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I've lost the shock plunger on both the brake light switches in my Villager. I can't find the parts anywhere HEEEEELLLP!!!!!!!!!!!!
The nut that holds the harmonic balancer on is it normal threads or reverse threads
The Van is running fine but the "Serive Engine Soon" light comes on.
Went to work this morning. Unlocked my doors using remote. When i came out from work, my rmeote unlocked the doors as usual. But, when I tried to open my driver door,it would not budge. I checked and it does show the ...
my 1993 villager died, so I listened fuel pump wasn't coming on so I replaced it. now when you turn on the key there is a continious clicking noise at the pump relay, so I changed that and still nothing and it's still...
need to know where heater fanspeed resistor is located, my fan only runs on high speed not 2 and 3
would u know where to find this sensor on the intake
need to know where the computer is location
When driving the front vibrates when you let off the gas it stops.
Some sort of interlock will not always allow shift arm to move from park while stepping on brake peddle
my 96 mercury villager is leaking fluid and when i go to start the car it makes a craanky sound then shuts off. my break battery and oil light show..please help me..and if i do need to see a mechanic how much should t...
como puedo cambiar luces de los tableros
Can I use a 1996 3.0 villager crank pulley on a 1993 villager? If not what is the difference?
I need a new complete rear axle,Ac Compressor,New Brakes,An Alignment.
engine start on very well but 15min later engine looks like out of gas and after 5min of engine still failing it going off.
The window of my sliding door fell out. The glass is not broken but the pivot latch is. I bought a new latch from the dealership. Can I just push the glass back in its grove and just replace the broken latch or is the...
Where is the fuel filter located on the 1997 Mercury Villager?
the air bag light is flashing.I was told that the clock spring was the problem, there fore I was wondering what the cost of this repair was.
where is teh timing belt located
My van worked fine yesterday this morning i went to start it it started then died. Now it wont start turns over but wont start. Has fuel
replacing the starter on my 1994 villager.. what other vehicles have the same starter in them as the villager?
check engine light with error codes P0325 (knock sensor condition) and P0734 (incorrect 4th gear ratio condition); when transitioning in lower gears the rpm's can get between 4 and 5K but not always; check engine lig...
just recentely,the air bag light started flashing, no accidents or bumps occured. how can it be reset,or is there a sensor that's the problem, or whatever.
My 94' villager's rear heating fan/blower will not come on. The front heater, defogger, etc works fine. What could the problem be? Go into the vent to check or replace the blower/fan or recheck settings in front? Per...
van has a 3.3l eng run fine til eng warms up the dies and wont star til it cools down. replaced dist. didnt fix it. crank sensor didnt fix it . saw the issue with the inj. from this site so i check two one had 15.5 ...
What does it mean when I have coolant in my spark plug?
Installed new fuel pump, ran for about 10 minutes and died. Will not start back up.
Where are the best locations to look for a potential coolant leak? WHen I add coolant with the engine running and the heater on, the heat comes pouring out of the vents. But soon the joy ends as no more heat comes o...
I put the code reader two code on computare PO400 and PO325
I need to replace transmission pan. Auto part store wants almost $300.00 and pick your part wants only $5.00