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the other day i was driving about 65mph on the highway when my car started to feel it was struggling. about 1 min b4 i smelt a slight burning sensation. i pulled on the onto th side roads then noticed around 40mph it ...
la vateria le conpre vateria nueva y al siguiente dia no arranco descargo la vateria la lleve a cargar la eche a andar desconecte el cable de corriente de la vateria y no se apago eso quiere decir que el alternador es...
batterie cranked fine the first day .the next day the darn car wouldnt start.its not tha batterie cause its new checked alternator as well.there both what could it be.
start car the next day and car wouldnt crank.what could it be
The pounds of tork for the screws on the filter pan
the dipstick is always way above the hot sign but ive drained a lot of it.
after I changed my battery The idle is very low to the point that when I stop the car almost died it is mitsubitshi montero sport 2003
I bought this a year ago and have no history/repair knowledge. thanks
Engine overhaul done, Tune up done, plugs replaced, oils changed on time, all others in order. Japanese Technician said it can be the Coil kit. To replace it to see. 'Coz if the coil doesn't produce proper spark, this...
I turn the car on and turn the fan speed switch up and no air is blowing out of the vents. What could be the problem?
Mechanic at another garage says the water pump is the original unit and that all the belts need replacing, I'm suspecting the original shop didn't replace all the parts new, The water pump casting has # 13 under that ...
Car temp spiked. white smoke came from hood. Shut car off. Under hood muddy coolant had sprayed roof of hood (inside) passenger side. Appears to be coming from underneath where black air filter hose meets the center ...
I tried unsuccessfully to enter a code in it after it got locked. The screen went blank. I tried to replace the radio but the new one gets no power either.
I had a mechanic try to fix/tighten the bolt after is came out. The pulley still wobbles and another mechanic cannot tighten it anymore. Makes noise. What are my options now? New engine?
Have a second new alternator on now and if I leave the cables on over night the battery is down. No lights, etc. on that we know of.
Attempted to restart vehicle after resting a couple of minutes. Would not turn over. Opened hood and not hot, no smoke but noticed anti-freeze all over the ground. Had it towed home. Filled radiator with h20 and t...
We have checked all the fuses. Head lights work and so do tail lights. Just no dash lights.