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tires been rotated n balanced, brakes checked. It still vibrates i noticed sway bar bushing was loose but was told that it wouldnt make steering wheel vibrate.
The rubber seal on the moon roof is rusted and leaking through, what would the cost be?
The following repairs need to be done: Coil Pack Heater core Catalitic Converter Anyone have any idea how much this may cost us to fix?
What are the possible causes for my 2001 mitsubishi montero to be overheating. this started just today while i was in a heavy traffic heading to work?
there is a small rust formed under the external weather strip towards the back of my moonroof. Now my moonroof is leaking water inside the passanger seat. how do i remove the moonroof so i can address the rusts aroun...
brake lights are not working. found out today for first time. possible reasons and how to correct it
The car has been diagnosed with a faulty fan clutch.
I have these 8 emission codes that have been detected at the local inspection station. P0101, P0174, P0401, P0421, P0107, P0111, P0154, P0403.... How much will it cost to get these things fixed / is it worth it for a...
Where can I find instructions to remove the radio so I can retrieve serial # to get the code to reset it
I just had my differential repaired. After picking it up from the mechanic I noticed a gasoline smell in the garage the next morning. I shrugged it off and the car drove fine but the next morning the smell was back. I...
I would like an estimate as to how much it will cost to replace my radiator and hose. Also, when I turn on the ac/heater there is a loud noise. Seems like a fan belt or something.
when ingine is hot noice in top of ingine like know know posible valve probem or lister
I notice for the past two days when I reverse out of my car port and engage the drive gear there is a 3 -4 sec delay before it moves off and when you pressed the gas it doesn't move the same time and this only occurs ...
turned key for montero sport dash lights don't come nothing happens car. have power to ignition switch turn kew nothing happens
We changed the alt and battery car starts stalls at idle what next
I recently got my car fully serviced before I drove up from Miami to Atlanta. The car ran GREAT until last sunday the service engine soon light came on. I was going to get it checked out after I got back to atlanta af...
how to change rear crankshaft oilseal ? pull transmission or engine?
what would the estimate be to replace harmonic balancer in 2001 Montero Sport 3.5 V6
How much should I be prepared to pay for crank position sensor replacement for my 1999 Mitsubishi Montero Sport (2.4 liter)?
car does not start turning corner and car just shut off will not start
timing belt replacement mileage
I have a miss in motor, have had fuel system cleaned and it helped for short time, now it is back. could it be the fuel filter or the pluges.....
Just bought a used (obviously) 2000 Montero Sport LTD. Love it and it's lots of fun to drive. My curiosity is that the engine is turning almost 3000 RPM when I'm doing 70MPH. Is that right? I feel 4 distinct shifts an...
i would like to know how many lifters does my mitsubishi have?
How do i change/replace a PO750 and PO755 cylanoid in a 2000 mitsubishi montero sport with a 3.5L V6 engine?
how to change heater core
i replaced the timing belt ,h2o pump ,crank sensor and cam sensor . i got spark fuel but wont accelarate. what is next. i have tons of hours in it
My 01 Mits' Montero 3.0l skips...very obviously the #4 Coil pack is not firing. I replaced it and the same one is not firing...also causes it to hesitate upon engine load. I just bought this vehicle for a good price a...
i changed the battery and now the car won't idle and stalls out unless i give it gas but the minute i release the gas it stalls out.