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Also, when the car is at idle, stop at sign or light or just sitting in garage, I get a lot of vibration on the front dash is that caused by the engine? If so what is the problem? NOTE: even when in park.

wife said it lost power then died now wontrun turns over but no start have spark and just put new fuel pump in and its workin plugs seemed dry when removed to check for soark again after fuel pump install tjmimg belt isnt broke and dont think it jumped time sold the car and thought it was fuel pump so installed it for them and still wont run any help would be greatly appreciated thanks

Has spark and new fuel pump and its workin dont have a way to check for injector fire unless use test light or dvom tryin to fix car cause I sold it thinkin it was fuel pump and still no start and at the time it died it blew the bottom rad hose off rad but filled it up and put hose back on and have spark now but no start need help asap thanks

Like said above got all the ingreadints for start up but smell like it flooding but won't start

The guy selling it says that it needs transmission locks to hold down the transmission. He says the car runs good and has had the problem for about 2 years. The transmission jumps but when he lets off the gas it stops. He says when you look at it with the hood up you can see the transmission moving, and his estimate to fix it was about $130. I've never heard of transmission locks?

No noise in gear or while moving

The car runs fine at normal speeds but when I slow down (usually at stop lights) the engine cuts off. When I let off the gas, the brake pedal loses some resistance. The car also seems to lose power when accelerating from a complete stop. All of the symptoms tend to point me towards a vacuum leak of some sort. I was wondering if anyone had similar issues and what other things I should be checking other than the throttle body lines. - I read in the Galant issues section that there were cases of a failing Idle Air Control Valve that were causing similar issues. Is this common with the Diamante as well? I recently had the exhaust replaced and they removed the catalytic converter but I don't see that being the problem as the low idle was there before replacing the exhaust. - Any and all help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you all very much!


Transmision it's been rebuild last year, since then I have return to the mechanic 3 times for overheating problem, replace converter twice and solenoide valve, I installed a oil cooler in front of radiator.

No problems with car but it doesn't say the speed or how many miles the car has

We are at a red light and the car idels low and then stalls

Is this an easy fix with a part? maybe a fuse going out? money is tight. Please help.

It won't engage when put into each gear, it's an automatic an I know nothing about cars an cannot afford to be without one right now! I put 2 wet of fluid in an it didn't work, it's not leaking either.I did have the wiring harness try to fry itself the day before this started an under the hood right next to where you put train fluid in there is a Lil black cover thing with wires going into the top that has a cracked in it but not sure what it is! With all of the electrical problems could it be something like that or what other problems could cause it to do this?

it does not worm up at all what is wrong

Everytime I get in my car & start it "communication error" is across display, won't show me what radio station is playing, but it'll show me the other options I have for the radio settings, somebody please help just bought the car yesterday!

what goes wrong with the car to replace the heating core