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trying to have car smogged but missing hose that connects from fuel tank to evac need to trace from fuel tank to evac on 1988 sable not 1990
The car will start but won't switch into any gear. The shifter moves but won't actually switch into anything.
I haven't changed fuel filter since I had car because I couldn't find it. I have now but havent been able to change due to cash flow. Thats also reason ive been running tank low on gas. I know, not good! My service en...
Was driving when car died and I discovered Alt wire nut was loose and had electrical bites on it and that the connector at end of wire had come off. While waiting for tow, Tach needle was past all numbers and pointin...
to start up the car and it turns on fine no problem then shuts off again i have replace the iac ,the egr valve, the vacume silinoid, complete tuneup the o2 sensors were replaced recently also and still the car acts up...
My compressor was about to freeze up so I it replaced with a use one. Needless to say it was from an earlier model and the electical harness doesn't line up. Will it cause any issues to splice the wire and make it lon...
Sometimes after you turn the car off it may start back. But most of the time now it will not.
when i shut off engine and take key out the car starts up again and i have to put key back in and turn to on and then shut off and take key out to shut the engine off
What is the proper way for testing the charcoal vapor canister to see if it is operating as it should. The OBD is displaying code P1451. Already replace the gas cap and Evap Control System Vent Solenoid with no luck. ...
The alarm on my 2002 Mercury Sable keeps going off all the time for no reason how can I adjust the sensitivity or what do I do to fix it
3.0 how do you get to number 1 2 spark plug
I can drive it clear across town and it will start blinking like crazy. It has been checked three times and it checks out good could the voltage regulator in it be acting up??
tempature control doesn't seem to have any affect
the car does start but the battery acts like its draining!!there is no switches on or lights!! it runs good but when you accellerate it flashes what would cause this??
Caused one of my vacuum lines to melt
Sometimes when I put my car in park the rpms start getting higher and higher until I have to cut car off to stop it.
This car starts easily, idles smooth, runs, drives, after it warms up the oil light and the check engine light comes on and a sudden loss of power ,acceleration after a stop to get any speed is very difficult ? This ...