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Failed smog computer code non igsistent in book

My daughter has a 98 mitsubishi eclipse 2.0.129,000miles she has replaced the plugs and wires, It has error codes p0171 and p0301 lean fuel, i have checked for vacuum and gasket leaks with brake cleaner no indication of leak any where have checked fuel injectors for continuity all around 14 ohms. I have erased codes but eventually come back, at first start will run and rev perfect for 3-5 minutes then run a little rough, if i turn it off and restart will run perfect, this happens on all restarts and after 3-5 min it returns to run rough. has new air cleaner, new o2 senors, new plugs and wires and have run lucas injector cleaner instead of taking rail and injectors out and cleaned manifold sensor. any help would be appreciated thanks for reading

Check engine light on and running rich.

where is the tranny inspection hole?

loud knock noise after shifting from 4th. to 5th. gear

how long it will run its a none turbo no distributor 2.0 automatic 16 valve dohc

Afraid to drive/purchase this vehicle since timing belt should have been replaced at 60k mi and no has 91k. Knowing the belt could snap at anytime and cause major repairs and expense. But if we are going to replace the timing belt, should the water pump be replaced at the same time, and are there any other belts that should be replaced while it is undergoing this service. Thank you.

I runs perfect once started but as soon as you shut it off it won't start till the next day

i have replaced my fuel pump, battery, spark plugs, and starter on my 2009 mits galant ES 2.4 and it will now turn over but will not remain on. Please help running out of money and ideas.

Drove home one day for lunch no knocks or noises but was possibly a delay when starting the car but thought it was due to the battery life that was only at about half of its percentage, it just wouldn't start back up. We initially thought it was the O2 sensor and battery replaced them first and have been replacing part since

I have a 2003 convertible Spyder Eclipse recently bought, used. Had clutch replaced about a week ago, got it home and my wife drove for the first time. It's a 5 speed also. Anyway, she moved the steering wheel up and driver's seat forward, then the car wouldn't start. Key turned, lights came on, dinging ensued.. Turned key and nothing except a fan coming on. Went and replaced battery, still wouldn't start. A couple days later, I recalled the mechanic mentioning that he couldn't get the car to start after moving the steering wheel, so I moved it back down and car started beautifully! Drove it for a couple of days no problems, then my wife went to move the car for me, she knew not to TOUCH the steering wheel again, but she had to pull the seat up and again.. Car wont start! I've moved the seat back, tried moving the steering wheel, nothing. I can't get it to start. It's like the battery is dead now. Any help would be greatly appreciated. The only other thing I can think of is the car got rained in quite heavily for a bit a few weeks ago.. Help Please! Stephen

Will not start or is difficult to start and runs rough, sometimes smoothing out after warm up and increase in rpms.

I have it pulled out but can not get vacume lines off.

the check engine lights come on all the time and the fuel cap was replaced and fill in hose was checked and it checks ok. i would like to know where is the purge valve for this car

bought a new one had someone to put it on for me. when they was replacing it the tool that they were using touch metal and I heard a light pop noise. after that I started having problems with my alternator. my inside lights don't all come on and I have no brake lights

I have bought 3 new alternators and they all keep going bad

2003 Mitsubish Eclpise idle/stall?
I have a 2003 Mit Eclipse RS. Car started stalling during deceleration and stop signs. Only would happen while foot not on accelerator. Took to mechanic. Got 2 Codes. Misfire and Bad O2 Sensor.
Mechanic suggested follow the misfire. Replaced all plugs, electrical box, wires, tune up, oil change $360 later did same thing. Next got second opinion. That mechanic cleaned throttle body and IAC. $120 dollars later same problem. Finally, took to Mitsubishi. They suggested follow the computer and replace O2 Sensor. $175 later still idles poor. Feels like gonna stall but doesn't. Don't know what to do or where to take. Had it smoked scanned for vacuum leaks found nothing. Everyone treating symptoms not some tricky cause. Read that only other cause could be small hose that you can only tell is bad when its opened up but seems like long shot.
Anyone have/fixed problem like this please let me know.
(Since 02 sensor change runs better untill A/C turned on
and SES light has come back on)
Please help!!!!
Thanks, Sky

cranks good took out 1 plug cranked over don't see a spark. what should I try next?

His car will no longer go into 3rd gear, and getting hard to go into 4th gear.. Has been looked at my? people. - one seems to be able to figure out. Some say whole new tranny, few have said not a whole new tranny. Any advice , suggestions ..etc?

Disconnected battery lights went off. Drove car a a couple of kms and heard noise underneath, then solid metal sound and lights came back on.
Please note that this is a 2008 Montero Sport assembled in Japan 6V 3000cc 24V, not an Eclipse.

It jerks only in reverse and the error code showed up i checked it and it came out as p1750 any suggestions??

Normally, the ring around the where the key goes illuminates prior to starting the car illuminates when you the interior lights come on, but it doesn't. How does one go about fixing this bothers me that it doesn't work.

after I bought a new battery, my car started reving/idling high while in park

is it the cats cause this horrible noise in the y- pipe.

My timing belt went on my car, and I was fortunate enough to be sitting still idling, so no apparent damage to valves. I got everything back together, and it runs without a miss at all, but after a few seconds running, I gett a tapping noise in valve cover, and my oil light comes on. I noticed when lining up timing marks, that to put the oil pump in time, it was difficult to turn, couldn't hardly turn by hand, used a socket. I pulled bolt and and put a pin in the front of the engine to determine it was in right position. A couple friends said it sounds like the oil pump went which is why the timing belt went. Ot could this be a combination of of oil pump, and me having the timing 180 out?

the cooling fan does not turn on ever,causing car to start overheating.. temp gauge gets warm/hot

Was periodic but continuous now. Studders after idle speed ican press gas pedal to try keep from dying or to gain speed or to stop the hesitation

dont know why ? can someone help me?

Blower throughs heat on right side , cold air on left side ?

Heater works only on right side only . blows both sides

Okay so i have a 98 eclipse. i went out yesterday morning to start it and the battery was dead so i jumped started it , after jump starting it i ran my friends keys back into the house when i came back out the car was full of white smoke and had turned itself off . i just bought a brand new battery and the car will not turn over . it doesnt make any noise when i turn the key. help?