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(it is a manual transmission)i have to pop start it and it stalls out. think it could be egr valve, emission module, or fuel filter. please help!!!!!! need car for work.
I have a 2002 mitsubishi eclipse were I had the wiggle the key in order for the car to start after a week that car would not start. Changed the ignition key and the starter, the car still would not start. My husband a...
Dash separating from mounting at the seam where the airbag would deploy.
Rear passenger bumper light only, outside bulb, only when the lights are on but constant feed
Car cut off and will not start. Have checked and fuel pump is good ... put new cam shaft sensor on still won't start ... doesn't seem to be getting spark to plugs???
car just started acting up. wont go into first gear, stays in second, will go in reverse but jumps hard when changing gear. mechanic tried to put a tester on it and it wouldnt "communicate"? with it. trying to determi...
remains on service engine soon while driving
when you a person have there timing belt changed on one of these cars?
driv belt is destroed
Clutch was working fine no problem went into store come back out it won't go into gear? ?
was driving on main road transmission went out run running 55 was in drive but none of the gears are working
i have put a new injector and a computer that I got out the junk yard in it and its still dumping gas
Had to list Mitsubishi Eclipse for 1.8 engine.
Mitsubishi Lancer GLi 4 cylinder (not Eclipse but choice not there) Cable has been tightened twice but has now broken (ie 'nothing' happens when pressing clutch pedal). Advice has been that it needs replacement and w...
Got in it today after work it was very difficult to get running I had to constantly hold the gas for about 5 minutes before I could let off the gas and quickly put it in drive before it stalled at every stop it stalle...
Was told after getting an inspection of my brakes and having symptoms of high-pitch squealing and pedal going very low to floor, but they still work (just not as well as before)that the master cylinder and possibly th...
I change rotor and cap car wont start.when it did start it wont go over 25 0r 35 mph
above the doors on either side, and above the windshield on either side.
the inside of the plastic assembly has been hazed by the sun and i don't think that this part is accessible for some of the standard "unhazing" methods. Thank you
I have a 2000 Mitsubishi Eclipse 3.0 v6 5 speed. The car was starting to get to where it wanted to get hot and when it was starting to get to where it was overheating I always stopped and cut it off. it started to ove...
havent had luck finding a kit avail and seems to be a commen problem with these cars..
have had prior wiring harness issues but has been fixed, 167k on motor, many new parts, rotors,callipers,battery,clutch kit,plugs,wires,fuel injectors,lower ball joints,ect its is a project for my son and me, eventual...
Hello I have a 1999 Mitsubishi Eclipse 2.0 Non Turbo 420a. One day i was driving my car and all of a sudden the car lost power. I stepped and stepped on the throttle but the car wouldn't pick up the speed it had no po...
I turn it on and off then runs fine for a while but the downshifts again.
When i turn the car off and start it back up it shifts into gear fine, but it will still downshift into a lower gear again.
Failed smog computer code non igsistent in book
My daughter has a 98 mitsubishi eclipse 2.0.129,000miles she has replaced the plugs and wires, It has error codes p0171 and p0301 lean fuel, i have checked for vacuum and gasket leaks with brake cleaner no indication ...