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I have 190K. on my Maxima 2000 Manual transmission and never replaced clutch, there are no noise or problebs with shifting or leaking oil.

see previous question and details. Please ansewr the quwstions as applied to a nissan 2003 maxima.

where are they located if any. All other functions work and programmable. makes clicking sound but no movement. Any ideas on problem and fix? Any recall on this item?

Everytime I turn the wheel sharply or go over a bump at low speeds, I hear a popping noise. I have replaced the CV axle and the struts. Any ideas?

The truck ran fine until it started losing power and stuttering then quit on me. Wouldnt restart unless I cycled the key 3-4 times then ran very rough. Tried driving it to my mechanic but would die after less than a minute. Towed it to my mechanic but he cant find the problem. He says the injectors shut off after 25 seconds and cant figure out why.

Installed a new battery and a few days later the battery light and brake light came on and would not go off.

If I get no spark,what should I check next?

99 nissan quest, when in park the engine has is surging, not really idling rough just shacking a lot, then when i put it in gear with my foot on the brake the engine surges so bad the whole car is shacking, there are not check engine lights on, its not running hot, and it doesnt sound like it is misfiring

I have changed the fuel pump, fuel filter, and plugs. What else do I need do so the car will start without me patting the gas pedal?

Week ago i have change the Inner and outer tie rod, driver front strut, passenger front and rear transmission mount but rattling noise still there even on small bumbs also just on service road, Mechanic told doing all this should make the noise go away, now i'm facing another noise when ever i start my car there's some kind loud noise i can hear from desk board sounds like transmission but when i open the hood i don't hear that noise, i ask the mechanic he told me sound like Timing Guide could be bad, it's goes away when i drive long period of time but when i restart the car it's come back. Any Suggestion.

i have a 2003 nissan altima v6 with 157,000 miles and just started making a knocking noise when cranked and i'm afraid to drive it maybe resulting in more serious prolbems..could you please help me?

When I have the lights set to "auto" they are always on now, even in bright sunlight. This was not the case for the first 6 months or so when I bought the car; they were truly automatic, based on daylight or cloudiness, etc. I washed the car (in a general manner) but don't know where the sensor is to give it a better scrubbing. It's not something I want to bring to the dealer for if I can just check to see if there's road grime built up, etc. The car is 9 months old with 10,000 miles.

The heat is on but only cold air is coming from the floor vents. Both supply and return heater hoses are warm so the water flow to the heater core is fine. It appears the damper / diverter is stuck. I live in Arizona so it hasn't been asked to move since February.

I have 126,000 miles. It was driving rough and I was told I need a tune up.

I have had the clutch cable replaced in my car 3 times in the last year. The adjustment wheel by the block always breaks first folliwed by the pin on the cable at the back of the clutch pedal. I would suspect it was something I was doing myself but it has been replaced every time by a pro. Any suggestions would be helpful.

I have had the clutch cable replaced in my car 3 times in the last year. The adjustment wheel by the block always breaks first folliwed by the pin on the cable at the back of the clutch pedal. I would suspect it was something I was doing myself but it has been replaced every time by a pro. Any suggestions would be helpful.

the security light keeps beeping and blinking but my doors wont lock or unlock also my windows wont work yet my lights ect. got power to them. Does my new key need to be programed to my car?

I can't find it where my repair manual says it should be.

A squealing noise from the engine belt when started.

fuses and relays box location and diagram

1998 Sentra 1.6 Ltr. 85,000 miles. Changed serpentine drive belt 6 months ago. Now, when engine is cold, belt squeaks loudly if car is not started for a day or so. After 10-15 minutes of driving, squeak stops. Belt checked by my mechanic and myself. It is not worn or loose. If I trickled a couple of drops of water on the smooth, non-grooved side of the belt where it rides on the tensioner, the squeak goes away, but almost immediately returns. Is there a common problem with these cars and the tensioner, or could my alternator be going bad, or was it just a cheap belt? My mechanic did the belt and he uses good quality parts. Should only Nissan belt be used? I've had the car for years and never had this problem before.

I replace the front rotors on my Xterra, and need to know the amount of torque I need to apply to lock the screws that hold them to the hub?

Truck was running and as I was backing up, it just stopped. turn the key, but nothing. All indicator lights were on as when you first startup. Tried bump starting it, while drifting down hill. No luck!!

3.3 LITER V-6

Whenever i drive really fast or put the sports mode on while driving fast, the steering wheel gets realllyyyyyyy hard. i own a nissan tilda/latio from Singapore. It is a 2007 model. I live in St.Lucia. I love this car because it is really fun at high speeds but the steering wheel gets too hard and especially when i have to corner, i have to use both hands to turn the wheel in a little corner. It is really frustrating.

the alrm has been disable so i can be able to use my car ,but i have no inside panel lights inside the car,pleases help me i can't drive my car at nigth hav no ligths inside my my car,i pay for alarm to be disable because it wouldn't go off and i could not even open my door or start my car with that alarm on ,but now i have another issue with this car no ligths inside my car can't even drive car after 5pm no oddometter ligths.

Will it fit?

How much would it cost to replace the lower control arm bushings and sway bar bushings

Also the check engine light that has been on (steady) for years, now flashes and my CD player which hasn't worked in at least 2 years is NOW cycling thru the 6 CD SLOTS non stop.

What in the world does the CD player have to do with ROUGH IDLING?

Woman here, don't wont to go to repair shop without a CLUE of what might be going on. THANK YOU

this problem occured at 137700 miles and I took off both battery cables for a few hours and the put them back on and I still had the light.