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Light came on, stayed on about 1 week, went off for 2 weeks, then back on again. Car runs no differently. Fuel gauge has been irratic for several months. Code first appeared a snap shot showed that short term fuel trim on bank # 1 was 0.8 and LT fuel trim on bank #1 was 8.6. ST fuel trim on bank #2 was 0.0 and LT fuel trim on Bank #2 was 16.4. Fault occured at 48 mph. What is wrong please? What else can be checked?

I went to the Nissan service center where i bought my car. It had 11,500 miles on it. I was getting the 15,000 mile check up for 429.00. Then they charged me 299.00 for brakes. At 11,500 miles would brakes be necessary?? I feel like i have been taken.

I need help! Very frustrated. When cranking engine I have extreme fuel smell and engine wants to lock up. It will only stay running for 5-10 seconds

the tires in the rear end of my nissan sentra will not move. someone left the handbreak up, but after i put it down, the 2 back wheels would not move. The front wheels are working, but the 2 back wheels would not roll at all. my sentra is a front 2 wheel drive. please help. i need to know what the problem might be, and also an estimate of repair. i am a female, and mechanics are ripping me off.

locating the EGR Valve

what does it mean

Its always with the van in drive waiting at a light. It gets kind of jumpy, like the car wants to take off. And while I'm driving I notice no issues at all. I appreciate any advice. Thank you.

Now i have to sit and hold the brake in very hard and for a few minutes before i can get the gear shifter to go in gear. This is a automatic transmission..Thank You

the same code come up and the car is still running the same do i need to replace that coil boot or is that a major problem

My altima (standard shift) lacks power and it stalls while the air conditioner is running. It idles great but after running for a while and after using the A/C it gets very low on power while taking off and dies sometimes. I will push flat on the gas pedal and it goes no where for about 5-10 seconds but later catches up.

car runs hot and loses water from radiator, but I can't find any leak.

brake lights only turn off when battery is disconnected

lights only go off by disconnecting battery

Can not figure out how to take off the pressure washer

2.0 engine with overdrive ?

it idles just fine, step on the gas it just starts surging,acclerates then stops over and over until you take your foot off the gas, then it idles fine. check engine light burned out about two years ago.

I've been told I need this repair - want a second opinion on diagnosis and a price estimate.

It has a recall on it and I live three hours away from the nearest shop.

It sounds like it spuddering and eventually speed pksup and RPM jumps to 3/4000 rpm quick. Mechanic has told me it might be the TPS sensor but is not sure?

Owner's manual said something about fail-safe, how can we repair it. Alsi check engine light came on, what are the codes and how can we check them

I went to Autozone and they checked the collant but said it was full.

The car starts right up when cold?

Rear end has failed and needs replacement parts and labor to install and repair

my ac only blows hot air. It is full of freeon (ever how you spell that). Is there a easy fix that I can DIY?

I inspected the CV Joint boot torn and makes clicking sound when turning.

how to dissable the electronic timing controll

i get power back, will do this everytime i need more power. replaced egr valve and o2 sensor its better but will still do it.

Nissan sentra GXE 1998 1.6 checked connecter and wiring looks good I have no power

I need to know how to remove the steering wheel cover and get to the horn wiring without damaging or engaging the air bag.

Car runs and accelerates well but idles with a noticable shaking when warm. Tried a lot of things (check for vacuum leaks, new plugs, wires, distributor cap and rotor, injector cleaner, cleaned MAF,fuel filter,etc. Noticed that giving the engine a slight rev by hand produces a single pop sound behind the engine on passenger side and will produce a P0300 code when the engine is hotown. Mechanic shown this and said there was a lose hose on a valve back there and reattached it. Pop sound was lower but still rough idle and still can produce P0300 codes as described above. Anyone have similar issues and advice would be appreciated.