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the window won't roll up or down from the main switch on drivers side for that window. put in new switch and power window regulator and motor assembly. still only rolls down, not
Problems with electrical...can't roll down windows, can't open rear hatch, radio powers up but won't play, occasionally won't start. Battery is good.
Just started yesterday morning when I noticed the SRS light is steady on for the duration of the trip.(a short errand about 20 minutes). Same thing happened today. Please advise. Thanks
I got my 2006 endeavor with 21,000 miles on it in January of 2007.It performed well except it consumed more fuel than the 21miles/gal as stated. So we relied more `on our Mirage for run errand locally. We use the Ende...
Something is lodged in there and we need to get to the fan, how do we do that
it struggles to crank then when it does it will go dead
It will only turn to ACC and will not turn to lock to pull it out. I've had the truck since 2003 and this is the first time this has happened.
I can hear it blowing when the airs turned on but cant feel it coming out from any of the vents.
Just got timing belt changed and tune up at Dealership
truck was running fine today and then my friend took it out and we live in Kentucky and he said as soon as he put regular gas in it the the tcl light came on and it started running rough so im trying to figure whatn t...
My air conditioner is leaking water on the passager side every time I ran the air
Car has 52K. Took to local respected shop for tune-up and check Service Engine light. Car running a little rough at start up only and missing. They state car does not need tune-up till 100K and Catalytic needs replaci...
popping sound similar to when a battery had died. I happened to be in front of a repair shop so I asked for a jump. The car's electrical system is totally off, no lights, no door lock, no windows, no dash lights. This...
Sunroof the back of it drops down and the front stays up. It doesnt seal properly. If tried adjusting the screws they wont stay in. I googled it it says I need new screws that are longer and a spacer. But I cant find ...
it's a misfire on cyl 5 which was on cyl 6 I had taken the coil and put it on cyl 5 after that I changed ign coil on cyl 5 and problem is still remaining
Changed spark plugs ands timing belt. Now isle is low and hesitated before acceleration.
The sensor was clean. Where is the connector located? I want to test the sensor for resistance and replace if needed? Where is the ABS module located?
My 2008 Endeavor has a noisy suspension with a lot of thump and noise into the cabin. Is this normal for this vehicle or is there something wrong I need to take care of? There also appears to be something loose that ...
The gear shifter is stuck in park position and will no move.
I have found and removed 1 bolt, but cannot find the 2nd one. Also does the 2nd use the same size socket?