engine starts perfectly. but when running and i step on the gas the transmission is not shifting to get more speed.


It's not the battery or fuses

I was out on a hunting trip.... when I returned to the boat launch, my rear passenger door window was busted out and all my belongings were stolen. I bought a replacement window and have my door panel off.... Just need know how to get it installed.

I'm not sure which of the three or witch O2 señora I need

Since I bought my car in 2003 brand new have kept up with all maintance at 30,000, 90,000 and 120,000. Would like to keep my vehicles running great. Thanks

And what side of the engine... Driver or passenger?

what could cause this? I haves checked, cleaned all grounds. Checked all connectors. It runs fine in town, but when you try to go highway speeds, check engine light comes on, loses power, and shuts down. Computer is throwing camshaft/crankshaft sensor codes. What could cause this?

and even though i used the correct wire harness to install new deck the deck has no constant power to it and i lost interior lights can i possible get a wire diagram

the bolt came off

if you did replace brakce shoes your self i would like to know how did you reinsatll the adjuster lever and return spring with out them falling out and lack of space to stetch or pull the spring with a tool. i could not get the spring tool in the area due to small space. i appreciate your feed back. thanks

you have to pump the gas to get it start.

I just bought a Montero limited edition and LOVE IT!!I always had Hondas before and am trying to get to know this new Mitsubishi. It acts like its going to run hot...then drops quickly. Don't understand? Its blowing water from the radiator...I believe...and the overflow is way past full..? Can anybody help me get to know my new girl...I named her FELICIA! Felicia has ATTITUDE!!! :-)

Hello wondering if you could please give some advice. Code is reading a random misfire, two of the 3 coil packs are fine but the 3rd gets no spark at all. I replaced the coil pack and still nothing. My friend was going to replace the cam and crank sensor but that will require him to pretty much take my entire truck apart and would then need to replace the timing belt, gaskets, water pump, and o rings. Sooo I called Mitsubishi and was told that it could be the ECU computer but they no longer have that part available but I could order one and they could put it in and reprogram my truck. I did order the ECU today. Just wondering if you have any suggestions or advice. Thanks so much

altenator goes out matter of 2 days new battery drained in 3 days

the care seems to track and go left to right ever so this a steering box problem.

Driver Side Brake light doesn't come on when pedal depressed. The light is on when the headlights are on but doesn't glow brighter when pedal depressed. I have checked the bulb (dual filament, swapped bulb with passenger side and problem stayed on the driver side) , fuse and the brake light switch, all are good. The passenger brake light works fine.