how can i tell the gear ratio in the rear axle

changed air filter, still doing it dont know but could it be a vaccum leak, only notice when parked and it comes and goes not steady

I anted to know how much will it cost to replace the struts

turn over. my car is 1yr old. what might this be, also my air takes a while to cool down once turned on. so my question is are their any reasent recalls for my year make and model?

Need new knock sensor for emissions

Compressor was checked it is working. My a/c will work then stop, then work then stop. When you turn on the A/C it blows out hot air.

When I turn the dial to position 1,2 or 3, air does not come out and only on position 4 do I get a lot of cold air. Does that mean a sensor is out and what do I purchase and details how to fix it is needed? Thanks

check engine light came on and codes were showing P0725 and P0725 pd. have no clue what the pd means but thats what the code readers shows. ended up deleting the codes and driving at least 100 miles or more. not exactly sure on the milage from time i erased the codes but has been driven at least 50 or 60 miles at the very least. service engine light did not come back on but it makes a noise sounds like slapping metal to me but not 100%. could be a bad bushing or motor mount. will check tomarrow. also the idle will change quite frequently without touching the gas, not more than 200 rpms.

Fueling nozzle trips during refuel, at the same time, the "Service Engine Light" came up. Not coincidental. Did not see air leak in fuel tank though because when I removed the fuel cap after parking the car overnight (with car use the day before), the sucking sound lasts 10-15 seconds, so it doesn't sound like a gasket leak in the fuel tank. What is the best approach to solving the problem?

There seems to be lots of problems with gas caps on these vehicles. Anyone else having similar problems?

P0430 code reading 'Catalyst System Efficiency Below Threshold Bank 2". Whould like to replace them.

Codes 181,183,and 420 are showing up on diagnostic test.

Oil pan clearing front diff. while also seperating from trans.?

we put a new battery in 2 days ago and it still doing the same thing, it wouldnt start earlier so i waited 20 minutes and it started. we went somewhere 3 times today the 2nd time today it stalled, the last time we were trying to go and it wouldnt start. our 1st time it started and had no problems

Whenever the AC is on for an extended time the water drains into the interior

My car failed NJ inspection because the Check Engine Soon light was on, and the OBD system code given was P0430. Can anyone tell me the approximate cost to repair this? Are they two separate things or will fixing the CES light fix the whole problem? Thanks for any help!

none of the power windows passenger side windows work! what can be the problem?

This is a do-it yourself attempt.

and sometimes i have to try like three times to start it back up and once is on when i try to go it acts like it has a clogged gas filter,i replace the fuel filter but that wasn't the problem cause when i try to take off it stalls and sometimes the check engine light comes on for a few seconds


in the trunk there looks like a piece has broken off

how to replace a faulty distributor due to engine cut off.

engine cut off. Battery went dead. With new battery engine only turns over.

I took my car to get tires and they said the rear passenger ball joint is bad. When I was looking up information, it appears that I may have to replace the entire rear suspension system to fix this. Is that right?

My car battery died, I charged it up, but then i noticed why, it was because my car's tail lights had stayed on for hours, so why would they stay on even when the switch is turned off?

how do I repair a break light switch

need parts and labor to replace the above items

Door needs to be replaced.

feel a jerk in the vehicle when it does that, getting worser

the latch will start to open then catch on the back side of the catch. i have tried to move the latch with a screwdriver and taken the back panel off but have not been able to open