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What is the problem when the transmission is late engaging?Causing the truck to stop in motion.
power windows will not operate. where are (and how many) the fuses?
I believe there is a short or bad connection in my A/C unit ~ maybe a bad control switch? I don't know where to look, can anyone help me?
leaking on the left side of radiator do you have to take out the transmission cooler in front of te radiator
Some recorded cds were put in the changer and now will not come out. How do I get them out.
I've just put a new motor in and need the factory timeing degree setting.
I have a 2005 Mercury Mountaineer, and in the message center it alwas saying "Check Charging System" and the beeping sound goes off at the same time, it sometimes goes on constantly and the battery light is also on, a...
I need to know where to look on my vehicle to check the transmission, and can I add transmission fluid myself? Thanks J
Light indicating door open (ajar) turns on while doors are closed, DVD player turns on itself, and back alarm does not work.
The fan blows cold air only, no heat at all. Replaced the thermostat & changed the antifreeze but it still doesn't work.
Any ideas of what could be causing a rubbing sound when I turn? No, it's not the tires rubbing on the wheel well although that's pretty much what it sounds like. I've been told "It's your front ball joints" and "It'...
Shifting fine, lately when accelerating from stop it, sounds much loader. Not sure if this a transmission problem or if it is in the exhaust. Any others with the problem. No transmission oil leaks anywhere.
i think the power steering pump went out but iam not sure because it will work some times and other times it wont does any one know what the problem mite be? plz help its a ford.
Are the valves adjustable on this 5.0 to get rid of ticking noise?
the seat belt on the drivers side is broken will not stay buckled how much will it cost to be fixed
This vehicle began having a problem starting in April 09 and after several repair attempts at three different Mercury/Ford dealerships, the problem still exists. The first two times it was taken to North Shore Lincol...
Waht is the upper control arm. cost for parts and installation
wheb i break thr front feels like wheels are oblonging
I changed the oil in my 2003 mountaineer but the oil change required light doesn't reset. How do I reset it.
i'm leaking transmission fluid around the bell housing at a steady drip
it sounds like water is moving around in the engine area...where is the drain plug for water in the compartment?
signal lights not working when i turn the signal light on... its not working from the inside and out
most of the time the signal lights won't come on in the inside and the out in the front and the rear... this happens when i go to turn the signal lights on
my head light want come on , my high beam light will come on but no low beam
where is the light switch relay found i look in my owner manual , but no light switch relay in fuse box, only see fuses no relay
when i turn the knob for my light they will not come on my bright light come on when push the dimmer switch day time running light don't come on any more,
how many qts of oil does the 5.0 L. hold
how can i correct the shift indicator to read properly, the R is N, D is 2, P is in between P and R
is it possible to correct the gear indicator to read properly myself or do i need to take it to the shop and pay an arm and an leg for a job like this?