this happens sometimes and also when making a left turn

what should he do, just bought this 10,500.00, no warrenty, sametime dealer out of business

We have replaced the o2 sensors and the battery is good and has a brand new alternator on it. the fuel pump comes on and now the windows will not roll down and the doors will not lock. please help. We were driving it down the road and then the speedometer kept dropping and then the car just shut off.

The engine fuse blows and when i change it, the car runs again for a while and then it happens again. I had the ECM fixed and it still happens. What could cause this??

So I stopped the car on the side of the road and wanted to start it again, but the battery was dead. So I used a charger, the car started and then I drove a few meters and it cut out again. I had engine power/light but no spark and no fuel spraying to fire the engine up. we checked all the fuses and they are all fine, we looked and the car gets no spark and no fuel, but we hear the Fuel Pump working. Please HELP....

the car has over 200,000 miles its a 99 galant with a v6 engine

i was installing my dvd stereo and well connecting my ground the interior lights went out also the remote locck

motor revs but car does not move! what could it be???

Im pretty sure either my fuel pump is about to go out or my fuel pressure regulator is bad. How can I tell which it is? Car was running great and suddenly started to stall out. Took my foot off the gas and it stayed running for a short while. The moment I push the gas pedal even in park, the engine bogs down like its not getting gas. I thought if the regulator was bad, it would still run but generally rich and would see it in my exhaust. But im not seeing anything to indicate that. Could the pump be almost dead? What should the fuel pressure be on the fuel rail when I check it? Thank you in advanced for any help.


what is the proper gauge settings for cylinder valves on a 2004 2.4l galant?

In trying to recrank it,it kinda acted like it was out of fuel,went got fuel just to make sure it was not out and it and still want crank but will turn over

Brake lights work, just no parking lights,dash, license plate illumination will not work.

could it be to much oil

My check engine light came on and the car vibrates when I'm driving and gets a lot worse when I backup and idle at a light for example.

I rolled down the window, heard a snap/pop and the window wouldn't go back up. The guy at the shop said the belt broke. Now trying to research how to change it ourselves. Please help!!! 2003 Galant GTZ. power windows.

rotors are worn. would like to do job myself.

check all the fuses inside and out .the car break lights work .the over head light works just the dash lights wont come on .. kinda at a stand still to why they wont come on.

I've checked the battery, fuses, plug wires, etc. It turns over and I have gas and cylinder compression but no spark. The battery is new and the NGK plugs are new also.

99 Galant that turns on and runs but then after about 20 minutes it shuts off. When we try to turn it on again it starts but shuts off immediately. It's all the time occurrence to where we have to leave it parked.

red hot when i start the car. and the car will not stay runing .

Usually it's all in the wrist, but during cold temps I have to click the key in the ignition forward once and let it sit for 30 seconds before I try turning the key again. It'll spring back, and I immediately turn the key for the car to start. It's been doing that for about a year or longer. Today, with outdoor temps about 20, nothing. Any ideas what I need to replace? I called three mechanics and got three answers.

I've replaced the battery, altonator, and starter. And the battery still will not hold a charge!!! whats the deal????

gas in it the car wont turn over it wants to but wont. can u please help me out with this problem please and thank u.

i checked the fuses under the hood, and the daytime running lights fuse is good but the 2 10 amp fuses for the dim lights dont have power to them.

Is there anything I can use to stop the squeelling? I had the belts checked and was told that they are not loose, so what can I do?

Turned over fine for a week after new starter and battery installed then it quit turning over. New battery discharges, however, I chagred it back up and still it will not turn over. All connections are tight. Something causing the battery to discharge and something not allowing the charged battery to turn over the starter.

I just had my timing belt and crankshaft sensor replaced. Car runs fine but once i turn on the heater the cars rpm/idle needle starts moving uncontrollably and the car start to misfire by shaking and not wanting to accellerate. The check engine light also goes on but i had the light check and it says it needs a tuneup which i already did with new parts. I dont know what to do.

I'm planning to buy a used car, but it already has 98,000 miles. What is the average mileage for an automatic transmision for this kind of car? Because maybe I will need to change it soon.

go go high on rmp a 2 should stay in 1

My car makes a very loud screeching noise only in reverse all the time, brakes applied or not. I have checked the rotors and they seem fine. This is getting very irritating and would like to find the problem so I can fix it!

Thank you, Brett