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I see from previous questions that brake and battery warning lights generally indicate alternator issues on my vehicle. Took it to auto zone and guy said that both battery and alternator checked OK. The warning ligh...
Is this car equal to the Challenger or Montero Sport ... Cause ... I need a Mannual to reopair little stuff by my self. Sorry, but thats much better than to let the Thai Mitsu garage workers do the job. Yesterd...
I changed valve cover gaskets,spark plugs,and plug wires it cranks and idles just stalls in reverse,drive,1st,and 2nd idles in neutral
how much octane is recommend for a 2000 mitsubishi montero sport suv?
Crankshaft bolt comes loose. Has 160,000 miles. Just purchased it used. Not sure how much is going to cost. Dealership is small and had vehicle 14 days. Learning a hard lesson on buying used car! He said he was just g...
When I am driving, the gauge goes back down. So far I have replaced the oil sensor and the a/c belt that broke. Any suggestions?
How do I release the tension on the old belt to remove it
I was trying to find an online repair manual but zero luck. When the AC is turned on, there is a squealing sound, little bit of cold seeping from the vents, but no air blowing.
Sometimes it starts immediately, other times I have pump the fuel pedal.
i dont no the first thing about it
just want to know if my SUB Engine is chain driven or has a timing rubber belt?
i have a mitsubishi shogun sport equipe 2.5 td 54 plate have had no problems with drive train until yesterday when i had to brake quite heavily then i noticed my 4x4 indicator started flashing constantley so stoped tu...
It seems like it may have started after I used the 4wd in heavy snow. Sometimes it seems to wobble less and then I go over speed bump or the truck warms up and it gets worse as times.
I changed the started myself. Where I purchased the started, they gave me the wrong one. So I had to take it out, and reinstall another. It's not hitting off the skid plate and they said it didn't need any shims for...
my car runs fine until it gets warmed up then starts back firing like it needs gas then dies
started suddenly, I have not taken it to shop, but trying to find out if it can be fixed at home. cost is a concern. It runs real rough when idling but smooth when going down the road.
The front axle has a leak where it is bolted together .I wondering how much it would cost to have it repaired .
I am trying to replace a broken stud on my Montero Sport LS, BUT I can not push the old one out since there no space behind it, what should I do? I appreciate any help, much better by a video.
I want to identify the throttle pedal position sensor A circuit of my car
Mitsubishi Montero sport 2001 suv v6 3,5lt, change or adjust the ac compressor belt
the make my alternator going out so fast cuz the oil leak is rite on top of THAT ANY ONE NO WHAT A CANDO TO FIX IT OR WHY IS THIS THX
Right after the alternator was replaced, my husband put it in Reverse it jerked then put it in drive N light started blinking, can someone please help me
I want to replace fuel pump.where do I start?
The car belongs to a friend. she was driving it to work and it died leaving her stranded with no lights. i was able to get it to start and drive it home after changing the battery but it soon became clear that the alt...
Got valve cover gasket repair for my 2001 mitsubishi not done right now the heaf gasket/s are damaged. Mechanic won't fix it and won't return what I paid him, well over $1,000 dollars. Please advice m...
I don't know which way to turn the bolt. Clockwise or Counter Clockwise/
oil seaps thru overfill vent.hve replaced oil filter 2 times in 1 month.
when i am at the stop light,thers smoke coming out from under the hood.and the car seems to jerk when the green light is on and i step on the gas?to go.the shift is kind of delaying too.dont know why?pls help any sugg...
It needs a new gasket so can i save money by combining these services?