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Where are the motor mounts located on a 2001 Mercury Villager Sport
i have replaced the blower motor resistor,fan swich and heater swich and now the blower motor and i can hear the fan working and it is turning but only a little heat is comming through the vents and it is hot but no p...
My village started running rough and stalling out. My brother replaced the fuel pump and distributor. It still runs rough and acts like it will stall out. It doesn't want to go any faster then 25 - 35 mph. The che...
I don't know where the idle motor is located and how it should be cleaned.
where is the maf sensor located
Changed plugs, cap, rotor, wires and still having idle issues. Runs fine at speed but drops down to 400 rpm or less at idle then back to 650 until engine stalls. I have yet to see a check engine light.
Mechanic asked me to replace the ball joint and told me $400 to replace for both side of balljoints? Please help.
1995 Mecury Village, getting error code from OBD One 32, 34, 45 and 51. Now Repair shop said #3 and #5 Fule Injector Failure. Asking for $480 for repairs? The check engin light was on for almost 2 years. In a hot day...
How do you replace the cv joints on a 1997 Mercury Villager? Or how much should it cost if I take it in to a shop?
I need to remove both rear seats so I can have maximum space to use for my work.
when changeing the t stat isnt there a vent on the block to be cracked during refill?
can you tell me why the rear air condition doesn't blow and the front does?
My villager is overheating within 5 miles of driving. There are no leaks evident on any hoses or the water pump or thermostat. The leak seams to be coming from underneath the engine towards the drivers side. Any ideas?
How much is it to repair front and back motor mounts on a 97' Mercury Villager. Just labor cost.
I bought a 1995 Mercury Villager how can I find out if the recalls were ever repaired
i asked a previous question about why the rear ac works and the front dont. well i recharged it. now the front works and the back quit? why?
Read forums, tried disconnecting MAFS, O2 and TPI sensors. No Luck. I ran concentrated injector cleaner through gas... Worked for 2 weeks! Problem returned.. Tried same treatment... no luck this time! Thing runs like ...
can you tell me why the rear ac blows cold air but the front don't? it blows room temp.
how long will it take ( in hours) to change the belt?
check engine light stays on all the time
Steering is very difficult. Car started overheating as soon as steering became diff. Bad pump? What made it overheat? Thanks
its a line on top of the transmiision where do it connect
How Much Does It Cost To Repair Fuel Injectors & How Hard Is It?? Also Would This Cause My Van Not To Start??
It was fine last night but today it will turn over but will not start at all??
I have 97 merc villager with 0ver 130K miles, which keeps overheating. The temperature gauage does not show it over heating, but you can just see the smoke coming out from under the hood after only driving about 5 - 1...
Repair or not repair? The car has 113,000 miles. Has not has any problems until now. They tell me this is the code, but it may not be the total problem and they will not know until they open it up and see. Considering...
OK this one has be baffled. My brake lights do not work. The third brake light works just fine. The turn signals work as well. The tail lights work. The only thing not working is the brake lights. Any help would be ap...
Will it "smoke" if it is "going out"? How important is it to repair the air compressor?
mechanic tuned it up replaced wires distrib. still does the same thing only happens when it has been running for a while. seems to be fine in neutral. feels like total loss of power wont rev up when gassed just boggs ...