Was driving and felt like transmission shifted. Then lights came on. Drove home and seemed to run and shift OK.

I Don't know if its the oil pump or oil pressure switch. only help?

Prior to that the driver floor board had been wet. And the idling had been acting up.. Timing belt was recently replaced also put new radiator..

My truck is a 1997 montero sportHow can I make the light stop blinking

Im thinking its a blown fuse but I can't figure out which one

When the battery dies, why does the windows stop working after I replaced the battery?

The leak is coming from the side, it was driving fine before it started leaking.

Factory radio

There's no blinking in lights stay on, the engine light on start may come on and stay on the next time you start it it may not be on. May stay in fir several days. Or may not come on and stays off several days

Recently changed altanater & safety relay switch. Before the altanater was changed out it wouldn't go in any gear. It runs now but won't go into 4th gear & goes into limp mode & code says 4th gear ratio is off. How or what do I gotta do to fix it

My floor on the driver side only is so wet, the water almost comes over my fingers when i lay my hand flat on the rug . What is causing this and is the problem on any recall?

I had my battery die and had it charged it died again got alternator checked said it's only outing out 10 volts. The alternator has been replaced with a new one and new battery. A few days later battery died again and alternator still putting out 10 volts. What else could cause this problem?

the symble came up yesterday night and this morning it was still on.

It's been goin off and on, mostly on for years. I love this car!

Have a small leak code now. Before I replaced the tank and fill neck had a large leak issue. Someone cobbed it together instead of fixing it. Currently over the past 2 fill ups since repair the car lurches, loses idle rpm, shuts off when stopped. Last tank it stopped lurching at 3/4 of a tank and ran fine. Thought it might be bad gas because of this, but now I don't know.

I've had it a week, when I got it it threw 5 codes,now only egr,and bank 1 sensor 1 02

2001 Mitsubishi Mirage ES (5-speed manual)
Because I live in really cold weather. I'm searching for the best cold weather manual transmission fluid (synthetic)
What brand name should I buy? I'm looking to drive during the real cold temperatures but also maximize* fuel economy with the transmission fluid I put into

Just bought the car, used. There isn't a radio installed. Replaced fuses. Replaced tail light bulb. Individual instrument lights do work, dimmer doesn't change anything.

I was told by a mechanic at the hobby garage I go to that I need to replace the spindle, but I'm not sure if that applies to my car. He didn't seem too up on imports. I am not interested in drilling the part out-- i dont have the tools or expertise. I was wondering if I need to replace just the spindle or if there is another eclipse spyder specific part I would need to swap out. What do I need to do to fix this issue?

This a/c fan motor was replaced (passenger side) with a new motor from Mitsubishi, part #7812A177, because the "old" fan motor was very noisy. But this new fan motor was just as noisy, meaning that changing the assembly didn't do a thing. It's still noisy. Is this normal for this car? We just bought this Eclipse in August and complained to the used car dealer about the noise. It was replaced under warranty but we still have the problem. Can you help?