We are at a red light and the car idels low and then stalls

Shifts going up hill no power behind it has problems needs help but why would it run like that... Torch converter??

To chang spark plugs

there's voltage at coils

My truck is a 1997 montero sportHow can I make the light stop blinking

The leak is coming from the side, it was driving fine before it started leaking.

Ice tried jumping someone told me it could security system

The mechanic said my 4x4 box is torn up and I need a transfer box. He's charging about $1140 to installed. Is that about the right price or is that too much?

Replaced Battery, Alternator & all 3 Belts. If I don't give it gas, and go below 25 mph the RPMs will drop until it stalls. Could I need a tune up or any parts I should inspect and replace? Thanks in advance!

Have all parts just cant remove the old one to replace with new one. Thanks in advance.

I need the best shop ASAP. AND estimate. Third time with this problem and have replaced battery and alternator 2 times within 6 months.

Change The computer an has 150 pounds in that cilynder

While driving on freeway, suddenly my tachometer needle starts swinging wildly and engine starts lurching like as if not firing on all cylinders then engine just quit. All power doors, windows locks etc either won't work or are very sluggish.
Engine will start and idle fine but after putting in drive and moving the above starts happening

Head gasket is blown on 2002 engine and it has 140K miles on it, so I just want to replace the engine. Will a 1997 engine be interchangeable and still have the capacity to run all the interfaces in the 2002 model?

Replaced a faulty fuel pump, and I have no power to the pump.