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It into the diagnostic machine and it is coming up that the brake fluid level is low but I opened the bonnet and looked in the brake fluid is full.What could it be
Could it be a relay or fuse and if so where would it be located?
needle is and always has been right in the middle at perfect operating temp, but it seems its taking longer than usual to get said my thermostat needs replaced but its not life threatening to the car...
The repair shop says the master and slave clutch cylinders need replacement for $3,100.00. Is this too much?
mini cooper 2007 common issues?
The pilot door had a leak so my car had a flood and is having electrical issues
Last month my 2009 mini cooper s wouldn't start.It made a strange noise, A estimate came in at $ 3,886, It has 124.500 miles. I discovered the warranty ran out at 11200 miles. The shops said it needed a timing chain,g...
Drove my mini this morning just fine , then try to start won't start all lights comes on battery good I clean all the battery cables just to be sure , and still won't start, I even try pushing 4 times to start since i...
How long will it take a technician to install a fundamental Mini Cooper roof rack on Mini Cooper?
Recently purchased used 2006 Mini Cooper, navigation system was not connected,I got a new screen and reconnected, it works but no sound. How do I fix this?
on at 80,000 miles seems to be running fine but do these cars start to have major problems at 80,000 miles
seems to be running fine has been burned a lot of oil
Think it is the shifter cables are corroded. What should the approximate repair cost be?
I recently started my car and it made a loud sound. I drove it for about a mile, and right when I turned off the air, the sound went away. I parked the car at my destination and when I returned an hour later, the car...
ignition switch or switch unit
note replaced clutch and battery . noted car started fine before replacing these items . now i do not have fire
It then came back on, then went off, and the car died and would not start again. I have checked all the fuses under the hood, and the drivers side as well. All other electrical seems to work, battery is good. All the ...
When door latch on club door is pulled, it does not unlatch door mechanism. Door are unlocked position, front door is open.
As I drive around the car will heat up and then come back down. There is no unusual noises nor an apparent leak. I was told that it was the water pump, but from what I've read, it's not.
hi everybody!! i need a help !! my mini cooper 2007 has codes p0700 and 5d92 speed wheel sensor! dose the wheel speed sensor ca effect to my transsm??
auto gear lever dosent want to go to drive gear just started playing up
When I leave my mini idling for the second time this quarter the check engine light turns on. The mini still runs after that but with less power and I notice that the turbine's air release is nowhere to be heard. The ...