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My liftgate suddenly lifts using liftgate door handle, but when is gets fully open, it just drops. Is it the struts or is it some actuator thing?
Why would the high side freon hose break at the joint where it and the high side from the compressor bolt to the side of the condensor? I know I have not bumped it when doing engine work lately.
80k miles, had a routine oil change and the mechanic says struts need to be replaced soon because they are leaking. Possibly caused by potholes or rough roads in the city? How can I check whether this is for real and ...
while i was driving my batery light kept on coming on while my lights become more dim. Then it completely shut off losing all power.
Had oil changed on Monday, and Thursday I noticed some hesitation, Saturday it cut off. Looked under hood and saw some brown liquid and Sunday it stopped again and now it really looks like oil is all over the engine a...
I just baught a used car and the steering wheel is not striaght, when the wheels are straight the steering wheel isnt.
My tank is shot and I can not find one under $400.00. Plus the labor is outragous. Has any one had there fuel tank repair rather then replaced on this car? I found a radiator shop that says they can be repaired?
The mileage, fuel and temperature gauge are fading out. How do I change it out?
The engine idles fine but will not speed up
where is the switch for the cluch when you push in to start the the truck.
Every time I start my car it makes a terrible squeal then it goes away, I went to the shop thinking it was the belt so they replaced all 3 and it is squealing even louder...any ideas, one shop said it may be the alter...
remote switch to open trunck inop. Manual override in car does not open trunck. How best to fix ??
My coolant gauge looks normal but the air temp does not get even warm. Is this a heating element or thermastat issue?
Are these related issues? What could be the issues? Possibly the instrument panel cluster needs to be replaced? Also, is it an easy fix that and the avg mechanically inclined person can correct?
I have 2002 6 cylinder pathfinder ,Dealer suggests replacing all fuel injectors. What is aprox. cost? I recently replaced alternator, battery & starter. Dealer says possibly might need to replace fuel pump? Is both ...
135,000 miles, rebuilt tranny, replaced clutch with tranny bebuild in 2008, replaced MAF sensor in 2008 as well. Manual Transmission. When accelerating hard i only get partial acceleration. Happening in 2nd through ...
The transmission has begin to slip. After I've driven about 15miles and come to a stop sign or light and stop when I start again I may or may not have drive or second gear. I can manually shift it to first but still h...
My computer light coming off when the car running rough, and then it stop. The computer diag indicates that the ignition coil on cylinder # 2 is bad.
What is a reasonable price for part and labor. The power steeting hose is referred to as the high pressure hose with a "specialized clip/meter" on hose.
Hi, I have a 2004 Nissan Sentra and lately while at a stop light or just on the break, right when I go to excel on the gas the entire car shuts off. I turn the car right back on and it starts right back up again. I...
how do I get to the freeze plug that is behind the starter on a nissan stanza 1990
What is the cost to replace muffler and pipe to exhaust monifold. Please give estimeate of each item. Thank you.
I have a 2004 titan A I t has a leak from a front differential bearing on the left side. It is a 17.00 part and the dealer is telling me that i have to replace the whole differential for 1700.00 Has anyone had this pr...
when check EgineLight code was scan it reads these codes p0100 andp0300
When traveling at 40mph down a steep decline the transmission downshifts, feels like the tranny is holding the vehicle back. While the vehicle is in a lower gear when I try to give it gas the rpms rev up to about 3500
So I read on another question about changing the brake switch. Where would I find that switch?
I was given my godfathers 93 D21. I have replaces both headlights and the front driver blinker. The passenger headlight works on low beam and the driver light works on high beam but NOT together. What can I do? I ...
I have been told my cv boot needs replaced for inspection in PA. I conferred with a garage and was told it would be cheaper for them to replace the half shaft at the same time. REALLY????
When in stop and go traffic the frame of suv will continue to move forward when stopped