His car will no longer go into 3rd gear, and getting hard to go into 4th gear.. Has been looked at my? people. - one seems to be able to figure out. Some say whole new tranny, few have said not a whole new tranny. Any advice , suggestions ..etc?

Disconnected battery lights went off. Drove car a a couple of kms and heard noise underneath, then solid metal sound and lights came back on.
Please note that this is a 2008 Montero Sport assembled in Japan 6V 3000cc 24V, not an Eclipse.

It jerks only in reverse and the error code showed up i checked it and it came out as p1750 any suggestions??

Normally, the ring around the where the key goes illuminates prior to starting the car illuminates when you the interior lights come on, but it doesn't. How does one go about fixing this issue...it bothers me that it doesn't work.

after I bought a new battery, my car started reving/idling high while in park

is it the cats cause this horrible noise in the y- pipe.

My timing belt went on my car, and I was fortunate enough to be sitting still idling, so no apparent damage to valves. I got everything back together, and it runs without a miss at all, but after a few seconds running, I gett a tapping noise in valve cover, and my oil light comes on. I noticed when lining up timing marks, that to put the oil pump in time, it was difficult to turn, couldn't hardly turn by hand, used a socket. I pulled bolt and and put a pin in the front of the engine to determine it was in right position. A couple friends said it sounds like the oil pump went which is why the timing belt went. Ot could this be a combination of of oil pump, and me having the timing 180 out?

the cooling fan does not turn on ever,causing car to start overheating.. temp gauge gets warm/hot

Was periodic but continuous now. Studders after idle speed ican press gas pedal to try keep from dying or to gain speed or to stop the hesitation

dont know why ? can someone help me?

Blower throughs heat on right side , cold air on left side ?

Heater works only on right side only . blows both sides

Okay so i have a 98 eclipse. i went out yesterday morning to start it and the battery was dead so i jumped started it , after jump starting it i ran my friends keys back into the house when i came back out the car was full of white smoke and had turned itself off . i just bought a brand new battery and the car will not turn over . it doesnt make any noise when i turn the key. help?

How difficult is it to replace the lifters and what would an esitmated cost be.

a little history on this car-
I first noticed the car was slipping in and out of gear shortly after buying the car, then one day,it jerked hard, and went into limp mode, and the neutral light started flashing, and the check engine light came on.shortly after that, I started hearing a whining/light grinding noise, so I bought another transmission, re-installed it, and test drove the car,codes P0750 and P0755 (Shift Solenoids A & B Malfucntion) same problem all over........ I took the car to the dealer to have it diagnosed, they said that the Output sensor was bad, or the wiring from that sensor to the PCM was bad, or has a short, worst case, the PCM was bad. after spending $100 bill,for the short diagnostic, I took the car home and went to work. tracing and probing the wiring harnesses and connectors to find my short. I couldn't get to the area of the firewall where the main harness comes through, so I went about removing the blower motor housing and some of the duct work to get to the PCM, I wanted to rule that out of the equation. Once I had the PCM disconnected, I went back to my harness and Voila! the ground was still there.....so, I put the PCM back in place, returned the blower motor housing and went back to tracing the harness short, to make a long story short, the car has a "Sportronic" Transaxle, basically a sport shifter/dual pattern shifter, well, the wires coming from the input speed sensor,output speed sensor and park/selector switch all were black with an Orange tracer, I happened to glance at the shifter wiring, and wouldn't you know it....there was a black wire with Orange tracer. I disconnected the switch from the harness and no more grounds......I have yet to drive the car, but I am confident I found the problem. I'll dig a bit deeper into the factory service manual and see how to test/diagnose that switch. I hope I can save someone the aggravation I just went through and avoid a similar situation.
So, if anyone else has a smiliar problem, and from what I have been reading, it's a very common problem with these mitsubishi transaxles.
Hope this helps!
Ben Smith
Please let me know if there is anything I may have overlooked.

Hi! I have a 2000 Eclipse GT 3.0 with the sportronic transmission, shortly after buying the car, the trans started slipping, harsh engagement, in and out of gear. finally went into Limp home mode, DTC codes P0750 and P0755
(Shift solenoids A&B malfunction) then it started making grinding/whining noises. bought a used 60K mile transaxle, swapped it out, changed the filter (had to split the case) changed the fluid and went to test drive the car- didn't get two blocks before the car jerked and went into limp home mode. took the car to the dealer, they said one of the speed sensors wasn't being read buy the PCM, possibly a broken wire/sensor. I'll have to see what sensor they were talking about. I know there are three- Input speed sensor, output speed sensor and VSS sensor. I believe the VSS sensor is fine, otherwise my speedo wouldn't work. as for the other two, I'm not sure how to check them, I am looking into getting a factory service manual right now. let me know if you can help me out here, I'm going crazy with this car........
Ben Smith

i have full clutch pedal and pressure but car only moves when the rpms are very high it doesnt matter what gear even reverse. never heard a noise or pop but did notic a few days before an the day of the problem a little harder to shift into 3rd gear the trans is covered under warranty the clutch is not. Any advice would be great.

I took off the fly wheel to straighten it out but now the bolt patterns do not match up. I can only get about two screws in properly.

I believe that my car already had a blown head gasket when I took it to the shop and the mechanic was negligent in doing a thorough inspection ( top radiator hose swollen to almost burst, gurgling in radiator) and reported that I needed a new water pump, which he replaced. He claims I was 2 quarts over limit on oil ( which I believe was coolant leaking into oil) and he changed the oil. Is that normal to change oil when u replace water pump? Also, shouldn't you replace thermostat a the same time?

I would like to replace them

The sunroof is almost shut but it will not shut all the way.

on a 98 eclipse rear brakes disk type there is 2 different pins does it make a diff. where they go for holding the calipers on

the caliper on which one goes where

I have gotten my water pump changed and head gasket changed 4 months ago

I think I need a tune up. What doe it include?

Motor runs, revs, and idels great. All four plugs are clean burning no signs of oil or coolant. Im looseing large amounts of oil in coolant. Is ther any other place to check befor removing head and check for gasket or internal cracks?

stalling until the point it shuts off

when i go to 1st it will shift but cant get it to go anywhere

Car has 185,000 miles. I had the starting and charging system tested and everything tested fine. The "service engine soon" light recently turned on. The car starts fine in the morning and when I go out for lunch. The last 3 evenings is when it has acted up. Day 1 it needed a jump start. Day 2 it cranked but wouldn't start until about 15 minutes of trying. Day 3 it took 30 minutes of trying to get it to start and when it started it made a squealing noise for about 10 seconds and then ran normally. Any ideas of what it could be? Thank you!

One of the cylinders showed only 60 psi on my first check,so i put oil in the cylinder to check for bad rings,it made the compression go up so i cranked the motor to get the oil out and also ran it for several minutes,but when i rechecked the compression it was still up to 160 psi.What does this mean?When i first checked the compression i did it three times and i was sure it was the correct reading. What could causae this.