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i would like to know how many lifters does my mitsubishi have?
How do i change/replace a PO750 and PO755 cylanoid in a 2000 mitsubishi montero sport with a 3.5L V6 engine?
how to change heater core
i replaced the timing belt ,h2o pump ,crank sensor and cam sensor . i got spark fuel but wont accelarate. what is next. i have tons of hours in it
My 01 Mits' Montero 3.0l skips...very obviously the #4 Coil pack is not firing. I replaced it and the same one is not firing...also causes it to hesitate upon engine load. I just bought this vehicle for a good price a...
i changed the battery and now the car won't idle and stalls out unless i give it gas but the minute i release the gas it stalls out.
i need the name of the gasket that conects the throttle body tube to the intake
What to do? How does one service a boot?
1. Battery died, opened hood, reservoir top was off and reservoir full of rust-colored mud-like crud. Car never overheated. (Would start to get hot if idled for long period in Las Vegas summer sun, but NEVER overheate...
how do you recharge the ac ?
what would cause a montero to pause before take off
Where can I get a schematic of how to remove front bumper. Or instructions of how to, on line.
No oil is on the ground but there is a skid plate that is catching the oil I have to add oil every 2 or 3 weeks, 1/2 to 1 qt. Is that a head gasket issue? A friend who is a mechanic wants to start by replaceing the...
Need to replace alternator due to location best way to remove and replace and to releive tension on belt for removal
How do you change the water pump and do you need a special tool?
How can get acces to change the electrical power radio antenna of my Montero?
the gears star sleepering, from gear to gear. and a big push after gears engage?
I just had my head gasket reset in my 2002 Montero Sport Mitsubishi. When I got it back, as soon as you crank the car you could hear this clicking noise and when you drive the truck the clickig noise accelerates when...
Nothing seems odd I've checked the fuel filler cap, the engine oil, all cylinders are what is the deal with the service engine soon light going on?
What is required for me to do a tune up fpr my Montero Sport ? I was gievn an estimate of $250.00 for the tune up, I would really prefer to do this myself, please advise, thank you.
just got this car... how do I replace the headlight bulb on my 1997 Montero Sport? is this something easily done? I do not usually work on cars, but figured I should be able to do this.
put a new battery on the truck and now radio wont play need the code and how to put it in
look where i would find the fual pump on 98 mitsubishi montero sport
squicky noice when step on breaks
Various warning lights started to come on such as brake, 4 wheel drive light, battery light, etc. My brakes have been serviced already, my battery is new as of April. While I was driving the stereo cut off and I coul...
earlier this week i replaced the starter and now when i drive the car i hear a loud grinding sound off and on its near the fan pulley what can this be?
check engine sooon light on. I have replaced almost everything in the 2001 montero sport ls, it could be the computer, the same codes keeps coming up with all the parts been replaced evopating problen purge system flo...
air cond.not working cold air.compressor kicks in for 2 second and shut off rigth away.compressor makes squeeking sound.
My sister owns this car, and she is thinking about purchasing a light weight travel trailer, what is the towing capacity?