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All power windows and locks only work from time to time. Not able to use keyless entry to lock or unlock doors. While driver side door is open the noise of the locks clicking can be heard but doors are NOT locking a...
checked voltage. red 12.9. grn/yel 4.9. grd good on brn. cranked engine, volts fluctuate on signal wire. code reader shows 130 rpm crank speed.which wire is "A" circuit?notsure where to go from here. PCM? was told t...
It does it like inching up at a traffic light, or in my driveway, meaning, breaking at a very slow speed. Other than that, it breaks fine!
2-3 gear shift flare will it hurt to just keep using it instead of spending 1200 dollars to fixit?
Doesn't matter what gas station I use, has gotten progressively worse.
Some days it happens only occasionally some days every time its driven.
I got my 2006 endeavor with 21,000 miles on it in January of 2007.It performed well except it consumed more fuel than the 21miles/gal as stated. So we relied more `on our Mirage for run errand locally. We use the Ende...
I can hear it blowing when the airs turned on but cant feel it coming out from any of the vents.
Just got timing belt changed and tune up at Dealership
truck was running fine today and then my friend took it out and we live in Kentucky and he said as soon as he put regular gas in it the the tcl light came on and it started running rough so im trying to figure whatn t...
Car has 52K. Took to local respected shop for tune-up and check Service Engine light. Car running a little rough at start up only and missing. They state car does not need tune-up till 100K and Catalytic needs replaci...
it's a misfire on cyl 5 which was on cyl 6 I had taken the coil and put it on cyl 5 after that I changed ign coil on cyl 5 and problem is still remaining
The gear shifter is stuck in park position and will no move.
oops does any body know where the resistor for the air conditioner is located. for a 2004 Mitsubishi endeavor
they want me or pick up suv so they can check belt ifeel having a fox watching the hen house????????