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Engine shacking told need motor mounts
I have a Galant that has just under 70,000 miles on it. I was told the tie rods needed to be replaced. How often should the tie rods be replaced?
Where is the heat control sensor
where is the transmission filter on this car?
It does that everytime I cut on my heat it blows out cold air insted of heat.
My heat works speratically and it makes clicking noise when it going to work.Whats the fix?
car will not start has fuel going to rails and, there is spark. Is this this fuel injectors and if so how troublesome is diy and possible steps...?
the front rotors are warped
The last 3 years my car's heating has become "picky". My AC works fine but the Heat blows cold air....until one day it starts making a clicking sound and then it starts blowing extremely hot air (the clicking sound st...
I shift the gear to overdrive, but it engaged only in third gear, even I shift it to low gear but it stick to third gear and no over drive,even if I shift to direct over drive it still in third gear even if the RPM r...
hello people.why does my engine check light come on after driving for a while and when accelerating the car goes under 20kph and when switched off for 5sec and start back runs normal then happens again, took a scan n ...
Want to change transmission fluid but don't know how many quarts to buy.
When i'm driving my fiancee's '99 galant, when you drive at a set speed between 35-40 the whole car will start shaking, buta when you go over 40 it stops. anone have a clue?
Where exactly is the egr valve at on a 1994 mitsubishi galant. Its a 16 valve single overhead cam front wheel drive. If i can get a diagram also that would be awesome. Please send it to
this has been going on for about 2 months, throughout my driving white smoke appears most of the tume.
Problem occurs while accerarating and gets better at speed of fifty but noise can still be heard slightly.
I was at a stop light and my car suddenly turned off i tryed to start it twice and it did not start so i pushed it to the side waited for a tow truck and whil i was waiting a man came by and tryed to help me he had as...
I have a 2002 Mitsubishi Galant and i was at a stop ligt when the timing belt broke how much will it cost me to have it changed?
my air conditioner is frequently stopping to work and then kicks back in after a few days. Then water flooded the passenger side of the car one day. Dealer told me the suction line must be clogged ahd that that would ...
I changed the radiator and the thermostat..Why is it still over heating
left passenger window cable came off. removed window mechanism & now need exploded view to reattach both cables
Good morning. My 2001 Galant has decided to start misbehaving lately. When it first starts up and heads out, it works fine. Once I get to that first STOP sign or red light, the car sputters and runs rough. It will shu...
I have a 2004 galant that i recently repaired from a front end collision. The car runs fine but the abs light is on and the brakes make a funny, but deep, whining noise. Is the pump bad? Is this a common problem for t...
i cannot find the screw to remove the tail light cover so i can change the brake light bulb. are this in the trunk? can you walk me thru. thanks for your assistance Tom
Why does "the check engine" light come on but no codes come up with a diagnostic check. Light was shut off but came back on within minutes of running. Car has 120,000 mi.
I just changed my alternator but battery still won't keep a charge. What can I do to fix it?
I need to know how to set the timing on this car because the timing belt broke.
So yesterday I picked up my car from a recomended mechanic.I drove it about three miles when I could hear a rubbing noise that sounded it was from the timing belt. I pulled into my driveway and immediately had a drip...