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check engine light with error codes P0325 (knock sensor condition) and P0734 (incorrect 4th gear ratio condition); when transitioning in lower gears the rpm's can get between 4 and 5K but not always; check engine lig...
just recentely,the air bag light started flashing, no accidents or bumps occured. how can it be reset,or is there a sensor that's the problem, or whatever.
My 94' villager's rear heating fan/blower will not come on. The front heater, defogger, etc works fine. What could the problem be? Go into the vent to check or replace the blower/fan or recheck settings in front? Per...
van has a 3.3l eng run fine til eng warms up the dies and wont star til it cools down. replaced dist. didnt fix it. crank sensor didnt fix it . saw the issue with the inj. from this site so i check two one had 15.5 ...
What does it mean when I have coolant in my spark plug?
Installed new fuel pump, ran for about 10 minutes and died. Will not start back up.
Where are the best locations to look for a potential coolant leak? WHen I add coolant with the engine running and the heater on, the heat comes pouring out of the vents. But soon the joy ends as no more heat comes o...
I put the code reader two code on computare PO400 and PO325
I need to replace transmission pan. Auto part store wants almost $300.00 and pick your part wants only $5.00
the overdrive indicator light whont turn on ,on my 98 villager
Whats a price on getting the knock -sensor fixed? Thanks.
recent oil change from dealership had included inspection and they found out my car needs front brakes, rotor rear and leak boots
could this be the heater? or thermostat ? radiator does not get hot.
It idols rough when it is gear when stopped at red light or waiting in traffic. No check engine lights on
i get a gas smell when i turn heater on inside of van
My power steering belt broke in my van and need it replace
must rev car to 3000 rpm to get some heat, replace engine thermostat,radiator cap, and antifreezee,still then same
one code reader said cylender 4 misfire, so i changed plugs. still missed. my mechanics reader said random misfire, he said change wires, i did. still misses. is there a coil pack? should i look there?
thowing water out the overflow, replaced thermostat, same problem. check old thermoster it was good. this problem started after pressure cap was left loose and vhicle got hot
wont tune over put in new battery
Lately, whenever I turn on the heater in the car , I can smell a fuel odor. I had to open the window on the passenger side in order to continue driiving to my destination.
the heat in my villager will not even get warm. it constantly blows cold air. the outside temp is around 20. whay can I do? Need to fix it my self, Student and broke
was told the problem is o2 & nock sensors, the car runs fine but will not pass inspection. it has 135k miles. how much to repair?
The water leak is coming from the right side of the engine, I can't see where it coming from, not from the hoses, is it freeze plug or a water pump, I thought the water pump is visible from top.
When driving the mercury villager suddenly pulls to the side then corrects after new front tires and new alignment.
i have a 1997 mercury villager gs van. the temp. gauge went to h. i changed the thermostat added the right amount of coolant. when i took it out for a test drive the gauge went all the way to h again. there was no hea...
My mother's vehicle has 135,000 miles on it and I don't think she's replaced the timing belt. Does this vehicle have an interference engine?
was runnin fine now cranks and then stalls.changed fuel filter.
we stop the car and now it wont turn over and it has power going to the engine, tried to jump it and it still wouldnt start
only when the vehicle is at a stop, or warming up