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I filled the tank to 3\4 and drove for 43 miles and noticed i my consumption of fuel loss was a quarter tank. then I smelled gas coming through from the ac vents. I located it near the passenger side wheel well, bu...
I thought I had bad gas but it only made sound while in clutch I think its cv joint or ? Car starts goes into all gears just will not move
i just had my timing belt and watrpump replaced now it has no powr it barely moves and backfires. it smells of gas also. when ignition is turned of after driving car its mokes heavily and smells li...
Engine was stalling corrected that with the servo. Now when in 1st and 2nd gear engine surges hen letting of of gas and reapplying the gas. It acts like the revs. drop way down and the jerks you when you reapply the gas.
Car stalls after 15-20 min from cold start then hesitates and stalls. The dealer checked all common fuel and electronic systems and said they came back normal. Car has new tune up, o2 sensors, coil, etc. Any ideas and...
i am looking at buying this and fixing it up however im not sure A) what the actual problem is, B) how or if i can get this fixed and C) at what cost. there is no smoke coming from the exhaust and it is still driva...
I recently bought another GT and I was wondering My GT tends to drop in oil pressure when full heated up It feels like it wants to shut off but doesn't..and when I'm driving it goes up but when I stop at a light i...
there were no noises or "bumps" I started the car and all forward gears were gone
very hard for me to unlock it will a cylander in the starter help
Have taken car back about 10 times where muffler was put on They keep putting on new clamps but it wont hold very long is it a wrong muffler? for my car
was towed and did not have shake before it was towed
Had the transmission rebuilt but still jerking.
I have the tire off, yet I cant seem to see how to remove the rotor from this point.
i have gone through about 10 starters and they all seem to go bad over a 4 day period and i dont know what the reason could be to make them go bad. Supposely their are differnt types of starters for my car and their i...
Will run in park and nuetral but as soon as drive or reverse is selected in dies instantly.
The problem started last week. Please tell me what to do.
The problems for both questions just started last week.
i change the idel air control valve the light go off after is come back code said throotle position sensor in turn up the car the come back abain code said EGR i dont no what to do help me whit this probleme please
Police have pulled us over saying the bumper is too high but noone can tell us what the factory height should be
Car stalled after used engine, new clutch, new battery, new radiator, hoses, etc... put in. $3022.00 worth. The car tries to start, but won't. Had to tow. Now it starts, but repair shop says it will stall again. Doe...
I need to change my rear valve cover gasket. How difficult of job is this? Estimated time? Any special tools required?
The lights in my car keep flashing with no key in ignition and car won't start.
There is an ad for this car and the person says the TCU quit working so the car will only get up to 2nd gear. So, what is this, and how much would it cost to repair it? Is it safe to continue driving the car and will ...
how do i change all my spark plugs
Wher is the clutch slave cylinder located?
the car will run but only in 3rd gear i do believe. the tcu isn't throwing any codes and where do i find parts for this car it's not easy