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How ofter should I change the transmission fluid? I have found that I am leaking fluid, will getting the fluid changed and a new gasket solve my problem?
Check engine light came on in November, early, was on sporadically for much of trip (975 miles) from NJ to Fla and has been on full-time since. Ethanol the culprit?? Thanks
It's card to start after being cold/hot. I hear that there may be a bulletin out there for a recall.
how much does a transmission cost
when I put the car in reverse it hesatates, then jerks, also when it changes you can hear a thump.
The locks, windows and seats will not work. I think the fuse is blown but where is the fuse for these?
Having problems with all the windows, Sometimes they will work and some times they won't, When they don't work they all don't work,
When should the fuel induction service be done?
my 2003 mounaineer is rapidly leaking antifreeze up near the firewall. this is the 2nd time it's happened. any ideas?
Replaced the alternator (twice thinking the first one was bad). Both the alternator and the battery test fine. The lights continue to dimm/brighten until the car has been driven awhile and completely warmed up. Help!
my thermostat housing is leaking somewhere i don't know where how difficult is it to change???
The fan works,but there is no front heat
Last week the steering wheel has been hard to turn. I would have to push the gas and make a turn if not then I wouldn't be able to turn the wheel. I already checked the fluids
My murcury mointaineer has the check engine light on and the over drive light is blinking. Tje trandmission is slipping when it switches over after hitting the 25mph mark but no more after that. Got a diagnostic on it...
then cked alt it cked bad changed alt battery lite still on ck all fuzes under hood all main fuzes good under hood ck manual to see where fuze was could not find any in manuala alt had power on one of the 3 wires one...
Have a 1999 mountaineer idles slow and dies in rainy or cool weather check engine light comes on and resets after driving a number of miles on hte freeway.
where is the themostat located on this vehicle
my airbag light will not go off nor will my horn blow,i can't get a code what can i do to try and fix the problem
I bought this as as a fixer-upper as you might be able to tell by my questions. Does anyone know either where I can get the speaker for the subwoofer enclosure (I Think it's 6") or what the impedance of the speaker is...
changed my 6 disc stock cd changer/stereo had 3 wiring harnesses.i am familar with the stereo harness.i have the chilton wiring diagram. my cluster panel and brake system seem to be working incorrect ?
Where is the standing hight measured from? If I measure from the lower control arm pivot to the ground I don't think I could lower it enough to get to 110mm (4.33"). Am I doing something wrong?
The ridged brake line which crosses the rear axle from left to right is extremely corroded. I would like to replace it. I need to know the type of flare and the size and type of thread for the flare nut.
how do you know if heater thermastat isnt working right?
my heater blows warm air then cold air,it keeps alternating when i have the heat on
The left side of the vehical sits lower then the right. I know the torsion bars can be adjusted, but I need to know the correct hight
Turned mountaineer off yesterday and the L, R, and high mount brake lights stayed on. Pulled the #23 Brake Pedal Position Switch Fuse and lights went off but that locks up the gear shifter. Replaced fuse, jumped batte...
Te auto temp control stopped working the fan will blow only when you move the fan control manually,and will only blow at max speed if you go back to auto temp is stops runing.
while driving at even 50 mph the car lost control and was swaying and I could only control the sway with very slow speeds.
heater not working properly.when heater on only get heat if temp. is on 90