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my TCM unit is not working will this unit i found work?

my windshield wipers stopped working while it was raining. i can hear the motor turning something but it doesn't grab the wipers. any ideas?

It happened about 2 yrs ago, and it is doing it again now. It just won't start. Battery and starter and everything else seems to be okay. It started last week and now it is doing the same thing again

Where is the 2010 nissan pathfinder starter relay location

need sizes of fuses or relays for RAD fans in large and smaller boxes

Alternator is putting out 14 to 15 amp but the battery is only receiving 12.6 the alternator was tested separately

It was driving fine and when I sat in park for a few minutes and then started to drive again it would only go 10 mph

Can any parts off of a 95 Nissan pickup fit a 89

Looking at a maxima to buy but owner says it needs to be reprogrammed for it to run. Is that expensive and worth fixing.

came from those black boxes attached to the positice cable at the battery.i have power to light headlights and wipers but truck will not!!1

Problem just started today I stopped to put gas and now its just not turninh back on

The number one cylinder does not fire . Checked coil pack , wire loam , fuel presser ect.

My oil reader goes down when i come to a complete stop,and when i drive it,it will come back Up to the middle.

High-pitched squealing when brakes gently applied -- only during first miles of slow driving/braking, after car has been sitting for hours or overnight (mild weather temps). After driving for a brief time, no longer hear this sound when braking.
Inspection reports one "rear caliper dragging" -- recommend replacing (both) + pads + machine rotors, not inexpensive.

The lights, radio, dashboard lights and everything come on fine. But I have to rev my car while turning it on or it turns right off. Problem happened this morning when I tried to leave for work. All my fluid levels are fine. Please help .


I tested the plug and it has power to it. The rest of the wires run along with the taillights and such. I have all working lights, so I would like to know what it went to?

I replaced the scv solenoid and cleared codes. Started it let it run and warm up. Same issue. Check engine light came back on and same p1130 code. I have cleaned throttle body and maf sensor. Put 2 new O2 sensors in. I have an irregular idle and when motor hits 1700-1800rpm it will cut out like it's hitting a rev limiter. But if I push gas a little more it will run fine. It's just at around 1700rpm it cuts out and will come back. And the irregular idle.

the car will not start at all..when i turn the ignition it just click click click

I've replaced spark plugs and wires, maf sensor,o2 sensor upstream and cleaned the throttle body and replaced the ecu I did the idle relearn multiple times and still seams to have the same problem...seams to run ok after replacing the items at first but then it comes back ...I'm lost

roaring sound like a muffler or exhaust problem

Clutch pedal id stiff and clutch is noisy

My fuel pump quit twice while I was driving It was replaced but I want to know if it is a problem that will continue.

When going around curves my pathfinder sways badly. I just purchased it and it wasn't doing in when I test drove it. I only had it 3 days.

My car battery died on a parking lot and I call AAA for battery and they brought it and install it but my car just cranks and won't start.
I checked for any trouble codes with a scanner and none found .

Front differential carrier leak

My car is getting spark but it seems like berry little, is it possible the distributor is bad.

Car would start then idle for a few seconds and die again. Now it will not start at all. I already replaced fuel pump and filter and it seems to be getting spark. And I put a brand new battery in.

My car need change transmision oil
Complete replacement

pump is making noise and want to replace it