Can not drive van in drive gear, but in the park gear. Hard to shift the handle into gears.

car won't start, lights and radio work...

It is making a sound and have replaced the bears

the distributor shaft bearing seized and I bought a new distributor. I turn the crankshaft until No 1cylinder comes top dead center and I inserted the distributor with the rotor point to No 1 cylinder but I couldn't find the position to start the car

Car will not start. Sounds like it wants to. Lights & radio DO work...not a battery problem.

car stalls only in rain distributer replaced no help crank sensor replaced no help now have code for cam sensor ?

I just bought this 99 maxima and the a/c isn't working. I checked a/c motor and fan so I figured it's in the switch. I can't figure out how to get the temperature controls out of the dash though. Any help would be appreciated..
Thank you

The lens cover is broken but the lights are intact

how do i turn off and on air bag 2

Car only starts intermittedly...lights, radio, etc still functions.

how do I know if 4wheel drive is working? I was told by a repair shop that it wasn't but it does shift into it and light goes on.

What is a fair price for a muffler and tailpipe assembly repair/replacement on my pathfinder?

when i put car in park the idle goes really high also when i drive the car

noise metal sound coming from below valve covers, note no selection for my car altima

I was driving down the road and all of a sudden my car just turns off. I can't get it started. It tries to turn over but acts like it is out of timing. Car is towed and come to find out the screw in the distributor cap came lose. This has happened the same time two years in a row Why??

when repairing a crankshaft pulley do you have to remove any of the coolant system?

how much would this cost

its Vibrating and noice when driving speed going to 80 to 100. Its going smooth after 100km. Wheel balanced from the worshop. Please suggest.

While driving into a drive way hit a bump and heard a pop and the right front end drop down so that it now rubs in the wheel. Change the shocks nothing change

Recently started hearing the engine valves chattering when not pressing on the accelerator. Chattering goes away after accelerating a few seconds. The engine transmission seems to labor around 30 MPH as the RPMs stay flat.

where do the timing marks on a 94 nissan pickup with a 2.4 lign up at?

how to replace the fan clutch on a 2006 nissan frontier

Check engine light stays on. Diagnostic code said speed sensor was bad. I have had two installed and still have a check engine light on. Speedodometer will not work. Diagnostic code still shows speed sensor as being bad. Neither part has been a Nissan part but a generic. Is there any thing else that could be causing this or is the part bad?

would a timingchain keep the rotorbutton from turning or would it be the camshaft

There is an odor when the AC is first turned on. We have had a very wet spring.

car will not go into any gear.

Replace muffler and tail pipe

My speedometer is not working anymore.. all the other gauges work, just not the speedo. I replaced the cluster along with the speed sensor. And it still wont work. any suggestions??

how much should it cost to replace the resonator and gaskets.

the water is leaking from the back side of the water pump....it looks like a metel pipe going into the back of the unit.....do you think its the pump