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I had a mechanic friend replace the 2 belts. 3 days later the belt for the alternator ended up shredding and being sucked u into where the timing belt is and now after resetting the timing belt the engine turns over b...
My sunroof lifts up, but it will not open. Any pointers to check to see what is wrong with it or to repair it myself if possible?
I dont hear any noise or anything like that just real hard to go into any gear. Ill appreciate the help
I gained access to the interior of the car since then but the alarm is now active and I can't get into the trunk to disarm alarm system.
when my car is in idol it seems to want to stall, happens not only when idols but when I go to give it gas? Please help, I don't know much about cars.
My car wont start when its hot an my coolant overflow tank starts to bubble.when i open it the coolant is not clear it looks black an when i pour it out you can see the coolants actual color (green)
My car was running fine except a weird noise, like a faint tick last few weeks.. today the car started making a click/clack noise.. it seemed to be timed while idling. 2,3,4,5,click,clack .. 2,3,4,5,click,clack etc.....
Car door still opens and frame is not damaged. Some paint chipped off and scratches
Loud whining noise like a tea pot. Dont know if it is wheel or trans. Have auto trans. Only hear when vehicle moves
Interference engines are destoryed by a broken timing chain I am told. Is this an interference engine
you need to cover ALL REPAIRS OR this site isn't squat
Oil leak, discovered it was from camshaft seals, got a well known mechanic to replace for 300.00 was told specialty shop would of been about 1000.00 thought was saving money now got to do it all over again it has only...
Rear ended 1 year ago. Insurance claim denied. Duct taped trunk shut as it allowed rain to leak in. No problems. I accidentally pulled the trunk release handle instead of the hood release handle on 01-03-15. (Needed t...
it'll start but has to be rev'd up to hold idlE until warmed up ,then stumbles on acceleration,small backfire,and hesitation, so where does the problem or(s) Exist?
Only thing I haven't looked into was the starter, but the test showed it was good along with battery and new alternator. Could it be the ignition switch. I'm all of ideas. I would like to get it running again to sell ...
Have put all these in plus new plugs and wires. Please help!
I just change all the spark plus & wires on my 2002 eclipse GT the car runs great going down the road but will not hold an idol? Could i have knocked something loose when changing the wires and plugs. Does anyone know...
windows work but my remote for the doors don't . we removed the starter and had auto zone checked it nothing wrong with it.we can pop the clutch and runs fine.?????? can any one help me please ?
I installed a used Japanese long block and the Crank. Pos. Sensor and its tone/ reflector? ring installed weren’t new and were without warranty. I have been driving it for 18 months with the P0335- Crankshaft Position...
to do with me not being able to go into 1st or 2nd gear (manual transmission)