How do you remove and install a A/C compressor on a 2002 Mercury Mountaineer

blower motor stays on hi speed, cannot shut it off except by shutting the key off or fuse removal. Mech @ gge told me it was located in the engine compartment pass side. Unable to locate by visual after looking at photo of the part.

i have taillights and the blinkers work...But i have no brake lights... Yes i have even changed the bulbs and checked the fuses...

the front end wheels make a loud clicking sound and sounds like the tires are rubbing which makes the truck shake at any speed.

Blower motor stays on high spd regardless of setting.

blower motor on high speed at all times, have removed fuse to shut off. Ive been advised by a mechanic it is located under the hood and is separate from the control behind the glove box.

Is the transmission sealed or how do I check the fluid level

consistently water is shooting out of the back side of motor near firewall about midway of the motor. are there any water valves or heat gauge in that area?could it possibly be a head gasket?

Had to replace Temp. control actuator & disconnected Pos.& Neg. cables, not realizing that was supposed to just disconnect Neg. only til after done repairing ..when first reconnected & tried to start, just clicked like battery was dead. Tried to boost it off & now it won't do nothing but make a ticking noise coming from fuse panel under dash.. no dash lights or nothing will come on, except interior lights flicker with ticking noise..NEED HELP PLEASE ???????

What is the location of the blower motor resistor. car has climate control. Fan stays on high all the time.

My brake pedal seen to go almost to the floor when I'm stopping. I' ve had the shoes & pads replaced, which did not fix the problem. Now they're saying I need new front & read calipers for $800. Does this sound right, and will it fix my problem.

Disconnected the radio to do some work on it. Connected back. At time to start the car on, the accelerated went very
low almost to nothing.

Can you detach the fuel line from the fuel rail without the compresion tool?

should I drive with over drive off or on?

my child proof locks are sticking? no matter if its up or down the door will not open. what should i do?

want to know how much it would cost me a new engine and to install it

had a timing chain repair & when I FINALLY received the mountaineer back(it took them 2 wk-had to get a special mounting tool & then ANOTHER special mounting tool) the RPMs were out of wack (lower than usual),they did not due an alignment& steering is off(have to drop front axle to remove engine to replace timing chains/belts) I hear a thunk every now & then & when de-accelerating there is a whine to the engine. You can almost hear the engine surging/misfiring. Take it back & they say one of the RPM sensors had come unplugged & the thunk is the sway bar bolt broken. How can a sensor get "unplugged" & can the sway bar get broken when lowering/raising the engine back in after the timing chain repair? drove w/mechanic& he agrees slight misfiring-states old plugs (original)& hears whine when slowing. RPMs dropped AGAIN - sensor fall out AGAIN? they can't look at/repair til monday-state OK to drive til then. I don't have faith in their repair at this point.Can anyone out there reassure me or are they grasping? They charged me $2900 total($300 over their estimate) & charged me for an oil change to boot.when I state had to be done anyway due to oil pan being removed for repair, they state could have added to the labor & not itemized.

What does it mean when the check engine light comes on? It has 114,500 miles

Engine started to miss all of a sudden. Check engine light came on. Garage said code indicated #3 cylinder mis-firing. So far replaced: 1. All plugs, 2. All wires, 3. Both coil packs, #3 Fuel Injector. Still Nothing. Help!!! Can't just keep changing parts out.

How much should it cost to replace a radiator in a 1999 Mercury Mountaineer?

My ball joints squeak and need to be replaced.


only the passenger side of the electric windshield heater is working.

where is the speed sensor located can't seem to find it on a 2000 mercury mountaineer

At certain points in turning the front wheels a vibration occurs. This happens when I back up and turning the front wheels( such as pulling out of a driveway. the vibration is starting to occur all the time now. Any ideas?

A mystery just began with my vehicle. When I start it, it revs high at 1-2 then stays high while I'm driving making it dangerous because it is difficult to slow to stop.

When I turn on my vehicle, the engine revs up high and continues while driving, and this also makes it harder to stop the vehicle.

I just recently had this problem with my SUV it is starting to shake a little when i stop or when i'm on the highway it's a little hesitant due i need a tune up or air filter changed please let me know thanks. What would a standard tune up possibly cost or can i purchase th items an have a mechanice put them on what is best way not having to pay to much as long as it is within reason other than this issue the vehicle runs fine i change the oil as required knock on wood it's done me justice...

when turning or steering there is a vibration and it is hard to steer.

My ball joints were changed,tires the car was aligned they visually inspected the cv boot it had no tears and was sealed,they checked the tie rods, links, pins,installed new tires,checked the shocks and springs.my mercury is all wheel drive.It only makes a single clunking sound when the car is turned sharply to the left.