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no visible leaks under car- can't keep brake fluid in reservoir-brake pedal goes almost to the floor-is this a master cylinder problem?
knock sensor defectived =check engine light on
when i turn my ac on it blows warm air in the front but when i turn the back unit on it blows cold
I put a new a/c compressor on but now the rear a/c gets cool but the front does not. What is the most likely cause? Is it a blocked orifice? If so, how can I be certain?
After 200,000 I expect problems! but without any alerting noise, I pulled into the driveway and my mother noticed water dripping out the bottom of the van - where the water from the a/c would drip - but it kept runnin...
air conditioner belt replacement how it get photo of
how do you remove the third seat in this van.
anything i could try or look for before replacing knock sensor?
Van was working fine the other day, yesterday i tried to start the engine and it just turn, checked for the usual spark, fuel.
Sometimes I have to grind and grind before it starts, other times it starts right up. No certain times.
The speedometer all of a sudden drops to 0, sometimes it jumps back up to how fast I am driving. Also, I noticed that the mileage is not counting. What could be the problem, and can I fix it myself?
a/c comp working nice cool air comming out from center and rear vents only and not from the front only air and not cool air.
Very slow starting,loss of power,Very rough running. Have changed fuel filter,cap,plugs, wires with in the year. Filter just changed again and added injection cleaner Seafoam & Textron. Has been slow starting and j...
I have a villager 1997 sometimes when I have to stop at a stop sign or street light, the rpms drops to 500 or below. Any idea what is wrong?
had a smog test done passed everything but the evap. pressure test. what parts do i need to buy to repair the problem
gap on spark plug
Need to replace the bypass hose. How much coolant does the 3.0 L engine hold?
The heater and air conditioner will only work if it is on high which is knob is turned to 4. Otherwise, will not work on lower number.
what order do you put spark plug wires in
battery light and the brake light stay on on dash panel
sometimes at morning start up it won't back, after it runs awhile it works fine. Ford house wants to install a new tranny. it has a little over 100,000 miles.
have spent money upon money on my wifes van and still cant find the problem. One shop told me it was a p0300 misfire. There soultion was to change the mass air flow sensor. So i did and no luck it still shows up along...
how many quarts fo tranny fluid does the villager hold
I have no rear air. The fuses for the fan are good, but no air is moving. I think the fan is bad. How do I replace it?
how do i removed the ignition switch to see the key codes for a new key
I am replacing the thermostat and the manaul says to remove the timing cover ,but the back of the cover is behind the camshaft gears and can not be moved without removing the gears . there is not enough room to get th...
It was in storage for 2yrs. Drained all fuel. Replaced plugs & wires. Cleaned cap & rotor. New motor oil,air filter,oil filter. Hard to start (cold or hot). Have to pump gas pedal to start. Runs smooth above 1000rpms....
I have a 99 villager and the interior lights will randomly turn on and off while the engine is turned off with the doors unlocked, eventually draining the battery. I removed the door sensors from the doors and it sti...
Tried to refill freon, not the problem, has holes in the hose. How much and how extensive is this problem?