it happens after it warms up and usually when trying to reach hyway speeds

Hi, How are you doing? I just need a Budget Friendly Mechanic to put in a new engine in my car! I need a effective, reliable, mechanic that will give me great quality, and not a rush job. Also to tell me if there is any other problems with my car. Thank You and Have a great day!


happens everytime the car is started

My car has oil in the spark hole plugs. Not in all of them tho. Is the cause of my car not starting?

I am having trouble starting my truck engine. When I try to start, it just cranks but doesn't fire. Also there is a strong smell of gas when I try to start the truck. I replaced the spark plugs but nothing new happens.

My fuel pump went bad so i replaced it with a new one from dealer,when i replaced it the fuel lines were drained out ,but new pump only ran for a few seconds and it wouldnt start and the pump didnt run again untill i started cranking it,after a few cranks it started and kept running but it wouldnt start the next morning.what could cause this?:

I own a 2007 nissan Murano without the power lift and close tailgate. Would like to convert this lift gate to electronic and remote open/close. Where can I go for this.

the car alarm is going off for no reason. we do not have a remote for the car i was wondering if there was a generic key pad code that we could use to turn it off. the only to turn it off right now is to disconnnect the battery

the other day a fuse melted in the fuse box under the steeering wheel and one of the fuses prongs stayed stuck inside, i was trying to find a local parts store to see if tany of them would have a new box, noone did its not a common thing to happen or some bs. anyways its either pick n pull for the 97 and get it done today hopefully or order a new one from the nissan dealership and wait a few days... would that 97 fuse box work for my 96 pickup?


My wife started and left home and noticed the ABS light was on, what should I have her check first. I told her to make sure there was brake fluid in the reservoir, if that is good where should I look next?

I have a 2003 Murano SL with 65,000 miles. I replaced the original tires with Michelins. I need to replace tires again, but I want to find which tires will give my car the smoothest quietest ride? It is not an AWD. I just want a smooth ride like it used to be.

It started 2 days ago and it happens each time i have to brake.

I have a 1999 Nissan Maxima,86,000 miles.For about a month on and off when I start it if I dont give it gas right away it would stall.Now,it wont start in park,only in neutral.

does a 2002 nissan quest have a cabin airfilter? where is it located

I recently took my car in for inspection and they said that i needed new floor boards. Is this something i should get a second opinion for. They said I need them in order to pass the state inspection. Are they expensive? do you have a suggestion of where to take it for work in Philadelphia, pa. Should I look for a nissan auto body shop?

engine starts and runs/gauges and dash lights work for a second then quit , engine will not rev up ! something electrical i'm thinking

what does s involvethe replacement of the cam pully

what is the normal cost

I turned on my ac last night and when I went to turn it off it wouldnt turn off. It stays on at all time.

What would cause high beam headlight to work on one side but not on the other side?

My max starts and idles well, accelerates well until ~2000 rpm and it begins 'lurching'. I back off on the accelerator until it shifts and I am able to accelerate further(in higher gear) until I get to ~2000 rpm, again the lurching. I back off once again and to get through it and once I'm around 40 mph (and less than 2000 rpm)I can maintain and accelerate. It always seems to happen at 2000. I am also pretty certain that I have a water leak into the inlet. Could it be and air flow sensor issue?

my car is not cranking up

once the door is panel is off is is dificult to install

I have checked all fuses and bulbs

This bumping noise begins at very low speed (less than 5 mph) and increases as terrain or pavement quality worsenes. I have secured every plastic or moulded part under the car and under the hood. I took the car to a shop and had the brake pads replaced and the front end checked for anything that might have slack. They didn't find any slack, but said that the problem could possibly be strut mounts. They hesitated to replace these strut mounts because of the cost and that they didn't know if that would solve the problem. The car has 131,000 miles on it. The bumping noise is very irritating, since it does it almost constantly. The only advise the shop foreman could give me was to continue to drive the car, since nothing was found to be loose. He said that if the problem was strut mounts that the noise would get worse. HELP!

I've had no indication that anything is wrong with the car, but the repair rep said that tire wear would be adversely affected if I let this go for long.

Transmission has been disassembled and problem is with mixing of radiator coolant with transmission fluid causing noises in transmission. shop recommends replacing all internal parts.....any other options?

service engine light is on

My son just bought his first vehicle which failed CA smog because the check engine light does not come on. What can we do to fix this?