The engine was dying at stops then the car would no longer start. It now has new plugs, wires, computer, fuel filter, fuel pump, and fuel pump relay. It still will not start. Someone suggested that it could be an electrical problem. What else should we check for? Before we replaced the computer, when it was still running, I noticed a build up of carbon in the tail pipe. I was assuming that because of the bad computer, the car was getting too much fuel. Don't know where to go from here. Have had it in a couple of shops and they can't seem to diagnose it correctly either. I would scrap it if I didn't have so much money in it, plus it has fewer than 90,000 miles on it. Thanks!

how do you adjust the air gap in the crankshaft position sensor in a 2002 mitsubishi galant?

veh. has 145,000 miles and occasionally I hear a "clunk" sound in the right rear of the vehicle? after i go over a bump or speed hump.

While driving the timing belt broke which caused damage to the head. I had both replaced also the cam and shaft sensors and a nother belt. Now that they have it put together it wont get a fire.

Brand new EGR Valve, tried resetting by scanner and manuely

When I turn my headlights on, my brake lights and cruise control do not work. Cruise control works fine when lights are off and rear tail lights go on when headlights are on. Replaceing fuses has not worked.

has no pick up runs very sluggish and ildes real low and stals also when it reaches 3500 rpm it starts to surge

How do I remove the top bolt on the starter, the bottom is a 14mm bolt, is the top one the same size or is it a 10-12mm bolt. It looks smaller when looking at it witha mirror?

she was told about adding 90 degree hose to resole it

she was told something about adding a 90 degree hose to resolve problem

Need to replace the alternator in a 2006 Mitsubishi Galant. Where is the alternator


mechanic says this is the problem

Car has 70,233 miles what do I need to do. Car runs great!

old trans has two cups on each side for axle

I had the head gasket repaired inNovember of 2010 but I really think the mechanic did something wrong or just took my money

I was told it had nothing to do with my brakes.could it be the rack and pinion by any chance?

Just had my brought a new battery from AAA for my car ( Group 86, 700 CCA ) and for some reason after my car sits for awhile or a minute, my power lock does work via key and radio goes off-line after sitting awhile. What is causing this? This wasn't going on before I changed the battery.

The gage started to show that it was getting overheating. I was not running the air conditioner. I put the hearter on and that brought the temp down. When I did that, my car did not actually oveheat.
This was the first time this has happened. It has 150K miles.

The cat converter heat shield is rattling.

to have it inspected to get my tags i need help thank you

Car won't go past 30 mph

In drive car stalls when at red light.

changed my transmission oil at a Jiffy Lube @ 30,000 miles?

Driverside window is off it's track. how do i get it back on?

2003 mitsubishi galant 4 cyl. A few weeks ago the car stalled up while being driven and wouldnt start back up, we figured out that the timing belt was bad- it was shredding along the side. Replaced that, and it ran fine a first. After a couple of hours, we went to start it, and it wouldnt idle...any time you would take your foot off the gas it would just stall. Other times that we have tried starting it it will run ok for a little bit, then eventually stall out again, and then keep stalling out every time you try afterwards. Any ideas of what could be causing this? I found some info about idle relearning while searching, seems like it could be an option, or bad aic???

what will cause all the power to be drawn out of a battery when trying to start, just a couple of time,have changed battery, still does same thing. car has gotten hot once before the battery thing

number 3 is not firing and only has about 75 ft pounds but thats all # 1 has and it fires, but it has fire and get's fuel

hi when i try to use the scanner i keep getting data link error what does this mean and what do i do to get the codes so i know whats wrong with this car thanks

how to get the nute off the half shaft