Replaced fuel pump/filter, tps sensor, flushed tranny. When driving flat road it's fine for the most part. Up hill the petal can go to floor nothing just bogs if you let off it will slowly take off. Any ideas I am totally at a loss replaced everything but the color of the car please help

My car had a recent timing belt change, coolant flush and water pump replacement. Since then, the heating system is not working as expected. On internal roads, the air coming in is mostly cool or cold depending on the temperature outside (at the highest heat setting), on the highway, it does start heating up after some time but the heating is very mild (think warm at the highest heat). The mechanics who changed the timing belt say that it's an issue with some valve which isn't opening completely and the dashboard might have to be opened up completely to fix it, everything else in the car looks fine to them. Any suggestions?

The fault code is p0340 camshaft position sensor i charged the camshaft and crankshaft still more the car cant start i changed the computer box nothing the wire-ling seems to be OK please help what can i do

Hello, about 2 months ago my car would have a rough idle and stall out so I changed the spark plugs, wires, and coils and it would still act the same. Then I cleaned the throttle body, changed the tps and iac and the car was better but had a high idle. I took the car to a shop and they adjusted the rpms. A month later I got the code p0507 and when I turn on the car the idle is fine but once I start driving the rpms stay around 1100. I already checked for vacuum leaks and didn't find any. What else could be the issue? Thank you for any help

OK so my sone was driving this car and it just stopped. After it sat for about 2 months we finally got it home from his friends house to work on it. We first checked and the fuel pump was bad so we replaced it. Then it still would not run good so we were told that the sensor in the distributor was bad. We then replaced the whole distributor. Now it starts but wont stay on if you let off the gas. We have since checked and changed the crank sensor and all the plugs. Still not change. It will start then dies if you let off the gas. We had the timing belt checked and it looks good. The last suggestion we got was to change the brain. I really could use some good advice. I have to get this car working and soon. I just cant believe that the fuel pump, distributor and brain all went out at the same time. Please help, my son needs this car asap. There are no reliable mechanics in my area that I can take it to so I am on my own fixing this.

I bought a car and I tried to turn on the radio and u can hear it but sounds a little weird I want to take the speakers out and change them? So how do I thaje the speakers out and fix them?

If you floor it, it revs high bit that is it

When the engine is cold the starer sometimes works ( 1.8 engine ) but is getting worst. sometimes I try for 10 minutes until finalize works...and works 1 or 2 times and then doesn't work sometimes I try for few minutes until suddenly works 1 time only. maybe is the "relay". I replaced the starer 3 years ago. Iam glad is standar trans. so sometimes I have to push it and jump in and star the engine with second gear. sometimes the starer works few times with no problem but must of the time I have t try to star the car for several minutes. the ignition key is ok because I hear a "click" inside the dashboard NOT from the starer.

installed new water pump and timing belt kit. started/ran for 2 days then wouldn't start / turn belt. fluid levels were good.
also will not roll back in nuetral
is it fixable?

new fuel pump, relays ok. no power where it plugs into top of pump. is there something else that I am missing

I had alternator & battery replaced 72hrs ago. Since I've had that done my car vibrates (shakes) when I turn on air conditioning or heater. It's every time I turn it on also. I was told by a shade tree mechanic it could be spark plugs, I was told by another I need to clean throttled body & air filter. I had a tune up about 9months ago, so I'm leery on it being dirty.

When the engine is cold it runs like a dream. When it gets up to temp it hesitates and backfires. Since I've had the car (about 9 months), all the timing stuff has been replaced, new plugs and wires, 3 new coil packs, new fuel filters, MAF and throttle thoroughly cleaned, new IAC, and has been checked for vacuum leaks. It also smells like it's running rich.

Any ideas?

Was driving and felt like transmission shifted. Then lights came on. Drove home and seemed to run and shift OK.

I Don't know if its the oil pump or oil pressure switch. only help?

Prior to that the driver floor board had been wet. And the idling had been acting up.. Timing belt was recently replaced also put new radiator..

My truck is a 1997 montero sportHow can I make the light stop blinking

Im thinking its a blown fuse but I can't figure out which one

When the battery dies, why does the windows stop working after I replaced the battery?

The leak is coming from the side, it was driving fine before it started leaking.

Factory radio

There's no blinking in lights stay on, the engine light on start may come on and stay on the next time you start it it may not be on. May stay in fir several days. Or may not come on and stays off several days