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I need to replace the power steering hose. I have purchased the replacement hose. I don't know how likely it is that the problem is something other than the hose. I understand that I might need to bleed the air from t...
the rear brake lights are also on it is not the alternator
And it is difficult to steer what is going on with the SUV?
I just bought a used 2000 montero sport limited. I took it up to the mountains today and when it starts slowing down due to a hill and if shifts down it drops really hard into the gear and then lunges into acceleratio...
this alternator lasted 45 days. order alternator from parts house, even change parts stores
gound to headlights. prior to this right blinker got stuck unable to fix. removed relay. so me being a woman how do i get into steering column to view the problem?
The pulley/ belt that drives the component that is located on the upper left of the engine started make a high pitched noise. what do you think is wrong and does it need to be repaired?
Craigslist ad has shows this truck for $950. Water pump access easy or difficult?
It feels like its still in neutral. Other gears are still good..3,2 and L.
If turn the engine back off and right back on, most times the sound goes away except for winter months and the check engine light stays on.
the other day i was driving about 65mph on the highway when my car started to feel it was struggling. about 1 min b4 i smelt a slight burning sensation. i pulled on the onto th side roads then noticed around 40mph it ...
la vateria le conpre vateria nueva y al siguiente dia no arranco descargo la vateria la lleve a cargar la eche a andar desconecte el cable de corriente de la vateria y no se apago eso quiere decir que el alternador es...
batterie cranked fine the first day .the next day the darn car wouldnt start.its not tha batterie cause its new checked alternator as well.there both what could it be.
start car the next day and car wouldnt crank.what could it be