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I recently installed a new torque converter, after putting everything back together, it will not engage in ANY gear. Fluid level is full......
White smoke is coming from car (exhaust) and it needs valve seals replaced. How much should that cost and might there any related problems I should be aware of?
My car is a 2001 mitsubishi with a 2003 engine. It is leaking on the passenger side somewhere of water. It keeps over heating and I cant even drive it down the street any more. What can be the cause of this?
I need to replace my radiator in my Mitsubishi Eclipce. I like to know what it would cost for parts and labor Thanks, ESZTER
My RS Eclipse is not holding a charge. In fact, yesterday I had the battery replaced and drove home. Today, I drove 20 miles on freeway and stopped at a restaurant. Got back in and it would not start. All dash ligh...
If I don't change my timing belt and if it brakes will it destroy my engine?
what does it mean when air is coming out of the oil cap area of the head value cover gasket
My car runs fine for a while then stalls, I then need to let time past before it will start. I tried to show it to a freind, It started then stalled. I'ed disconnected the power from the fuel pump (releaseing fuel pr...
The problem I have is when I seem to press the gas pedal I get an acceleration in the engine. The car itself does not accelerate just the engine. Also it does not seem to have the pickup it did. Are these problems rel...
Best sources for offering oil changes in or around Troy, Ohio
i need to know how hard it is to fix, as well as how much it is to fix.
replaced coil pack,wires,and plugs.still number #1 cylinder misfire,also replaced caytalic converter
I can't get the inner clamp off the boot due to lack of space. Does anyone know how to do this?
We had extremely heavy rains for a few days in a row and a road area that never sees any flooding got some which surprised all of the drivers on the road. I drove through slowly (I am not sure how deep it was - people...
My lighter and accessory sockets stopped working along with my clock all at the same time. Also my lighter socket came loose. How can i get into the center console to repair it? No "15" fuse is blown what is the probl...
how do i replace the front brakes can i have a picture
It has a rough idle and code po 300 comes on
My right side highbeam has suddenly stopped working. I replaced the bulb and checked the fuse, still nothing. I also checked for loose wires.
Ok well I bought this car from this guy about six months ago and we test drove it and it ran fine so while I was leaving I got eight miles out of the town and the car just staled on me so we brang it to a machanic and...
when I put the car in drive it jerks. Reverse is fine and once going I can stop and put it into drive and it won't jerk.
how do I get a replacement lug socket key?
when The Heating controls are operated, no heat comes out just cold air,Do I have to replace the Heater core???
what is the approximate cost of replacing valve guides at a body shop.> what is considered a reasonable cost>
Can I get this somewhere other than a dealer? was and extra higher priced option.
I bled the system to many times , but Im thinking not all the air has come out, any other option, what else should I do
When I run my heater or defroster there is nothing but cold air that comes out on the drivers side. The passenger side has warm air coming out of the vents but not the driver side. Any ideas what is the problem.
Coolant leakage, not water pumpWhat is the name of the metal tubing that runs from the coolant system..possibly from water pump to engine
The Valve cover gasket was replaced at 50,000 miles and now I'm told it needs to be replaced again at 110,000 miles, is this normal? Also, is it normal to replace struts at 110,000 miles?
Mass air flow sensor on car replaced after stalling at lights. Less than 2 months later car is doing it again. Now the mechanic says its something else - a mass air flow valve. Does that sound right to you?