full up...goes to full...turn car off and back on it stays on e

Shifts going up hill no power behind it has problems needs help but why would it run like that... Torch converter??

I have replaced the brakes and rotors, tires are not worn. I would like to know if it could be cv joint? also replaced all motor mounts and transmission mount. It only shakes at 70 mph and when I brake.

New catalyst converter

I think some bad fuel was put in. Maybe even wrong fuel. Now it won't start. If I get some starting fluid would that work?

no fuel no spark before the timing had went out and was changed it had made a funny rattling noise when taking off the tow truckat that point it will not start up again could this be the anti-theft PCM or one of the fuel relays / ECU

And cleaned my gas tank but it still wont start

While driving my indicator for park ,reverse,neutral,drive .Started to flash while I am driveing,could you please give my some direction what my be the problem and is it safe to keep driving it like this?It only flashes while I am in drive

When I put my car in drive the indicator flashes.but when I put in park or neutral it stops !But I put back in drive its flash again and again! Please feed back that you so much!

I did put antifreeze in it. why doesn't it get warm?

I've been missing my heater lately. I'm not very mechanically inclined, but I do like to avoid spending money, so I tried exploring the heater in my truck to see if I could get it working (I suppose it stopped working unknown to me over summer). First, I made sure I topped off my coolant levels (it was actually low). Then I took out the cd player and plastic around that area to see it there were any obvious unconnected wires (nothing my amateur eyes saw). Then I put a new fuse in, even though the other fuse didn't seem blown, it looked old. To my surprise the heater came on and I was proud to have a saved money and the embarrassment of just having to replace a fuse. It worked all that night. The next day it didn't work, so I swapped the fuse out again (still not blown) and it worked. The next day, same thing, but this time it didn't come on with a fresh fuse. Any thoughts on what the problem might be? Thanks.

I bought my Mitsubishi Lancer in 2012 with very few miles on it. It was in perfect condition, even with white interior there wasn't a spot. Since then it has been wrecked twice occurring in the same manor. Traveling down the highway at an average of 45-55mph when you need to stop suddenly they lock up and you only end up sliding. At first I thought this was just a close call and a freak accident. The second time I was not driving but I was in the car. It did the same thing we needed to brake suddenly due to a car cutting us off and we only slowed down and slide forward. I've had it looked at and I've been told by several mechanics that there has to be a problem with the brakes because they are locking up at the first sign of hard braking.

When I get in to start the car I have to turn on power to the car and check to see if my blinkers work.. Sometimes they do sometimes they don't. If they don't I repeat the process until they work. Also I have no brights what so ever when I turn them on I get no brights and no light on my dash showing they're on... And ideas what this may be?

car eventually cuts out, leve for few minutes starts again, have removed cats, thermostat, changed filters, serviced injectors, redid timing, starts and idles well, just does not go,,,what else can it be?

My Mitsubishi galant is automatic, it leaks and when I drive it, the engine stops running.There is also white smoke coming from under the hood. I bought this car used but there seems to be so many issues with it. I assume I have to change the water pump but is there anything else I can do to fix my car?

My car wouldn't start 1 time the other morning, did finally start and has since then, however I am hearing a rumbling/crunching sound in 1st and 2nd gear. My mechanic said sounds like it's coming from transmission. Sent me to Transmission shop they said they charge $650 just to take it apart to find the issue, and could be more than $2500 to fix?? Does this seem normal? No other issue at this point but the noise and it not starting easily that one time.

Half empty goes to empty when running. What can I do

3.8L V6 6cyl engine. Replaced with a clean used one. All parts and wires put back. The starter is good. However, although the starting sound is ok, it wont start?! Why? What should I do, please?