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Directions for doing this myself and how long will it take to complete?
When I pick up speeds to 80 mph and make a full complete stop it takes off fine but if I don't get it up to 75 or 80 mph first it will pull off and pick up speeds very slow what is the problem?
How do you check the vent controllers and what else may be going wrong?
small oil drops on oil pan and ground.
i Have a 2004 v6 Mercury Mountaineer was driving and stop and never turn on.... i can crank but would not start...check spark plugs and have spark ,check fuel fuse good, fuel relay good , change gas pump , change gas...
I just bought this,I have the owners paper manual, but no info on the keyless entry.
trying to have car smogged but missing hose that connects from fuel tank to evac need to trace from fuel tank to evac on 1988 sable not 1990
The car will start but won't switch into any gear. The shifter moves but won't actually switch into anything.
a slapping noise under valve cover when running and get worst when shutting off engine. removed valve cover and noticed timing chain seems to be the noise. started replacing timing chain. pulling driver side valve cov...
I haven't changed fuel filter since I had car because I couldn't find it. I have now but havent been able to change due to cash flow. Thats also reason ive been running tank low on gas. I know, not good! My service en...
Was driving when car died and I discovered Alt wire nut was loose and had electrical bites on it and that the connector at end of wire had come off. While waiting for tow, Tach needle was past all numbers and pointin...
to start up the car and it turns on fine no problem then shuts off again i have replace the iac ,the egr valve, the vacume silinoid, complete tuneup the o2 sensors were replaced recently also and still the car acts up...
I bought the car & gas gauge read "full" 320 miles til empty. Well the gallons NEVER change & the miles til empty will start at 320 but once it gets to 270 it will reset back to 320. This morning it actually said 2 ga...
took to local small town dealer, doesn't have proper tester for the electronics. is there something simple here, any idea what might cause this?
At 34,000 miles, a knock is audible from the right side of the engine only when accelerating. Similar to low octane knock but not quite.
At about 34,700 miles, began to hear a knocking sound when accelerating. Similar to low octane knock sound but likely not. Any ideas?