Usually when we start up from park in the Florida Sun, it comes right on and COOLS GREAT. After driving awhile, it stops cooling,and won't start cooling again unless I turn off the switches awhile. Then (usually), when I turn it back on, push the recirculate and a/c buttons, it will cool great again. I had similar problem with other cars, and there was a temperature sending unit which was defective, and nothing wrong with my compressor. NO PROBLEMS with front or rear Blowers.

some times the brake tail lights will stay on. dont dare take my van across the state it will be going fine and then just totaly shuts its self right down like you turned the key off.has anyone had these problems? and how do i fix it?i have taken it to many shops and they can't find anything wrong ( passes all tests )

when every i turn the car off and put gas in the car the engine check light comes on after the machanic decodes the car. how should i run the car to reset the sencor after the work is done?

Trying to estimate how much it would cost to fill it all the way up. It was bought used so I don't have the owner's manual.

lights wont go off.

I have a 1993 Mercury Villager and all of a sudden today when driving the engine will rev and I will lose speed in the middle of driving. The vehicle bucks a little when this happens. What is the problem or things I should check. The oil, transmission fluid, brake fluid, and power steering fluid are all full and fine. This is just so sudden and I have no idea what it is. I think I smell a little burning rubber, could it be a belt?

The problem occurs while driving down the road. I don't know the diagnostic code. it will take several times to get it started.we think it is either the distibutor shaft or the fuel injector is still clogged from cleaning.

no codes the wheel cyclinders on the back brakes was leaking we put news on also put new brake shoes on also bleede the brakes an also put on a new master cyclinder still did same thing put flexable brake line on the left rear still doing the same thing locking up we also bench bleed the master cyclinder

Hole in rear air condition tubing

what does it cost to repair a head gasket or would it be more cost effective to replace the whole engine?

light flushing on overdrive on and start then went off and it takes high rpm before it shift to 2nd gear

WE purchased this mini van with 156,000 miles for a good deal and to see if I like driving a mini van, which I love. The only problem seems to be I will be driving and it just stalls out, sometimes it will restart and go and then sometimes not. We have replaced the fuel fliter and put in a used fuel pump, then it did it again. Seems like it is losing fuel pressure. Do you think we should replace with a new fuel pump and fuel fliter, or do you think it could be the water pump?

Hi - Can't find this particular service topic in the repair estimat section, so just wondering about how much a wheel alignment should cost for a 2001 Mercury Villager Minivan.

Thank you.


Just had the rear brake cylinders and shoes replaced now the vehicle slows down to a stop without applying brakes and the front smells like plastic burning

I would fill up on Monday morning set my cruise control between 65 and 70 get on the highway and drive to work about an hour away. By Wednesday it is on empty and I have to refuel. I do the same thing with my moms van and I don't have to put fuel in it until Friday evening. My email is glennon1172@aol.com. Thanks for your time.

where is the vss on the 2000 villager

check engine light on

enginr just stopped while driving.ive chacked several things and found theres no spark to plugs...any suggestions?im a fairly capable mechanic yet id like to get a direction to start with ...distribiuter?timing belt?

Was driving my van it was fine then at store would not go into reverse.Then i got home and a lot of fluid came out from under the driver side. What can be wrong?

driver side window works but passenger window and back windows do not

I've lost the shock plunger on both the brake light switches in my Villager. I can't find the parts anywhere HEEEEELLLP!!!!!!!!!!!!

The nut that holds the harmonic balancer on is it normal threads or reverse threads

The Van is running fine but the "Serive Engine Soon" light comes on.

Went to work this morning. Unlocked my doors using remote. When i came out from work, my rmeote unlocked the doors as usual. But, when I tried to open my driver door,it would not budge. I checked and it does show the doors unlocked. When I tried to use my key, it goes in but will not turn. So the door is unlocked, my key will not turn, and I still cannot open the door. All the other doors working fine.Any suggestions?

my 1993 villager died, so I listened fuel pump wasn't coming on so I replaced it. now when you turn on the key there is a continious clicking noise at the pump relay, so I changed that and still nothing and it's still clicking. Where should I go next I checked the fuel shutoff switch and it appears to be ok its down anyway.

need to know where heater fanspeed resistor is located, my fan only runs on high speed not 2 and 3

would u know where to find this sensor on the intake

need to know where the computer is location

When driving the front vibrates when you let off the gas it stops.

Some sort of interlock will not always allow shift arm to move from park while stepping on brake peddle