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Automatic...when put into reverse or drive car looses power and moves very slow.bought car cheap,had no transmission,bought rebuilt tranny,changed fuel filter,new plugs,did compression check and all is good there ,and timing is correct,new plug wires ..the car ideals fine and revs up fine and shows no codes on thinking its a sensor but which one?

A 2.0 litre with only 60K miles on it and before this, whenever I would change my oil (every 3-4 k miles) the level was always full. Probably the absolute best little four cylinder engine I have ever seen as far as power and performance and I certainly don't want this motor to go down without a fight! Thanks for your time.

How much would it cost to have V6 3.8 liter transmission for a 2004 Mitsubishi Galant installed?

When I get to a stop the car cuts off.

I am broke down changed thermostat after flushed radiator. Re filled engine on smoke iyt if tail pipe

it will go in other drive, n, and reverse
but not park

How to fix

loose of power lower hoser flow in bkock

Can't even start my car until I get bolt. Am I going to run into more problems after I repace

the pipe is one of the water cooling pipes that sits in between the v of the engine...the book I have does not seem to give a clear direction on how to do this and don't want to pull everything apart.

It happened once before and a friend cleaned a hose but I don't know which one and it's a Mitsubishi Grande van 1996

Driving on city streets This was the first time had this problem and now afraid to drive.

It is a stick

Also, when the car is at idle, stop at sign or light or just sitting in garage, I get a lot of vibration on the front dash is that caused by the engine? If so what is the problem? NOTE: even when in park.

wife said it lost power then died now wontrun turns over but no start have spark and just put new fuel pump in and its workin plugs seemed dry when removed to check for soark again after fuel pump install tjmimg belt isnt broke and dont think it jumped time sold the car and thought it was fuel pump so installed it for them and still wont run any help would be greatly appreciated thanks