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Hello all, I am experiencing heat loss only at idle. Blows very warm (normal) on acceleration, but turns cool while at idle (stop light). Temp always sits at half, rad fan almost always on, no overheating. Would not t...
The trans. may not shift out of 1st gear for several drive times in a row , then it may not occur for several weeks. I have had to stop on the side of the road and turn it off for atleast 2 min. , then restart it,...
at what milage do i have my 2002 mitsubishi timing belt changed ? it now has 80,000 miles . what happens if i dont. if it breaks will this cause additional problems.?: thanks you.
i am in the process of replacing the head gasket on my 92 eclipse. i have the head prety much torn down but i am told i need to take the cam's off as well. i have no idea how to do this.
anti theft will not reset. can it be reset with scanner?
The heater air coming out of the drivers side is cold but the air on the passenger side is hot ... what could be wrong?
Whenever my car is in idle position (car not moving but engine is still running) my engine has a rough roar and is vibrating a lot until I put in neutral. (It also seems to almost stall and die but regains engine idli...
check engine light comes on. car loses rpms for an instant and engine misses but continues to run. After about 10 miles of driving it doesn't do it as often.
Soon after I start driving the cae misses and the check engine light comes on. It stops after about 10 miles of driving, and sometimes misses again after I have stopped and started again.
battery change,need radio code
car only starts in neutral and it will not stay running it dies immediately after started
looking to replace flex plate, but can't find one, anyone know of a place to locate, 1996 mitsu, eclipse turbo, 2.0liter
It was done at 37k, but now my car has 72k miles on it. Should I have it done soon?
i replace the engine (USED)for my 10 year old eclipse rs auto 2.0.cyl just barely three weeks ago. i have seen the engine light Shockingly"remain off for just 1 week or less"the past two weeks STRAIGHT light is on aga...
For some time now the steering wheel vibrates dramatically when breaking at speeds 60 miles per hour and above. Whats up with that???? Is this going to be a major repair bill?
common for automatic transmissions to have problems around 100,000.00 mikes
I got Eclipse 2005 and my back tail light doesnt work on the right side of the car also on the right side the brake light does not work. Also infront on the right side my turn signal does not light up when u turn lig...
engines knocks when cold started, then slighty disapates when warmed up, but doesnt go away?
We have had our 2001 Eclipse in and out of car repair shops the past 6 months and no-one can find the cause of the no spark. Getting totally frustrated and geting ready to junk it. Does anyone have any suggestions?
All my life batteries lasted 3 years. with this car they are only lasting 1.5 years at the something wrong with my car?
Sometimes when I engage and disengage my parking brake I hear a clicking noise. Also, when I make sharp turns there is a "metallic" scraping/grinding noise that comes from the driver side rear wheel. Could this be bad...
I have a 2000 Mitsubishi Eclipse GS 2.4L 4cyl. I just bought a brand new aftermarket exhaust for it. Is there a way of removing bolts from the stock exhaust that are severely rusted and won't budge?
Had to replace the check engine light and when a mechanic removed the dash to open it up it just cracked into MANY pieces throughout my ENTIRE dash (driver to passenger side)!!! Barely any force was applied at all. I ...
I was sitting in my driveway letting my car warm up then it just died and wont restart
V6 engine (95,000 miles)just recently started dying at stop lights when idling with A/C on you roll-up power window(s) or increase the elerical load, Alternator output drops to about 11.7 volt on shop meter, engine ...
how to fix ODB communication when smoged
My 1996 eclipse fail the smog check due to OBD communication, How can be fix?
hi i have looked under vehicle and i can't locate the drain hose for my mitsubishi eclipse spyder 2001 gt convertable. water from the air conditioner drain into vehiche under driver side. alos drains outside undercar ...
My car is a '97 and it has non-power windows. I want to put a window that came from a '96 power windowed car into mine. The cars are the same make and model. Will this window fit into my car?
needs cluch rpm s dropand winds out