Squishy brakes were diagnosed as a bad ABS module by two separate repair shops. New, genuine Ford, ABS module was replaced in July of 2012. A little more than one year later, the brake was depressed while hitting a bump, and the brakes became squishy like before module was replaced. Brakes returned to normal less than 24 hrs later.
5 days ago, the brakes were depressed as I drove over a depression in the road, and they have not returned to normal yet. Any ideas what is going on?

we would need to look at this to see if the rear slides were lubricated properly at the time of your service. You may want to contact the installing dealer for warranty repairs.

They r not smoking a lot but I smell something like steel burning I had pads and rotors put on 2 days ago.

2006 mercury Milan
Pads & rotors

I started the car fine, started down the road and it seemed to be missing really bad or maybe that it had bad gas. I stopped,turned the car off and started it again( did this a few times) my dad was checking under the hood and he unplugged the air flow censor and the car died. It will not start again..It just turns over , tested it and it's not firing at all. Got 12 codes that all said Misfire.
It's at a Ford dealership at the moment and they can't even figure out whats wrong. I am desperate. I'm a single mother, not much income and this is my only car.

without breaking the cd player apart

I started my car and moved it, when I went to start it back It clicks , and says check brake system. Brake is also stuck down.

The humming noise stops when I'm not driving.

My heater stopped blowing out ..then friend said something came undone under dash passenger side..no clue what they unplugged and plugged back in.. Then started working again since September and just went out tonight again..

The seat will not move forward or back. It will move up, down and recline. How can I manually adjust the seat to the proper position?

Just noticed it today

Its been at the dealer 4 times in one month. New rack and pinion on the first trip. Recalibrated the second trip. 3rd time the module was replaced. Now they are saying it is because the battery is low? I have NEVER had any issues with starting it but now the dealership is saying it would not start this morning. Is this possible??

Then gas hand stop workn and lights flickered...all within the hr....this is the first time and I've had it bout a yr and a half

repair place is fixing the cv axels in front...would that cause the squeaking?

Purchased the car new. I had to replace the original tires at 33,000 miles, I replaced them with mid-market 60,000 mile tires in November 2011. Today November of 2014 I have 68,000 miles and my tires are BALD, 0 tread and not wearing evenly. Could there be another issue causing this? :(

My car just wouldn't start one day out of no where. I wasn't having any problems before hand. The fuel pump was cutting on for a few seconds, but car would never start. It's under warranty, so the car lot is going to fix it. They had thought it was the fuel pump that needed replacing. They finally came and picked it up to fix on Wednesday. Today, which is Saturday, they called and said they thought it was the PCM that needed replacing. I'm just trying to figure out how long this is going to take to fix. I've been without a vehicle for a week already and they aren't telling me much of anything.. Anyone know an estimate?

The heat wouldn't work and the check engine light came on. The temperature gauge for the enginge (?) is getting to hot very quick as if the engine is going to overheat. My car also is making a sort of 'clicking' noise while driving.

when I'm in park and want to shift to reverse of drive, sometimes when I click the button it will not release.