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We replaced the caliper on the front passenger side of the van a few weeks ago and I noticed when we bled the brakes that the rotor was spinning freely. I was wondering why this coulod be happening and what I can do t...
Need to know if investing in drive axle and attempting to replace it is worth it. Vehicle has 188,000 has been good to this point with exception of ABS going out.
my speedometer keeps going out how do i repair this problem
1. My left brake light won't come on. Tail light works fine. 2. My speedometer (digital) is sporadic. More off than on.
When the tank is full there is a leackeage from the gas tank filler hose.
Hi, I am having some issues regarding my cylinder brakes, if anyone could elaborate on how to replace them it would be much appreciated.
the problem occurs when i push on the gas
How do you replace a Fuel Pump on a 1995 Mercury Villager..and also do you know where i can find a manual for it..thanks
Installed aftermarket Viper 350 alarm in car. Worked OK until door was opened when alarm was active. This blew smart entry control module. Headlights stayed on and horn blew. Removed horn fuse. Removed negative cable ...
cruise control does not engage or does so only intermittently? How do I repair this problem?
i have code p0135 they say bank 1 o2 senor 1 i change new but dont work what i can do
1993 van nees a new gas pump in tank
I replaced the ac compressor fronnt blows cold rear doesnt blow at all rear blower motor not working
my air condition started blowing out hot air suddenly and hasnt stopped. its fully charged. whats wrong?
Recently had the a/c compressor replaced in my 97 villager and all seemed to be well, however, I noticed that at stop lights, air seemed less cool than when the car was running. At the green light, when I first accel...
power driver seat stop moving; no movement backwards or forward and up or down motion
i put a new water pump and theromsat in and keep over heating and also will not stay runing with out ur foot on gas pedal plz help ...(95 villager)
i have a 96 mercury villager, anyone know how many quarts of transmission fluid it holds?
po300 is the code that i get what could it be
The vehicle when it is cold will start and sometimes turn off. I have to let the engine warm up even though it is hot outside. I code for the knock sensor came up, but my mechanic is unsure if that will solve my pro...
metric most likey. what is axle shaft outer nut size?
were is the termostato
no visible leaks under car- can't keep brake fluid in reservoir-brake pedal goes almost to the floor-is this a master cylinder problem?
my van has 192,000 miles on it now, still runs great! only problem is my brake light and battery light came on a few months ago together and would flash on and off together, finally now they both stay on all the time....
knock sensor defectived =check engine light on
when i turn my ac on it blows warm air in the front but when i turn the back unit on it blows cold
I put a new a/c compressor on but now the rear a/c gets cool but the front does not. What is the most likely cause? Is it a blocked orifice? If so, how can I be certain?
After 200,000 I expect problems! but without any alerting noise, I pulled into the driveway and my mother noticed water dripping out the bottom of the van - where the water from the a/c would drip - but it kept runnin...
My Villager Gs keyless entry doesn't work when its hot outside.I have to use my key and it will unlock the front doors but not the sliding doors. The windows will not come down for nothing. I have to run the air condi...