 minutes later, and it started like normal. I drove for another 4 hours, and everything seemed fine. Any idea what that was about? Does it shut down as a precautionary measure if it's getting too hot? All fluids levels were fine.

After a super cold day in MN, I went to start my car (it had been sitting out) - it started but my air bag light came on. Does this mean it's broken or could it be a wire issue? If broken, any idea on how much to fix? Thanks!

The car wont start and finds that spark plug is flooded and needs replacement. What may be the cause of spark plug often breakdown

do you have step by step how to do replace a/c condenser

how do i change the exhaust manifold

whichway to take out radiator or front bumper

I have a 2005 Nissan Frontier SE w the 4.0L V6. Truck wouldn't start and when it would it would sputter at best, i ended up having to replace the main engine relay. Runs fine now but 2 days after replacing it then "service engine soon" light popped on and has been on for 2 more days now. Gonna get it checked out, didn't know if anyone can add onto this for me. Maybe it only needs to be reset? Thank you..

replaced the condensor and charged with freon worked great but then its back to blowong warm again

I have a 01 maxima who had the service engine soon light come on about a year ago, I had it checked out and it was my cat converter. I bought the converter and have not been able to install it due to no money. In the last couple years, I've replaced 3 of the 4 O2 sensors, gave it a tune up, kept the oil changed every 3,000 and put in some fuel treatment every 3 or 4 tanks of gas on top of always using Supreme gas. Well, everything is just fine and dandy with the car except I'm kinda broke, so last week I put in 40 bucks of Mid-Grade fuel for the first time in forever. It runs fine. I don't drive the car for 2 days and then today I have a lot of errands to run. 3/4 of the way through my day, I'm sitting in park and it's idleing really high 1,200 or so and then it starts to rev all by itself, jumping up about 400 to 600 RPM each time and then comeing back down to about 1,200 RPM. I don't know what the hell is going on. I think, Oh shit, its that shitty gas thats not going over so well, so I pull into a gas station and put in 2 gallons of supreme thinking that getting some better gas will help. Well, when I go to start it after I put in the gas, she fires up and then dies off, fires up and then dies off, and finally doesn't even fire up. She will start if I give her some gas before I turn her over and then start her. I have to keep the pedal pressed down and the RPM's up or she will die on me. I towed it to autozone and they did a diagnostic on it, the only error code that came up was the catalytic converter, which I've known about for a year now. So, I'm thinking its some bad gas I got and I went ahead and put some lucas fuel cleaner in the tank(which was about half full) When I got home I reved the engine to about 2,000 rpms for about 30 minutes trying to work some of that gas out of the car and the lucas in. Still no luck, like I said, She will start if I gun her when I turn her over and she will stay going as long as I keep my foot on the pedal. I can get the RPM's to as low as 500 or 700 and idle her just as long as my foot is still on the pedal she will stay just fine, any lower than that and she just kinda dies out. Any ideas, I'm flat broke. Will running that gas ( if it is bad gas) through my system cause me any other problems? Do you think I had a good idea on just reving up to 2,500 rpms and trying to work that lucas into the system?? Could I be causeing and harm to my car doing that?? Thanks a lot ya'll!

the current hose has a leak and is original part

This car still has a LOT of pep when you step on the gas pedal.Recently, it overheated on the interstate after 45 minutes of driving. I discovered the radiator cap was "off" sitting upside down next on top & to the side. I don't know if my son left it off while checking the fluids prior to my daughters trip, Or if it blew off from overheating. Regardless, there was no fluid in the radiator, & the rubber gasket under the cap was shredded. I filled it with water & drove it home. Brought to the garage next day & they replaced the radiator cap & thermostat. Not driven again until two days later. Again overheating. Did not overflow. Caught it in time, when gauge shot up to "HOT". Expected to have to add water again but none was lost. New coolant (Replaced with new thermostat)was still full. Air Bubbling into radiator, was told "Head Gasket" is shot & Timing chain making noise. (But No milky oil, Or white smoke out the rear.) $1500.00 to fix Or put in a "Used" engine. Either way, No guarantees beyond 60 - 90 days. (On parts) Have another friend who tells me sounds like an "Air Pocket" and the radiator needs to be "Burped"???? HELP!!!

I can be driving along and hit a bump, then my car will shut down. Why is this happening?

How do you remove the transmation with or without engine ? Where can i find quick answer online . Have trans unbolted and almost out transmation pan wont go through leftside wheel wwell . Help

I went to the store for about ten min. when I came out my pathfinder started up good no reverse 1995 pathfinder has no reverse has anyone else had this problem? If so how did they fix their problem? All other gears work fine engine runs fine. the pathfinder is a 4x4.

Wen u crank it up it has a lil skip to it but wen u push the gas it wants to spit and sputter and die. Wat could it be?

Have 100k miles on maxima. had in for routine maint and tech said starter was making noise and would be good to repl now before it strands me. I have not really noticed any issues. How do I tell if it is going by the sound it makes?