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The balancer wobbles so bad it's ruining the belt and the oil drops are coming down from behind the balancer. What I'ld like to know is where is it leaking and what's wrong with the balancer. I'm not the smartest cook...
Hello Thank you for your time Car using oil, 1/2 qt every few hundred miles, only 60k on motor, no visible smoke or leaks some black on tail pipe ends Any guidance appreciated
sometimes when I first start the car in the morning it works but not properly. the tach does move but only up to 2000 rpm then stops working. other times it doesn't work at all. plus my speed isn't accurate either? wh...
its runs at normal temperature. it isn't over heating, but the light is annoying to look at! lol where is the sensor located at? also there is a light gauge under the radiator symbol that is on too. what is that?
End clutch was changed but the new IPT clutch pack was soaked with ATF+4. Since learned it should have been SPlll from Mitsubishi. Transmission fluid and filter have been changed. It was brownish but not burnt. No...
there was not much oil in auto gear box does it need to be filled hot or cold, it only seems to have 3 gears and slips slightly when foot to the floor, but goes in ok at medium revs. can anyone help. Cheers Phil
I changed the fuel pump with the gage brand new. Even the fuel pump won't work when I turn on the Ignition key.
i have a 1994 3000gt sl with 111000 miles on it runs great but as i was putting in new stero my car went into safe mode and now i am looking for the tcu.
Cruise control was working fine then today I hit switch and light came on but CC would not engage when I hit the set switch.
to charge the a/c on my car witch hose do you charge from
i have 1996 mitsubishi 3000gt i buy the two weeks ago no check engine tight on after four check engine light come on code is throotle possition sensor i change it after that the check engine light come back again code...
how do i replace alternator on 94 3000 gt