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It will spin over but has no spark to the plugs and timing belt is still in tact!
sometimes have problems starting the car
can you tell me why my 2002 mitsubishi eclipse with auto trans the engine high revv's before it shift's I am sure that it is something to do electrical as I was messing around with some of the wire's ...
when checking tranny. no pressure on the fork of throwout bearing. replace flywheel,clutch,pressure plate,bearing, started to install but still no pressure on fork. looked at old parts still half of clutch plate sti...
It will not start. When you turn the key, you hear cranking but it just wont start up anymore cheek for a code but im not getting any bad code has a new alternator new battery i cheek the star motor is good i was thin...
Husband says need to pull crankshaft.but behind that vs there a belt / or chain from diagram.What is it called
I changed a very noisy ps pump and the noise is gone, but the steering is still hard to turn. It is very possible the owner drove with very low fluid and topped it off with power steering fluid with stop leak. Bummer....
checked plugs and wires, coil, coil module, cam sensor. Any ideals what to check next
I can not get in 3rd at all. 4-5 free wheel. manual trans. 1-2 ok reverse ok so far...
My 2000 Eclipse GTS idles roughly and stalls at start up and stopping please help It happens everytime i turn the car on and drive it.
It happens everytime i turn the car on and drive it.
When I get into 2nd and 3rd it's fine but when I come to a stop sign ahead I put it in neutral as I slow down and it makes a rattling sound like putting a price paper into a house fan
This happens with no rhyme or reason.And when it does crank the car runs great???
I have had this vehicle for only 3 months. It idled rough but has been fine up until a month ago. First battery went dead...replaced! Than all of a sudden it would stall when stopping. I pulled into parking lot to wor...
Have fuel pressure but no spark. Changed crank sensor, cam sensor and coil pack. Still no spark so changed ECU (used one from wrecking yard). Checked all fuses and plug-ins.
It occurred when I went out to leave and I had to turn the car off and could not drive it