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cut the car off it will not start back up have to wait awhile and then it starts back up.This happens every time
i just change my intake. i dont know if its because of the intake changing or something else?
I was told the pads were worn out. So I bought new ones. How much does it cost to get the brake pads on if i already have the brake pads?
Hello Just looking for some insight. I have a 2004 lancer. It has been randomly turning off when I come to a stop sign or light. My dash battery light, SRS light, oil light and emergency break light all go on. I ...
How do I prevent a crack on my windsheild from spreading?
My gear shift lights won't come on. Do I need to replace the fuses? If so, what number fuses are they?
the window won't roll up or down from the main switch on drivers side for that window. put in new switch and power window regulator and motor assembly. still only rolls down, not
When I start driving my mitsubishi galant the temperature Guage will run up to about half way in less than a mile and then it gets interesting some times it will take 5 more miles to get to 3/4 sometimes not until I ...
to do with me not being able to go into 1st or 2nd gear (manual transmission)
I took my car to autozone and they put the machine on it and they said i need to replace the crankshaft position sensor, but I have no idea where it's located, video or step by step on where and how to replace it
Have an obdII diagnostic tool and it says that all four of my o2 sensors have failed. Service engine light is on. Is there a central point where there may be a bad connection?
The replacement i bought was too hard to push and cannot play shock. Do i need to put lubricant?
A/C works and blows cold air. Changing it to different settings works just fine too, but I just don't get any heat when I switch to it. Also when warming up the engine or driving for awhile I notice the coolant level ...
When I start the car it will just spit and sputter it won't start. Could it be the timing is off?
Problems with electrical...can't roll down windows, can't open rear hatch, radio powers up but won't play, occasionally won't start. Battery is good.
radiator and overheating stopped. low on oil so filled oil. car ran fine for 1/2 hour at idle. drove car and got about 2 miles and the oil light came on again. car started running really rough. pulled over and had the...