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if you did replace brakce shoes your self i would like to know how did you reinsatll the adjuster lever and return spring with out them falling out and lack of space to stetch or pull the spring with a tool. i could n...
you have to pump the gas to get it start.
I just bought a Montero limited edition and LOVE IT!!I always had Hondas before and am trying to get to know this new Mitsubishi. It acts like its going to run hot...then drops quickly. Don't understand? Its blowing w...
altenator goes out matter of 2 days new battery drained in 3 days
I installed deck yesterday and tonight battery and brake light on very dim though. I unpluged negative cable from battery didnt turn off So it s not alternator.need help ASAP GOT TO GO WORK IN THE MORNING
hello, look I just had to change my crankshaft sprocket/gear & my balancer pully on my 2002 Montero sport & now it wont start.I was able to start it before. let me explain in more detail...first I had changed just the...
the suv only makes the noise when pushing on the gas , take foot off the pedal and do , not press it , no noise at all , very loud rattling noise
And it is difficult to steer what is going on with the SUV?
I just bought a used 2000 montero sport limited. I took it up to the mountains today and when it starts slowing down due to a hill and if shifts down it drops really hard into the gear and then lunges into acceleratio...
this alternator lasted 45 days. order alternator from parts house, even change parts stores
Craigslist ad has shows this truck for $950. Water pump access easy or difficult?
It feels like its still in neutral. Other gears are still good..3,2 and L.