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During acceleration the engine or front end vibrates. Coasting at any speed is fine.
This is how it works it doesn't blow heat from 1,2,or 3.
if i put fuel straight into the air intake it starts but it wont start on its own, the fuel pump is pumping.
unable to open door from the outside
How hard is it to replace front struts on a 1999 Villager? Please
just happened. It is not driven often
check engine light stays on all time after it was service
Positive battery connector ring corroded and broke, how can I fix this without replacing the whole cable?
how do i get to where the tiny light bulbs are for the speedodometer and tach to replace them.
When driving excess 50mph. vehicle acelerates and loses power often.
I have a 1999 Mercury Villager. Car had been running a little rough at idle for quite a while. Months. Not to bad, then once going - no problem. Then quickly it would start running rough at any speed, then rou...
plastic nozzle that directs washer fluid towards windshield fell off. washe rfluid skirts straight up on drivers side. would like to know where to know part name and number and where to purchase
where is the knock sensor located?
How to install front cv axles on 1995 mercury villager
the heater stops putting out heat at a stop, blows cold air, once car start moving blow hot again. I have ck coolant and overflow was low added drove still doing it will check once car is cooled down but was wondering...
My car wont start so my husband went to get a new starter but the car still wont start. If u turn the key all u hear is a humming thats about it. What could be the problem????
where is the waterpump lacated
interior lights won't go off unless fuse is removed, keyless lock entry doesn't work, front fan blower only works on high.
Someone had used a pocket knife to try and remove a dome light. Whe they did, it shorted something out and the alarm went off. Now the electric locks won't work, nor any of the interior dash, map, glovebox or dome lig...
it sputtered one day then next day it wouldn't start here is what i have done so far took out gas tank to check and clean tank and pump ckd ok changed fuel filter,cleaned gas lines i have fuel going to and from ckd o...
We just had the radiator replaced because it was leaking. We put in a new battery 1 month ago. After we brought the van home, it would not start after 2 hours of sitting. All lights come on but no sound from starter...
why does my heat not work in front but it does in back on a 1998 mercury villager
my villager runs fine when cold. when it warms up the rpms jumps up and down and i pulled over i saw the catalytic converter was red hot and it was running rough what can the problem be?
Changed stat and guage shows hot. How do I vent the block or how do I burp system?
a/c and heater runs for awhile and then stops blowing. After a few minutes it starts to blow again. The air flow fluctuate from hi to low on its own. What can be causing it to do that? Also, my rear cabin blows ai...
My villager has about 150000, and just recently had a ticking in the upper engine, cap and rotor was burnt, just replaced but still ticks, sounds almost like a diesel. Had the problem about 1000 miles before shop foun...
tune up done! coil done!check fuel psi done! check cat converter good!compertion test good!replace igntion module! dam skip!hard starting!at aii temps!
I was told that my Mercury Villager has an interference engine. One day I went to start it and it ran for just a couple of seconds before it quit. I was told by my mechanic that the timing belt broke. He said that ...
Where are the motor mounts located on a 2001 Mercury Villager Sport