I was on my way to work when I notice smoke coming out of air vent.

It has 80,000 miles on it and has never given me any problems. It was evening time and when I got home I turned off the car and in t was boiling. The temp. Gauge was only half way no warnings or anything.

My car was runing good but on sat i was driving on the fwy and as soon as i got off the fwy the car feel like it was slowing down lost power i would step on the gas pedal and it would not gain power than started to smell like gas drove it home like 1.5 mile from the fwy , than check the tail pipe and it was dischatging gas

console to get to it?

Temperature, idle,speedometer all flicker.

When the right signal switch is activated it will blink one time and go off. If the head lights are on high beam the right signal will stay on until you turn. Does anyone know what is causing this?

how do i get the air bag light to go out

New problem, has happened after about 70 miles on the road. Once it went limp twice on same trip

I replaced the alternator and the battery and is still not charging it's at 11.98 all the time am Goin crazy can you please help

brakes do not work properly after hard stop. Soft and slow to stop. This is extremely dangerous as it has happened to me at least 3 times in rush hour traffic.
this issue happens when I had to hard stop to avoid hitting a car jumping into my lane(speed 50mph), when a car had a blow out in front of me a the car spun around I had to hard brake to avoid hitting the car(speed 65mph), and when I had to hard stop when a police car with lights on went through on intersection I was approaching(speed 45mph)
I had the brake master cylinder replaced but I still have the same problem. It did not fix my problem.

It's a 4 cylinder front wheel drive

it is louder inside the car then out. and if you turn the wheel to hard any direction it makes a sound also. just had the tie rod replaced. sound started after that. doesnt make sound when it rains.

Is this dealership repair? How much time and money involved?

The moonroof track works and engine to move it but the clips that run inside the track to the window can open, close, etc. are broken so it's literally just sitting there, the wind picks it up. I know i have to take it in to even get an estimate, but I've been looking online and would like a ball park figure before i drop it off and get charged a ton. I couldn't find anything online to help with this. I'm assuming since everything works, and it just needs the clips replaced to keep it on track... not more than $200?

I had a warning message come yesterday morning after driving one mile down the road, parked my car for the entire day at work. When I left work the warning message came on to service power steering now... and service advance trac as well. There has been no prior warnings or signs of issues present.

I just noticed the dash lights and seat heaters started flashing on and off. I heard the solenoid under the dash clicking on and off. I then noticed my headlights reflecting from the car in front of me. They were flashing on and off. When I took them off of automatic mode everything worked fine. The headlights work fine and so does everything else when the headlights are not in auto mode. What needs to be fixed or replaced? Does anyone know?

I hear clicking noises eveytime I turn left, upon taking the tire of and checking it out, the cv boot is torn. But I still don't know why its clicking or how to fix it? I had the axel ends replaced about 2.5 years ago.

Ford changed the computer module. Did not fix the problem
When left passenger door is closed the door ajar warning comes, then quickly all of the warning come on and the displays for navigation goes black. This does not happen immediately when you close the door, it happens while driving down the road. You can stop open the passenger door and close it, everything will be good to go until next time

Squishy brakes were diagnosed as a bad ABS module by two separate repair shops. New, genuine Ford, ABS module was replaced in July of 2012. A little more than one year later, the brake was depressed while hitting a bump, and the brakes became squishy like before module was replaced. Brakes returned to normal less than 24 hrs later.
5 days ago, the brakes were depressed as I drove over a depression in the road, and they have not returned to normal yet. Any ideas what is going on?

we would need to look at this to see if the rear slides were lubricated properly at the time of your service. You may want to contact the installing dealer for warranty repairs.

They r not smoking a lot but I smell something like steel burning I had pads and rotors put on 2 days ago.