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Its been working fine, this evening my daughter ran an errand and couldn't get heat blowing, heater just blowing cold. The thermostat is fine, the motor heats up in a timely manner to proper operating temperature. The...
this is not a problem, i just cant figure out how to remove the back seat so i can run amp wires to the trunk.
Whenever i start my car from a cold start the rpms go up to about 3000 sometimes after about 10-15 seconds they'll go down to about 1500 then when I put it in drive it'll go down to about 1000 until I give it gas. Tod...
What is the fuel pump pressure and where is the port at to check fuel pressure jlelandthomas
Due to my car not starting a few weeks ago, After diagnostic tesing, I've had recent new repairs for the following at 150k: new camshaft censor, timing belt system, and new water pump. Yet, my "service engine soon" st...
Located the two fuel pump relays up and down with one empty slot in the passenger fuse box, checked all connections and wires except the wire leading to the powertrain control module, and verified the first relay clic...
Help! My galant is burning too much gas we're getting about 200 miles per tank. Went to the dealer today and they found a bad spark/wire, nothing to address the problem at hand, the lost of gas. How could they not hav...
replaced timing belt car runs excellent,however at an idle it stops running and at a stop sign or stop light it dies out can you help me!
Just replaced the plugs and ran fine for about a day. Then died while driving it. Have fuel to the engine and a weak spark with yellowish tint to it as opposed to the normal bluish spark. Please help.
Whenever I idle or reverse the engine stops. If I keep my foot on the gas the engine runs fine and runs fine when moving. What could be the problem
i ran out of gas so i put some gas in now my car wont start i dont know wats wrong i replaced fuel filters distributor cap and rotor sparkplugs why wont it start
The problem just started to where the car is sputtering when it is shifted into gear either drive or reverse. It sounds like it will stall out. I had the timing belt replaced about 60 days ago.
When I started my car there was a very load screaming sound coming from the belt area. I replaced the serpentine belt last year,Could this be a blown bearing in the water pump or the A/C? And what would I be looking a...
vehicle was diagnosed to have timing belt replaced.
What is the price for parts and labor for inner tie rods replacement
After replacing the broken timing belt which also sheared off the crank shaft sensor, I was told that three of the motor mounts needed to be replaced. The car was not vibrating or roaring before the belt broke. Cou...
I am getting charged $900 to rebuild my cars fuel pump and replace the fuel sensor parts and labor est bout 4 hours. Is this a fair price?..
The car went dead going down the road and now it turns over but won't start. Fuel pump works, but pulled coil wire from distributer and no fire at all, but engine turns over fine.
sometime's when you put the car in drive it doesnt want to go into gear it jerks and you can feel it grabbing into gear then out then in it will do it a few times then finally take off it is an automatic transmission ...
system giving a high volt charge
I was putting in a new cigarette lighter for charging my phone and the wire sparked and blew a fuse to my sunroof. Now my sunroof works but my other windows won't. That's when I drove home in first gear. I put a trann...
cost factor for replacement water pump
my alternator has been overcharging, causing my battery to be overcharged. Now my battery is dead so I'm not able to take the car to the shop. Can I get a jump or do I have to buy another battery?
There is smoke and rotten egg smell coming from my battery. I just replaced the battery 3 months ago. The smell started 3 days ago and its overwhelming. When I opened the hood the battery was overheated
My heating system is not working. Its only blowing cold air even though the car indicator shows that the temp is up. What is the solution to this. Please help for am freezing like a popsickle
sometimes when i start my car after its been sitting overnight i turn ignition and the car starts but with some knocking, i think it is the valves , how do i go about knowing for sure it is the valves and nothing else?
getting a clicking noise from behind the glove box, clicks around 10 times, then a pause, then 10 more and so on, when the engine is running.
i am having a click showing the solenoid magnetism but the starter will not turn. i tried to jump start it but nothing happened. what else can i check before taking of the starter.
Where can I locate the cam shat position sensor and is it an easy replacement