I can be driving along and hit a bump, then my car will shut down. Why is this happening?

How do you remove the transmation with or without engine ? Where can i find quick answer online . Have trans unbolted and almost out transmation pan wont go through leftside wheel wwell . Help

I went to the store for about ten min. when I came out my pathfinder started up good no reverse 1995 pathfinder has no reverse has anyone else had this problem? If so how did they fix their problem? All other gears work fine engine runs fine. the pathfinder is a 4x4.

Wen u crank it up it has a lil skip to it but wen u push the gas it wants to spit and sputter and die. Wat could it be?

Have 100k miles on maxima. had in for routine maint and tech said starter was making noise and would be good to repl now before it strands me. I have not really noticed any issues. How do I tell if it is going by the sound it makes?

What cause the oil spill at the sparkplug?

squirting fuel out of throttle body want run. all the time

How do you replace the harmonic balancer?

How do I remove broken headlight cover on the passenger side of my 2007 Nissan Quest?

How often should I change the oil

Considering buying a slightly used 2009 Titan truck with 16000 miles. It clunks when starting & shudders when driving - I thought it was the tires, but the dealers mechanic said they had to replace the drive shaft mount. Why would that go out so soon? It has a towing package & I'm not sure if it was over used by previous owner. Any thoughts?

I went to a sttore and was in the store for about ten minutes when I returned I had no reverse. But all the other gears are okay. My email is glendacardinelli@yahoo.com

The engine light is on, took it to autopart store, they checked with computer , was advise they got codes P1444 and P1404. I don't know what theses codes means and I need to take it for inspecsion. 1998 Nissan Pathfinder. Thanks

Just got truck home from repair shop now Driver's window won't
go up. probably the switch(no noise, will not even attempt to go up)

drove home from work no problems went out later to take kids to lake an it wont start all electrical comes on but it wont even try to start cant here nothing but the fuel pump activating

my car last week stalled a couple of times, I took it to autozone. the techinan inform me that i need a throttle sensor. replaced and now the car does not start.

i came home from work turned off van locked doors came out later to take my kids to the lake unlocked door with key tryed to start van all lights radio and windows work but van wont start doesnt make a sound except for the fuel pump kicking in

my car its burning a lot of oil and i think its the valve seals.

I can hear the a/c turn on but it does not blow air. Sometimes when I hit a pothole or something it turns on.

83876 worley idaho

after car repair no code yet

How common is the timing chain tensioner an issue with the engine in the 2004 Murano. Surprised it might be an issue at 53,000 miles. Noise is most aparent at cold start up and slow acceleration.

How much is a first time front end allignment for a 2006 titan

When engine ins cold trasmission runs perfect, after running for 20 minutes transmission will strt slipping and rpms on engine go really high ad speed drops to 0. Let engine cool for 20 -30 minites, will start again good and will loose traction again.

the a/c is not working.Blowing out warm air. What could the problem be. what are the approx. costs to repair.

what if i have my owner parst how moush is it then?

My car vibrates when braking even in a slow speed,we replaced the rotor 4 times,brake pads 1 time,inner and outer tie rods.we balance the tires and we changed the 4 wheels.the problem start when we replaced the brake rotors and pads in 4 wheels.any help from you pls?

dies when goes in gear only when cold code 55

My Nissan Altima makes loud noises when it is idle, it also makes noises when driven at low speeds or when i hit on the brakes. However these noises disappear when the car is moving fast. Any help would be appreciated. Thank You.

how do you replace timing guide