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The slides for the sunroof are broken and inquiring where I can find parts for the sunroof
Just replaced break light switch. Battery light will not go out out after vehicle started.
I have tried to find a latch cable for it, but am having no luck. I am assuming the latch snapped. Is it possible that it just may have come off? I am missing fingers and am limited to how much I am will ing to chance...
I went to send,then there is a drop down for additional repair. Caliper there.
I just bought a preowned Milan (2010) I love the car! I have a question about the RADIO, though Right now I do not have a subscription for Sirrius, but when I listen to music on Bluetooth (my phone) I can hear the ...
I had diag run at my Ford dealer. This seems to be a really high price
orange wrench is lighting up on my dashboard
Problem is currently random and seems to be only when the brake is pressed down hard.
Car drives parks turns reverses but the key won't come out of ignition
2006 Mercury Milan hesitating and emission system light is flashing. It almost stopped in traffic this evening. What could be the problem.
I may have a broken wire between coil #1 and my PCM...want to know where it is so I can check continuity
my Mercury has less then 48k miles on it and the master cylinder just cracked and had to be replaced and my mechanic just told me that there is something with my ABS system that may have to be replaced costing over $1...
Car has 125,000 miles. Is it something I can tackle?
One said it could be my engine(motor) mounts are going out? How much would that be?
key gets stuck in the steering column
Having the problem where the key gets stuck in the ignition and will not come out. Expecting to have to remove the shift knob. The sensor as I understand it is not sold separately and is part of the shifter assembly.
Vehicle has 47,500 miles and was told today that purge valve needs replacing due to "fuel fill inlet" indicator on followed later by 'check engine light'.
Can't seem to find any help on any search engine the web offers (biggest waste of time)
The check engine light just came on 2 days after this started.
The tail/brake lights (LEDs) are contained in a single, replacable assembly/component. There are separate assemblies (components) for the left and right sides. The right assembly is demonstrating some unusual lighting...
I was told my engine is tapping so either my lifters are about to go out or my engine is about to die. I was told my oil was too thin and it has too much in it but I was under the impression I needed to have it change...
I can feel something is "off" when the car is shifting into different gears - Any input would be great. The car has only 60,000 miles on it. Thanks,
My mechanic has checked the fluid, checked mechanicals at all for corners, checked the pads, bled the lines and found no leaks and nothing wrong. The brakes used to engage within an inch or so of applying my foot. A f...
How Can this problem be fixed? Do i need another cd player?
drivers side taillight not working
Once the anti-lock brakes activates it seems to pump air in the hydraulic system. The first time I was able to bleed the brakes and bring the pedal back to normal. The second time bleeding the brakes didn't help. No w...
I can open the door using the little lock lever, but the driver side door does not lock either with the key or remote lock/open. It just started happening, and I have discovered others have had this problem as well. A...